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Plastic bags kill thousands of sea creatures annually

May 3, 2019

To the editor: Yet another marine mammal—this time a dolphin calf—has been found with a stomach full of plastic. The small dolphin was found on Fort Myers Beach, far from her deep-water home....

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May-09-19 4:45 PM

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww ! ! . Tisque ! !

Pore Li'l victim of acute Reading IN-Comprehension ! ! . Does it HURT ? ? I suspect that it MUST ! ! ! -- Given that it is so severe ! ! !

Well, after all, it is pretty common amongst RABID Trumpy-GoPers ! ! ! -- As opposed to the regular ones. . It explains a lot about them and their amusing, repetitive (but dangerous) behavior.

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May-09-19 12:55 PM

Look at the Twins Both in their pretty bright yellow hidin runnin and deflecting skates...lololololol!!! What a pretty pair!! As they both HIDE from their ridiculous childish droolings...lololololol.. What a terminal case of the hit and run hidin hypocrite blues!! lololol What a bizarre riot of hypocrisy, hate, and pure evil on display daily... Both, a Conservatives best friend and both.. far too dim to understand why!! lolololol!! Don't worry about climate change" lil omar.. your brother tells us the US economy will end "absolutely INSTANTALLY if Trump is re-elected!!" lolololol!!! What a mental mess!!! Lil omar and wild-eye!! The Twins!! lololol!!

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May-09-19 10:32 AM

ODO -- You are obviously a top-notch fool ! ! !

I reiterate my earlier comment in its entirety ! ! !

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May-09-19 9:46 AM

The facts are screaming at us.

Surprised the H out of me – Maybe because they think the tribe won’t see it.

Thawing permafrost in the Arctic will accelerate global warming and could add $70 trillion to the world's climate change bill, according to a new Nature Research study.

The report claims that a feedback mechanism, along with the failure of countries to live up to the Paris Climate Agreement goals and the loss of heat-deflecting white ice — will cause an almost 5 percent increase of global warming.

That scenario could push up the global cost of climate change to $70 trillion between now and 2300, according to the study, which was published in Nature. In addition, researchers say the $70 trillion figure is 10 times higher than any projected benefits from the melting Arctic, such as access to minerals or better ship navigation routes. Fox News

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May-09-19 8:55 AM

Quote - "If Trump is re-elected - It (the economy)will disappear Absolutely INSTANTLY" End quote from the self named "Voice Of Reason" Now lil woolyboy...what other meanings are we missing from this nonsense?? Improperly "scaled"?? Out of "context"?? lolololol.. or you just runnin and deflecting again trying to distance yourself from more comments that you made in a fit of hate..that proves you're three steps beyond a fool? lololololol... Poor wooly..always always on the run...running from itself. The written record backs that 110%, no question. The hallmark of the "liberal"...make a sick low IQ comment like corporal omar's "All Republicans are Russian spies" then in the typical always pathetically cowardly eely lib way...Hide - change subjects - deflect...Like the sun coming up in the East...and perfectly illustrated below by the master of hate & hiding. Poor runnin wooly..

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May-08-19 5:22 PM

ODO -- Alas, you exhibit an acute case of inappropriate literalism. . You lack a sense of proportion with which to properly scale the meaning of words within their context.

Such behavior, of course, generates really SILLY, utterly useless comments ! ! !

Given the Commenter in question, there is no surprise there ! ! !

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May-08-19 2:45 PM

For a remarkable confirmation of the inanity, insanity AND stupidity of some of our readers that are completely consumed with hate, see the latest word from the self appointed "Voice Of Reason Of SW Florida" regarding Trumps record breaking thriving economy...better sit down!! lololololol!!! QUOTE.. "If Trump is re-elected it will all disappear Absolutely INSTANTALLY!!!" WHAT???lolololol!!!!???? lolololol!!! Yeah, king woolyboy..whatever..lololol.. seems old stupid Trump didn't do too bad it seems... BTW..What's in your wallet?? Mr economics?? lolololololol!!

