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Leave LCEC in place

January 12, 2018

To the editor: I was disappointed to read your Dec. 22, 2017 edition headline that the city and LCEC remain deadlocked in their positions....

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Jan-18-18 7:23 PM

THAT is, of course, the "Pour UP, Trickle Down" hypothesis of our erstwhile 20-MT Soap Salesman, RR.

His Alzheimers actually showed up MUCH earlier than generally thought.

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Jan-18-18 4:44 PM

Search these:

“Utilities, solar energy and the fight for your roof” “The Supreme Court saves the smart grid, but more battles loom”

6-2 decision, the Supreme Court upheld a controversial energy conservation rule from the (FERC), the agency that regulates interstate electricity sales. This particular decision by the court is one of the most important in the energy world for many years – the decision seems to tip the balance of power on electricity policy toward the federal government and away from the states. This decision paves the way for a host of new technologies and business models that seem poised to disrupt the usually staid business of electric utilities and usher in a more technologically advanced power grid. At the same time, the ruling sidestepped a number of thorny questions at the heart of state versus federal control over the power grid.

Vote smarter.

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Jan-18-18 4:31 PM

Clearly 21st Century REPUBLICANS have an alternative meaning for "Common Good", the way they do for other facts.

They believe what is good for the few is good for the many. Managers, CEOs, and stockholders smile....knowing.

All I can say is better hope FEMA will buy your swamp and/or turn the lights back on. Of course you'll pay eventually.

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Jan-18-18 12:22 PM

Think of the Rethuglican$ as the E$$ENCE of a corrupted PA$T ! ! ! .

Our job is put that Corrupted Pa$t INTO THE PA$T, while working toward a brighter FUTURE for THE COMMON GOOD ! ! !

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Jan-18-18 10:37 AM

3X as many people are employed by solar and wind as coal, oil and gas combined. The solar surge has been suppressed in Florida by REPUBLICANS and their control of the legislature, governorship and the PSC.

We’ve all heard the expression, “nature abhors a vacuum. Anyone smell opportunity for Cape Coral?

The only unresolved question is, "will the citizens pry the grip of LCEC (mgrs) and FP&L off their necks." We could create a more stable and cost efficient grid. Have we already forgotten the near miss w/Irma.

Look at Puerto Rico’s decimated grid (impacted by weak side of Irma) for a clue of what can happen.

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Jan-16-18 8:57 AM

It is all academic anyway : Domestic electricity will soon be supplied by via Solar generators.

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Jan-13-18 1:01 PM

It my understanding that the City Manager has a personal vendetta with LCEC over the cost of moving a power tower. And that he wants revenge so bad he has used the worthless franchise agreement to gain control over LCEC. He has made many fraudulent statements about the benefits to the city and citizens by cutting out the middleman for buying electricity. Which is not possible because FL is a utility regulated state. The City Manager has spent $millions of taxpayer dollars to settle a personal grudge.

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Jan-13-18 7:15 AM

I agree... keep the LCEC.

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Jan-12-18 5:49 PM

Perhaps going back to you "Up North" Nirvana would be best for you.

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Jan-12-18 5:19 PM

LCEC will not be resolved until we get rid of this inept, incompetent City Manager it is the only way to stop him from wasting our tax dollars. Also why do we have unelected, non employees of Cape Coral negotiating anything. Tell the Council for Progress to but out.

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Jan-12-18 3:39 PM

Keep Cape Coral out of the electric business!!!...OMG..lololol NO WAY! What a mess that would be!! We would have to pay for gold plated wires to match the gold plated, mink fur lined PVC sewer and water pipe, fiasco. The guys at LCEC did an amazing job in 2004 when we had a real hurricane named Charlie.

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Jan-12-18 3:17 PM

Jim, your bias is clear in your letter, but what really shows is your ignorance of the purpose of these negotiations with LCEC. LCEC has been a closed, good old boys club for too long, and if the rate payers can save money with a different deal then good for us!

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Jan-12-18 8:13 AM

Finally someone with intelligence. Unfortunately you are not part of the governing board. NOT one of the recently elected people said they wanted an agreement with LCEC including the vendor MUST agree to sell itself to the city. Your notes speak volumes for the city's operation of the water dept. Look at the processing plant in the north as an example of wasteful spending. In addition, as owner of LCEC I like the credit I get each year because they ran the operation efficiently. Never happen if the city owns the asset

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Jan-12-18 5:35 AM

Just so ! ! -- And HOW ! ! !

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