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Don’t blame the NRA

April 12, 2018

To the editor: I would like to respond to Mr. Charles Hampton’s letter in The Breeze....

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Apr-12-18 11:36 PM

Sounds like U at least admit that the lush carpet of guns covering America is the problem – well…as long as U can blame a Black Man for it.

At least that is a start (too many WoW guns). Like your latest disaster occupying the White House if U want to fantasize that you’re clear eyed about facts from FOX about Obama, fine.

Not blaming the NRA for controlling our legislators is the same as ignoring the 10-15 thousand corporate and other special interest lobbyist threatening or gifting them to serve corporations and not us. Lobbyists are the 21 century version of Mexican drug lords offering gold or lead. The NRA’s function is scare Americans like you and your friends into buying every more and lethal guns to enrich their real sponsors the gun manufacturers.

No one wants to deprive U of your personal protection, just the WoWs that find their way into the hands killers (NRA calls this a lie…boo))).

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Apr-13-18 10:21 AM

Lets start by correcting our chronically ignorant race card "liberal" who believes if u lie often enough it becomes true. First complete "liberal" blind ignorance correction.. "Weapons of war that find their way" etc.. HELLO!! The military have weapons of war..NOT civilians. An AR sporter is NOT a war weapon. And is not used in the war or the military. So STOP CHRONIC LYING anticorp. What in the world are u on?? Porkrind overdose? The NRA lobbies like thousands of other lobby groups that give to both Democrat Socialist Party members as well as Republicans. NRA's function is to scare Americans?? How childish. Soo antisense..Did the NRA scare YOU into buying your arsenal of new killing assault War Weapons's you lovingly described for us all? What was it YOU said..Quote - "My new sexy weapons" end QUOTE from the King of "liberal" Hypocrisy. Poor corporal anti..Turn in your weapons of war yet?

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Apr-13-18 10:33 AM

The ignorant factless "liberal" will always display his badge of ignorance when stymied.. You're a racist is the cry.. when in fact the LTE writer stated the truth even though its uncomfortable to lying hypocrite "liberals" The fact remains the Half White- Half Black (NOT Black)(Sorry to bust antisenses's "racist" narrative with TRUTH)"president" Barack O'Sharpton was considered the greatest gun salesperson of all time ..responsible for millions of gun purchases and hording as Americans feared this illegal anti constitution anti USA racist would steal their second Amendment rights as lunatic "liberals" are now trying to do. There has never been a Black President. Sorry for the truth Lil anti..I know it doesn't fit your unhinged non factual "liberal" rants and "liberal" hate mongering.

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Apr-13-18 11:19 AM

Seafy, AGAIN I repeat --

BELIEF does NOT a FACT make ! ! ! . NEITHER does OPINION ! ! !

The distinguishing characteristic of a fact is that it is independently verifiable (from some source other than FOX-Fantasy ! ! ! )

Laughter is good for the soul -- Thanks ! ! !

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Apr-13-18 11:22 AM

Guns for Personal Protection :: A Myth ! ! !

No one, apparently, has had such a experience or at least will not talk about it (WHAT were YOU doing down there ANYWAY ? ? ? ).

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Apr-13-18 12:42 PM

I agree with allenwoll belief or opinion does not make a fact and that's why its important for decent Americans to monitor, call out and control liberal serial liars.. like the kind that lie and say civilians have war weapons which of course is yet another out right "liberal" lie brought to us by anticorp/Mike the lib. The written record shows he just can't stop his self. "Liberalism is a true mental disorder" proven here daily.

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Apr-13-18 2:06 PM

Seafy -- I presume that you operate a school for lawyers and circus barkers at which they learn how to "prove" that "UP" is REALLY in fact "DOWN".

Debating whether a given item is officially designated in some catalog or whatever as "a weapon of war" does NOT change the obvious fact that the weapons in question ARE weapons of war in every reasonable respect or usage of the term except maybe in the inventory of a warehouse -- which is beside the point : FUNCTIONALLY, they are Weapons of war, period ! ! !

Tisque ! ! ! . How silly of you ! ! !

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Apr-13-18 3:02 PM

The process occurring in Roy's mind can be summed up in the term "Self-Bambozzlement" quite properly and fully.

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Apr-13-18 5:39 PM

Mr Wollschdts u can libby eel grease it up, massage it, spin it, mis-quote it, or as u do simply chronically libby lie and repeat it to the cows come home.. But in the end..the fact remains no shooting has been done with a "weapon of war" The AR -15 rifle is NOT used by the military..and is NOT used in war. Its called the M-16 and NOT available to citizens. So..Anyone like anticorp/Mikey that squeals to mammy about civilian use of "weapons of war" is simply a bald faced liar or simply ignorant. Now spin slide squeal and get it greasy..But sadly for "liberal" liars..the truth remains the truth.

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Apr-13-18 6:25 PM

Get real Mr. Wollschdts..anyone- anyone - that would publicly state..I quote, " All gun owners secretly want to kill someone" Or "Gunnies should be randomly rounded up by the hundreds and put before a firing squad" or "Gun owners facilitate evil" has a Jumbo -0- in credibility-and obviously unfit for any gun discussion...lolol.. Only showcasing the need for daily reality counseling and anger management therapy also showcased by your daily seething angry Breeze Blog. What ever u say point trying to exchange ideas with someone so angry, completely irrational and spouting wild-eyed paranoid nonsense. Thankfully u have no weapons. Rave on, on your ongoing "liberal" meltdown..Its a riot and vital for people to see and..much appreciated Join The NRA today and fight "liberal" ignorance and illness.