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May-07-19 11:26 AM

For a remarkable confirmation of the inanity, insanity AND stupidity of the Trump Administration, see the latest word from Mike Pompeo regarding the melting of the Arctic ice ! ! !

Apparently the Pointy Hat Shortage is going to get yet far, FAR WORSE ! ! !

Then there is that comment from a Wharton professor regarding the TrumpiStupidity demonstrated as a student : Yes, Indeed ! ! ! : World Class ! ! !

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May-07-19 9:49 AM

"I didn't know what it was" "I had never seen something like this before!!" and "I was TERRIFIED!!" Babybrains Cortez speaking about her garbage disposal!!! lolololololol!!! Hands On Crazy Uncle Joe/Babybrains Clueless Cortez 2020!!!! PLEASE !!!

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May-05-19 9:28 AM

OurDeadOne -- Did you intend to say something ? ? ?

You comment, as usual, thoroughly clogged up my garbage disposal ! !

By the way, you have NOT responded to my suggestion that you Sick-Folk be given your own Private World to F-Up.

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May-05-19 8:44 AM

Well corporal omar that's easy..#1 neither party..that's ridiculous, like you. #2 The liberal hate party..proven by their own discovered and well documented "liberal" rigged data models..They are a you omar. That was easy corporal.. Now since its a tie between two always cowardly runnin libbies.. I'll give you omar, a 15th chance to highlight your runnin abilities. Explain YOUR quote "All Republicans are Russian spies and racists" I'm sure our resident #2 hate monger..won't speak directly to his quote.. After runnin again from that corporal fraud tell us all about your quote, "Americans need to learn from ISIS" Tell us all what info we need to learn from your sand brothers & sisters...maybe what temp do u use to burn people alive?? Speak directly corporal omar..

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May-05-19 8:38 AM

ImO, it is obvious to any thoughtful observer that Radical Trumpist "Conservatives" are the political equivalent of the Ebola virus, and are just as deadly to us all.

Are you really willing to wait around to find out whether or not I am correct ? ? ?

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May-05-19 8:10 AM

I’m sure DOAkolov would not speak directly to the questions, “which American political party introduces and supports legislation that protects polluters – which party denies science unless it comes from own hired liar (corporate scientists) scientists”?

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May-03-19 4:17 PM

Functioning Baby Brains outperform stalled Mature Brains.

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May-03-19 4:04 PM

I agree with corporal omar anti-sense... All evil in the world is caused by Republicans..(excuse me but..lolololol Corpy!! The recess bell !! Hurry!!) Corporal told us quote, "Americans could learn a lot from ISIS" Do your ISIS brothers use paper or plastic? Did you drive a car today? powered I would hope!!... After all corporal PT omar your hero babybrains cortez gives us less than 12 years now!!... Hope you aren't burning gas and oil in that old recalled rust bucket!!

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May-03-19 2:12 PM

antico -- The GoPers need to be given their very own PRIVATE world to F-Up !

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May-03-19 2:03 PM

ODO, Rest assured that you will STILL have your beef ! !

Synthetic meat is on the drawing boards and has been physically demonstrated. . (STOP laughing -- so the demo was goldfish meat).

You see, All that one needs to do is get the brain off "ME-Now" and "BigBucks-Quick" and solutions come forth a-plenty.

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May-03-19 10:21 AM

The deregulated throw-away world aided and abetted by the fossil fuel industry and their Republican shills seems determined to sacrifice every living thing on the alter of profit and power.

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May-03-19 10:15 AM

Well Heather I'm definitely with you on the plastic pollution and illegal overfishing.. but when babybrained cosmic cortez wants to take away my steak due to cow you want my fish too??.. Heather Heather...Heather... Cowzees and fishiees were put here for us to consume.. I love animals! "They taste good!" I can't survive on granola raisins love luck and lollipops forever Heather.... Start a worldwide campaign against plastic trash pollution and ILLEGAL overfishing... finally something useful for peta to get involved in!! I'll donate!

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