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Republican’s questionable loyalty to Trump

May 11, 2018

To the editor: Mr. Trump has a loyal base (of approximately 40 percent) who will continue to support him no matter what he does or how much trouble he is in....

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May-12-18 12:06 PM

Dancing to Putins flute??? lololol PROVE IT NUMBY...--NO ONE-- not one Clinton clone criminal has so far... just a bunch of libby loser Criminal Clinton malcontents spouting childish garbage as always....yet Lil nubs sits quiet when there was REAL PROVEN collusion between Clinton and the Russkies... Can't man up and face reality and life yet? To be a "liberal" one has to accept the fact that they have become a complete and total hypocrite of low moral character living in "liberal" fantasy land...that looks up to serial lying criminals as heroes. Witch hunt? The only truth you ever uttered.. Go Trump Great Job!

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May-12-18 12:08 PM

They get crazier with every Trump victory!! Prisoners coming home! N. Korea on its knees. Finally someone dealing with our enemy Iran! Great Job President Trump!! Leaving deadbeat Democrats in the dust.

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May-12-18 9:33 PM

Watch words for all honest folks - in a college graduation speech.

“It is better getting coffee for a genius than being vice president to an idiot.”

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May-12-18 9:44 PM

What kind of leadership inspires such as Kelly Sander’s comment about an American hero, a Senator son from a line of American admiralty that was brutally tortured as a Viet Nam POW?

Holey Moley!! How we have fallen in this country.

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May-13-18 5:34 PM

But Georgieboy...wouldn't any sane person question the integrity of the FBI when the sold out Democratic criminal Clinton shill, FBI DIRECTOR James Comey writes an exoneration letter -two months- before the investigation EVEN STARTS?... that's integrity? Imagine if that "little" favor was done for a Republican? Don't u have any integrity either Georgieboy? Obviously not.. You must have the blind "liberal" hypocrite virus.

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May-13-18 5:42 PM

But Georgieboy... Wouldn't any sane(non-liberal) person question any "investigation" that was fully staffed from top to bottom by sworn enemies of the person being investigated? lololol..That's integrity Georgie? That's fair Georgie? lololol.. You obviously lack a mere morsel of personal integrity to promote such libby hypocrite chicken poop. You must have the blind hypocrite "liberal" virus.

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May-13-18 5:58 PM

Obviously "liberal" Democrat Georgieboy can't deal with the New Democrat Socialist Party being CRUSHED last round.. Must be hard to see Black 28.5% unemployment under O'Sharpton and -record lows- under Trump.. Corporations, jobs, wealth returning to the USA. Raises, bonus's nationwide. Someone dealing with the enemy Iran instead of a "liberal" traitor (Bumo) kissing them with 150 BILLION to kill us with. Someone bringing N.Korea to the table since they know they aren't dealing with a weak incompetent fraud(Bumo)anymore...and sadly for u Georgie.. Trumps base grows stronger as does his popularity weekly!! lololol!! Keep hypocrite angry rights stealing "liberal" hypocrites and malcontents out of our government and schools. Go Trump!! GREAT JOB! leaving the "liberal" throwback wackos in the dustbin of history. Poor Georgie..Yet another sad victim of the blind "liberal" hypocrite virus.

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May-14-18 8:25 AM

He has demonstrated time and again that he is no "American hero". American Hero's support and respect our President and We the People!

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May-14-18 10:18 AM that you John Barron!!

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May-14-18 10:38 AM

Fox’s Shepard Smith said the latest indictments in special counsel Robert Mueller’s prove the probe is not the "hoax". “If there was ever any question, there is no more,” Smith said on “Shepard Smith Reporting” on Friday. “Russia attacked the United States of America.” “The Russians infiltrated our system, manipulated us on behalf of Vladimir Putin.” Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced a slew of indictments at a press briefing Friday. Thirteen Russian nationals and three Russian groups were charged with multiple counts for their alleged attempts to interfere in the 2016 election. The indictment alleges the goal of the Russians was to support then-candidate Donald Trump and hurt Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. “No, this is an American investigation. And this is not a hoax,” Smith said Friday. “The Russians interfered, the Russians were given sanctions by Congress, the President has not put those sanctions into place, and the question is why.”