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Apr-13-18 6:43 PM

Seafy : You DELIBERATELY persist in amisquote ! ! . What does THAT make you but a SLEAZY LIAR ? ? ?

I have repeatedly corrected you, but you ignore corrections and continue to sleaze and to twaddle : Tisque ! ! !

Seek Head Help ! ! !

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Apr-13-18 7:12 PM

I have challenged all of you Gunnies on the MYTH of Self-Protection and WHAT response do I get ? ? ?


What a SICK and SORRY bunch you are ! ! !

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Apr-14-18 8:08 AM

Direct Quotes from Allen Wollschdts in The Breeze..concerning guns and gun owners. "I quote, " All gun owners secretly want to kill someone" Or "Gunnies should be randomly rounded up by the hundreds and put before a firing squad" or "Gun owners facilitate evil" "Gun owners are a sick and sorry bunch" Of course the author of such wild eyed paranoid "liberal" childishness now runs from his own ravings...lololol The big problem "liberals" like this have with wild-eyed bizarre irrational paranoid libby ravings that are printed in anger and delusion.. They come back to haunt them as we see here with Wild-Wooly..with the only recourse the wild-eyed "liberal" has then is to Deny, deny, skate, change subjects, or call you a racist. Predictable as the sun coming up in the East. The poor angry Chihuahua. Its really hard to escape or erase the WRITTEN RECORD. Rave, deny, and back peddle..lolol Its a predictable riot!

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Apr-14-18 9:08 AM

As per The Breeze posting policy, please repond to the topic.

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Apr-16-18 6:46 AM

Gunnies -- I have given you adequate opportunity to defend your position regarding personal gun ownership -- but you have NOT done so.

HERE are some verified/verifiable FACTS ::

"The latest data show that people use guns for self-defense only rarely. According to a Harvard University analysis of figures from the National Crime Victimization Survey, people defended themselves with a gun in nearly 0.9 percent of crimes from 2007 to 2011.

David Hemenway, who led the Harvard research, argues that the risks of owning a gun outweigh the benefits of having one in the rare case where you might need to defend yourself.

"The average person ... has basically no chance in their lifetime ever to use a gun in self-defense," he tells Here & Now's Robin Young. "But ... every day, they have a chance to use the gun inappropriately. They have a chance, they get angry. They get scared." "

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Apr-16-18 10:22 AM

The issue of gun homicides is COMPLEX ! ! !

I refer Gunnies to mikethegunguy dot com.

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Apr-17-18 7:47 AM

So much for the Breeze posting policy as allenwoll continues to run wild.

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Apr-17-18 8:27 AM

j99 -- Yes, it must be distressing when FACTS take hold in the Weed Patch ! ! !

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Apr-17-18 10:09 AM

I want some instrument to protect myself from aggressors in my home or known vulnerable circumstances. We are not likely to exist in a safe haven as long as the socio economic divide is so vast. Some bring violence to others for a multitude of reasons. It seems reasonable for me to defend my life against threats to it.

I support standards of safety to others as an obligation of ownership of a self-defense weapon. I believe we have the right to defend against threats to life as well as a responsibility and an obligation to not infringe the same right of others.

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Apr-17-18 11:06 AM

Sorry, antico : Your chances of being involved in a gun crime are microscopic -- less than one chance in 400 years.

Since you do NOT live in a high-gun-crime area like one of our large cities, your chances decline from microscopic to infinitesimal.

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Apr-17-18 2:20 PM

In my home town when I am there my chance of a property crime is 1 in 18.

The older I get the less intimidating I appear to would be criminals.

Additionally, there is a family history of at least one pretty nasty disease. I am not at all confident in the Conservative controlled for-profit medical community for a palliative passing. I want options.

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Apr-17-18 3:31 PM

antico -- Chicago ? ? . Detroit ? ?

Consider Nitrogen Asphyxia -- Painless (Both pysically and mentally), Cheap, Certain, No danger to others.

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Apr-18-18 9:11 AM

My concerns for self-defense in no way are intended to support the massive proliferation of WoWs. I believe an old .22 semi auto and a hand gun is in keeping with that. Nor am I a pacifist – I believe, more, I couldn’t resist a struggle for survival from aggressors. I am at peace with such as reasonable but would comply if new laws further restricting firearms are passed.

I do not secretly fanaticize about taking the life of ner-do-wells as I have heard expressed by some young men in earlier times. Given a chance I would warn them away.

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Apr-18-18 5:29 PM

Some won't quit their fantasies. Repeat Repeat maybe it will stick with the ignorant? WHERE are these mysterious weapons of war?? WHAT proliferation? Where? An AR-15 is not used in the military OR used in combat or war. Actual war weapons or full autos have been outlawed since the 30's..Why the huge fuss - suddenly when ANY long gun crime only reaches 3% and crime with ANY LOOK -a- LIKE war weapon crime hardly reaching 2%. Why have u been silent when thousands die in Democrat dumps annually by pistol? Why the zeal to take my rights in a b/s smokescreen attempt to "protect" kids when minority kids die daily. Racism? Suddenly u "care"?..Interesting, but always typical "liberal" double standards. What causes this fully irrational "libby" madness/hypocrisy about a look-a-like hunting/target gun that's hardly involved in any crime nationwide? Knives and fists kill more. Irrational, emotion and ignorance based, "liberalism"

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Apr-18-18 7:02 PM

CAUTION : INFINITELY repetitious, dense WORD salad ahead. . Make sure someone knows you entered in case you cannot find your way OUT again ! ! !

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