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Gun violence or human violence?

May 11, 2018

To the editor: With all this interest once again concerning gun laws I “researched” to see how many gun laws are already on the book....

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May-11-18 10:33 AM

Great LTE.. Keep the fully duped rights stealing ignorant controlling "liberal" out of schools and government. Now using children to try to destroy our rights... (sorry, ain't happening) Join the NRA Today and help fund a cure for the dread "liberalism" virus.

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May-12-18 5:23 PM

There is no movement for “gun free zones”. That is a red herring and we all know it. Nor is there a need of armed camps schools. The message you are avoiding is less guns, those closely resembling combat weapons and paraphernalia like large capacity magazines, body armor and conversion technology to make them perform like full automatic assault weapons.

We want closer scrutiny of who can purchase and tracking of ownership. We want to end this stupid arms race with law enforcement. The well regulated militia has morphed into National Guard and Reserves.

We want those that purchase firearms to be held responsible for their use. If the actions of an industry or group causes society to make large expenditures to mitigate the threats they get taxed to manage the down side. I say it is time to make the industry pay.

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May-13-18 10:15 AM

The PC "liberal" fantasy world constantly pushes for gun free zones(come out ur cave Boy)which equals - Evil nut jobs, shoot here, no return fire. Gun free zones now get students murdered. Thanks "liberals"!! Now corpolov wants to ban get this insanity "guns that -resemble- military weapons"?? lolol! wonder if it actually reads this irrational tripe before printing? Hi-cap mags? So? instead of a twenty rounder just take two infantile. A metal detector and a few cops at school HARDLY is an armed camp lolol What the obviously brain dead so called "liberal" can't see is all the gun laws in the world mean nothing to criminals who never follow them(GROW UP)only hampering the rights of honest citizens.. Poor agent corpolov. Set an example for us all agent corpolov..turn in your quote,"new sexy weapons" yet? No. Poor fully duped completely irrational "liberals" living a PC fantasy.

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May-14-18 7:51 AM

"Shall not be infringed"! From my cold dead hands! We ain't giving up our weapons. This is the USA and gun ownership is an individual right. Molon Labe!

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May-15-18 6:09 PM

Is the NRA a terrorist organization?

A retired Marine Corps lieutenant colonel previously served on the NRA’s board of directors is now their president.

He is best known for his involvement in the Iran-Contra firearms scandal in the 1980s, in which he was found to have played a key role in the clandestine sale of weapons to (((Iran))), which was under an arms embargo at the time. Funds from those transactions were then funneled to bolster (((terrorist))) efforts against Nicaragua’s socialist government. North was convicted of three felonies related to the scheme, including charges of obstructing a congressional inquiry and destroying evidence.

Real facts, not alternative facts or fake news.

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May-16-18 1:07 PM

Anticorp...Lt. Col. Oliver North was in the service at the time...he was following orders. that is hardly the stuff of a terrorist! You are really "reaching" again...but your goal is beyond your reach.

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May-17-18 10:12 AM

So agent anticorpolov.. your hero Barrack O'Sharpton was also a terrorist President? He through his racist criminal puppet the despicable fraud AG E. Holder got a US agent murdered with US guns supplied to Mexi criminals through Holder...all in in effort to harm America's 2nd... A total scam by these two terrorist, proven racists.. Facts.. But yet Bumo and Holder remain Scott free...for the murder, the initial conspiracy, the outright serial lies to America and still ongoing cover-up. Ollie was following orders from higher up is correct. In this case crimes and murder lay at the criminal "president" Barrack O'Sharpton's feet. Jail O'Sharpton and Holder for the murder of our agent and their anti-USA anti-2nd conspiracy. But we never heard anything about that from our Tn. ultra hypocrite did we agent corpolov? Fight the dread "liberalism" ignorance & hypocrisy virus.

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May-17-18 6:25 PM

I won’t swallow bitter ethical pills to serve politics or tribal interests. The Right Wing seems to relish the moral poison of the post truth age. North and Reagan made palatable the arms for hostages and funding a Right Wing terrorist group rising up to the people rising up against the dictator Somoza. America (Carter) was on the side of a dictator, against the people.

The Reagan administration took it to another level with North secretly (against our congress) selling missiles to Iran (holding American hostages) as payback for delaying hostage release and raising funds to support the brutal Contras to regain Right Wing control of the populace government.

While denying the extent of the multiple programs involving funding the Contras, Reagan refused to declassify documents surrounding this scandal. Cover ups and lies have been growing its legitimacy and have grown into a conflagration of lies and deceit by the Republican Right to present day.

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May-17-18 8:04 PM

Yawn..old opinions..old Hen.. How bout your hero Barrack O'Sharpton and his racist puppet Holder giving out guns to criminals getting our agent murdered and getting away with it so far.. Oh..its ok? Democrat? Oh, now I see..Oh.. must be agent corpolov's imaginary hypocrite to the grave "ethics" lololol.. Go Trump Leaving the angry "liberal" silly hypocrites in the dumpster as we move ahead.

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