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The right thing II

July 31, 2010
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

Support is always a double-sided coin.

In the case of any government entity, an urging of support from the public is just its face. It's backing, of course, is that the officials elected or appointed to lead should return that support to the citizens through open and welcoming governance that is solution driven.

The political season, for Cape Coral City Council, anyway, is nearly nine months behind us. We don't have a municipal election until next year. Within this window the city has an opportunity to put politics and political agendas aside and move ahead by building consensus.

We urge the Cape Coral City Council and our new administration to seize that opportunity and to make the most of it.

That means inviting in the "malcontents," the "losers" and "dissenters." That means welcoming the expertise to be had from the demonized developers, Realtors and contractors. That means tapping the collective abilities within the Cape's various organizations, including the Council For Progress, the Community Redevelopment Agency and yes, the Cape Coral Construction Industry Association.

What we urge from council is support for the residents across our diverse community, a welcoming back to the fold of the disenfranchised with the united goal of moving our city forward.

And make no mistake - Cape Coral must move ahead.

Looking back and standing still are not options. Too many homes are vacant, too many commercial buildings are standing empty, too many people are out of work and there are too few jobs to make them whole.

We must move forward together and it is this council and this administration that must lead us there with projects, proposals and initiatives to which council - and our community - can say "yes," yes we agree, yes this is good for our city.

With a board majority and the top post filled to that majority's liking, there are no excuses left on the table.

Welcome those with much to offer. It's the only way to put the city on the promised road ahead.

- Breeze editorial



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