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May-14-18 6:13 PM

To help educate agent corpolov once again..Russkie interference has been going on for decades but really came to attention under the Democrat disgrace Barrack O'Sharpton who did NOTHING. To further educate the ignorant "liberal"..The Commies tried and spent big bucks to get into -both- parties NOT just one..per usual. BUT, What we do know as -fact- is the Democrat serial liar and long time criminal disgrace Hillygal actually PAID for FAKE Commie info to sway the election. Yet no outrage? Why? Easy - Blind Pig Hypocrisy. Anyone that would think for a moment this Clinton/Barrack O'Sharton shill Mueller and his panel of far left Trump haters is an "investigation" is simply a fool. Why doesn't any "liberal" moral coward denounce the FACTUAL involvement of the criminal Barrack O'Sharton in Israel's election? Inconvenient truth? Trump witch hunt period. Go Trump! Let em rave..who cares!

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May-14-18 9:32 PM

AT&T & Novartis face scrutiny over hefty payments to Trump lawyer Michael Cohen AT&T paid $50,000 a month for Cohen's services last year. Avenatti says he's documented at least $200,000 payments to Cohen, but a year-long contract could exceed $500,000. More: Novartis says it paid Trump attorney Michael Cohen more than $1 million for nothing

Nothing - Really? Cohen paid $130,000 to Stormy. He arranged a $1.6 million non-disclosure agreement with a former Playboy model he impregnated, a new report said Friday.

“AT&T has also lobbied the White House to oppose net neutrality rules that require telecom companies to treat all Internet traffic equally — a battle they won in December when the Federal Communications Commission, led by Trump-appointed Chairman Ajit Pai”.

The Swamp is all dried up now.

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May-15-18 7:58 AM

Wonder if anticorp twitches and salivates uncontrollably as he fiendishly types his never ending daily blog of obvious very limited mind, hate and resentment based, sore loser Liberal nonsense late at night? Get a bib - might keep your keyboard drier.

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May-16-18 6:08 AM

Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution: No person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign State. le Trump is in violation of the emoluments clause and thus his oath of office. Which party constantly waves the constitution in our face? How did the House committee turn their back on this? They didn’t even mention:

“China loaned $500 Million to Indonesian Development That Will Include Trump Hotels and a Trump Golf Course” Now the “President” is backing down on tariffs on ZTE.

“Just about everything is odd regarding President Donald Trump's recent tweet that he wants to help Chinese technology company ZTE Corp. "get back into business, fast" because its failure cost "too many jobs in China."

(((What))) – Chinese jobs? What about America first?

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May-16-18 3:53 PM

Deniability is gone Christian ((REPUBLICANS))

“Trump's public financial disclosure form Wednesday says Trump "fully reimbursed" his long-time lawyer Michael Cohen for an unspecified amount and purpose in 2017. Cohen is known to have paid **** star Stormy Daniels $130,000 on the eve of the 2016 presidential election in exchange for her silence about an alleged affair with Trump. The disclosure does not mention the reason Trump paid Cohen. But it says that Cohen incurred expenses in 2016 and that he sought reimbursement for those expenses, "and Mr. Trump fully reimbursed Mr. Cohen in 2017." The "category of value" of the reimbursement Trump paid Cohen according to the disclosure is not a firm amount, but a range: $100,001 to $250,000. The disclosure appears to corroborate claims from Rudy Giuliani — a recent addition to Trump's legal team — that the president personally reimbursed Cohen for that $130,000 payment.”

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May-16-18 7:05 PM

Senate voted to save net neutrality from Trump's crony capitalism.

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May-16-18 8:58 PM


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May-17-18 11:28 AM

Comrade Corpolov!

The senate pass the net neutrality with all democrats and 3 squishy republicans. It was purely symbolic (and a waste of time) since it will likely not even be brought up in the House (although you never know with the fruit loop Ryan),but will be vetoed by Trump if it does.

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