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On the ballot: City of Cape Coral Bond Referendum; Q&A with the city regarding the $60 million GO bond

October 18, 2018

The Breeze submitted a list of questions to the city of Cape Coral and the School District of Lee County, asking for information on their respective ballot referendums....

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Oct-22-18 4:53 PM

Spend money on constant testing (multiple locations)for bad air linked to ALS and Parkinson's Disease from algae exposure... BEFORE ANYTHING OUTDOORS IS BUILT! HOW IRRESPONSIBLE MAYOR AND COUNCIL!! And - 60 million!!?? SIXTY MILLION??? lolololol.. WHAT!!??Are we to have gold plated swing sets & monkey bars for non-existent cell phone zombie "kids" to use and free cars for all residents?... to match our mink coated, gold lined pvc pipe, sewer & water fiasco?? .. I can't imagine giving ANY Cape council, past or present... that checkbook!! We need to follow the money very closely on this one... and VOTE NO WAY!!

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Oct-21-18 12:20 PM

100% agree with lawman... rocco fails to mention the elephant in the room... outdoor safety. Money should be spent to daily monitor, closely monitor, the air and water (in several locations to see if its even safe to be near the water...long before WE toss out 60 million to spend crazy councils and poor city management. Areas in other States with this contamination have already been linked to ALS and Parkinson's and God knows what else. Parks? Wrong time and way way too much money. Vote NO. Sorry Parks Closed due to contamination. No Swimming - Don't breathe the air.

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Oct-20-18 4:04 PM

Rocco1 - What I consider to be our number one quality of life issue, is a resolution to our ongoing water issues ie Red Tide & Blue/green algae. What are the unknow heath effects for the toxins in our air???? IMHO - Presently, I feel that our water & air issue is way more important that new parks. People move to SWFL for the water. They can find parks anywhere in the USA. Our draw is our water and weather.

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Oct-20-18 11:41 AM

It’s a quality of life issue and will benefit all property owners by increasing property values and providing healthy outdoor recreational venues for families and our youth. It also enhances the city’s aesthetics and provides for safer neighborhoods where a sense of community develops around neighborhood parks.

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Oct-19-18 10:03 AM

netransplant - Don't attempt to pull the wool over peoples eyes. You are being deceitful and you know it! The average homeowner in Cape Coral will NOT be paying less than $23.00 extra per year. The majority will be paying closer to $150.00 - $200.00. YES, with all the other taxes and assessments, that adds up quickly. DON'T BE FOOLED!!! VOTE "NO".

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Oct-19-18 7:49 AM

Vote NO on the park boondoggle. Terrible waste of money under current conditions

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Oct-19-18 7:15 AM

To CDummy, Coral Oaks is an enterprise fund, not a major part of the Parks budget. The course is supplemented by the General Fund, but considering almost no other parks facility pays for itself, the course is a benefit to many taxpayers. Please educate yourself before commenting because there are too many people who will read your post and believe it.

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Oct-19-18 7:11 AM

My cost as a home owner is less than $23 a year. This is a quality of life issue. Vote YES for our future!

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Oct-19-18 5:33 AM

According to the CC BUDGET, Coral Oaks Golf Course is a major portion of Parks and Recreation. The course has been mismanaged and hemorrhaging cash for years. No one is accountable for the funds they already lost from the taxpayers. Why isn’t Coral Oaks mentioned in the proposal?

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Oct-18-18 8:42 PM

I have not seen the PREDICTED ADDITIONAL YEARLY COSTS if all of the planned parks et al are completed.

How does the current council expect to pay for the ADDITIONAL COSTS?

Salaries and Maintenance fees ARE NOT FREE.

Vote " NO " on the bond issue, we don't need more UNUSED PARKS.

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Oct-18-18 8:35 PM

The city says "continue the Parks Master Plan projects using a "pay-as-you-go" strategy."

This has satisfied all previous councils, whats the hurry?

the City says " It could take decades to complete all of these projects."

What's the hurry? The council needs to practice responsibility not WANT AND SPEND.

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Oct-18-18 8:23 PM

The low useage of the majority of the Parks in Cape Coral does not support the idea of wasting more money on greenspaces that WILL NOT BE UTILIZED.

Say NO to the Bond Issue in Nov.


Forget about unneeded additional parks.

Remember, WE ARE A WATER COMMUNITY. Our parks are our access via canals to water activities.

Vote " No " on the unaffordable Bond Issue.

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