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Support free speech

November 2, 2018

To the editor: The political antagonism is growing and that can only continue to get worse. It is unfortunate especially when it comes to freedom of speech....

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Nov-02-18 8:43 AM

Mr Benedict the only thing you got right is "a replay of the Brown Shirts of the 1930s and we know where that led." Trump and his nationalist party are trying everything they can to emulate Hitler. And the lemmings are going over the cliff with him. Good riddance!

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Nov-02-18 8:47 AM

Trump said that the press was evil. His childish mind sees anything that makes him look bad as evil. He must hate mirrors.

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Nov-02-18 1:12 PM

Great LTE as usual!! When I attended college as a starry eyed "liberal" democrat(before I grew up, educated myself & woke up) the fight for free speech -for ALL- was all important. Today's "liberal" believes in -their- unlimited- free/hate speech.. But not other's free speech... One only need quote corporal antisense, "Shouting down those you don't agree with is NOT limiting their free speech" to understand the fascist "liberal" mindset of today's Brown Shirt "liberal" "democrat" mob zealots and their ongoing danger to our free society. Vote to keep USA enemy controlled, already proven corrupt, open borders, race card, Andrew Gillum out of Florida's future. GREAT JOB PRESIDENT TRUMP!!

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Nov-02-18 3:22 PM

The State of Mind, the internal confusion, of that Fascist fellow Seafoolish is starkly revealed by his term "fascist liberal".

So "up" is now to be termed "down", "in" is now "out" and "white" is now "black", while "GO" is "STOP".

Such fits in rather well with his usual outrageous, wild ravings ! ! !

Incidentally, note that he uses the term "education" when he is referring to "brainwashing".

On top of THAT, he confuses "Paid Goebbelesque Contrived Political Propaganda" with "Free Speech" : HARDLY free ! ! ! . BigMoney pays the Bill, while We The People bear the COST and the PAIN ! ! !

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Nov-02-18 4:54 PM

Mad as an angry hatter on a fresh dose of mercury. Yawn...lolol

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Nov-02-18 9:02 PM

Yes, indeed : The Seafoolish IS CLUELESS ! ! ! -- As he conclusively demonstrates EVERY DAY RIGHT HERE ! ! !

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Nov-07-18 1:34 PM

Our State was spared last night as Good triumphed over Evil as the thinking people of Florida rejected another USA enemy Soros controlled, demosocialist... already proven corrupt as well as a chronic high tax, race card player.(along with being a failed joke of a Mayor)Why was this demosocialist even allowed to continue his race? Under FBI investigation for obvious corruption. Already caught influence peddling. Gillum should have already been arrested..not running to ruin Florida as a Soros controlled puppet..(something is very wrong with our justice system...after all the Clintons still walk free)anyway THANK YOU RON D./TRUMP VOTERS!!! America wins as another wanna-be O'Sharpton demosocialist bites the dust.

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