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Trump has accomplished much

January 5, 2018

To the editor: The St. Paul Pioneer Press just published two articles that might contrast with Jim Healy’s voluminous rhetoric. Trump has shrunk federal bureaucracy in his first year....

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Jan-12-18 6:56 AM

See : Steve Bannon has a point, Fareed Zakaria

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Jan-11-18 9:01 PM

Those who vociferously declare the presence of "mental illness" in their opposition proceed on the basis of their own layman's opinion -- one which of course may just be a symptom of THEIR own mental illness.

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Jan-11-18 5:15 PM

One doesn't need propaganda to explain President Trump. His incredible record of personal and Presidential success speaks loudly and proudly to those whose tiny walnuts haven't been blinded by ignorance, hateful hypocrisy and selfish resentment or simply, mental illness.

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Jan-10-18 2:57 PM

The GoP Oligarchy propaganda extolling Trump is voluminous and costly -- but remember that the it is only a relative nit, being easily paid for out of the Petty Cash Account of that Oligarchy.

Do NOT fall for it ! ! !

Go Trump : GET LOST ! ! !

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Jan-09-18 2:02 PM

Quite incredible what this outsider (Thankfully) has done in a year. Lowest minority unemployment on record after Bumo's horrible 28% record of TOTAL failure for Blacks. Money flowing again and coming home. Over 100 large Corps. giving raises, bonus, everything positive, Kim Jong fatboy on his knees, Record growth everywhere behind a REAL leader as the Bumo/Hillygal train fades down the tracks carrying the blood of thousands of innocents and cars full of treasonous lies to America. Restore faith in our justice system. Purge the Democrat FBI and Democrat Justice Dept. and finally get Bumo, Clinton, Comey, Huma, Holder, and Lynch in prison 2018. GO TRUMP!! Your multi-race base grows larger and stronger daily!! What an incredible success story while the snowflakes twist, sob, moan and melt away leavin em stranded at a long closed dead democrat station scheduled for a more complete tear-down in the coming slaughter(election)Agent DOAKolov

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Jan-08-18 6:06 PM

I predict a very good market by year's end in Pennsylvania Avenue and in GoPerLand for deluxe New-York-Style Word Condiments ! !

Little GoPers best pre-order now ! !

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Jan-08-18 4:56 PM

AMERICA is truly better today!! What a great speech to the farmers today!! Great Job TRUMP!! THREE TERMS!!DEMOCRATS DEAD for a 100 years!! YIPPPEEE!! Now over -100- major corps giving bonus raise and benefit increases!! 401's UP UP UP!! BUT LOOK OUT!! The Queens of Democrat Delusion and Misery Are Having A MASS MELTDOWN and CRY-IN!! Poor lil snowflakers!! CLERK!! CLERK!! QUICK!! More 2018 TRUMP COLLECTOR EDITION SORE LOSER LOST THEIR MINDS AND CRYING LIKE LIL BABIES SOBBIN and MOANIN TOWELS for the lil things. Overnight em!! EMERGENCY!! Put in 150lbs of TRUMP COLLECTION DESIGNER CHICKEN FEED to keep em busy as they dash madly and mindlessly around the yard. (Libby Comedy Hour - what a riot)GO TRUMP!!! Gotta luv our twin twaddlers!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! GO AMERICA! GO TRUMP!!(Secret Agent DOAKolov signing off)

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Jan-08-18 4:34 PM

Republicans feeding at the trough of Democrat accomplishments. What's new?

“The president ignored fatality-free years in aviation during the Obama administration when he declared 2017 the safest year on record and suggested that was because he's kept a sharp eye on airlines.

He represented routine and ceremonial proclamations recognizing a day in remembrance of Pearl Harbor and a month in honor of military families as substantive achievements that improved care for veterans.

And his Environmental Protection Agency took credit for completing work on seven Superfund sites even though the actual cleaning was done by President Barack Obama's EPA.”

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Jan-08-18 4:32 PM

“After shutting down his controversial commission, the President accused states of covering for illegal voters without evidence that fraud exists.

There is no corroboration of large-scale voter fraud, nor proof that millions of illegal voters cast ballots in the 2016 election as Trump has previously claimed.

There's no evidence that states were attempting to hide illegal voters, as Trump claimed in his tweet.

They weren't all blue states, either: nearly half those who fully refused to hand over sensitive voter data voted for Trump in the last presidential election.

Mississippi's Secretary of State told the commission to "go jump in the Gulf of Mexico."

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Jan-07-18 11:57 AM

High-Test Twaddle ! ! !

Indeed, OUTSTANDINGLY Childish ! ! !

Actually, a NEW STANDARD for it ! ! !

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Jan-07-18 11:16 AM

"Also we now have a new rule that every new regulation has to be matched with the elimination of two existing ones" which is of course absolutely brilliant and sorely needed. If you want to pass a law then lets get rid of the bad ones and keep moving forward..not wallow in bumo libby mental illness and incompetence promoting anti-USA hate based regulations designed to drag us down. Trump!! Erasing the failed criminal anti USA "presidency" of America's greatest mistake, Democrat National Debt Doubler, USA hater and racist, Barack O'Sharpton and his crew of criminals. TRUMP!! On track to becoming the greatest President in modern history!

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Jan-06-18 6:19 PM

" Also we now have a new rule that every new regulation has to be matched with the elimination of two existing ones ".

It is hard -- no, impossible -- to imagine a more idiotic approach to the matter ! ! !

It is quite consistent with the outlook and the character of The Trumpet Daffodil ! !

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Jan-06-18 5:15 PM

Jim Healy has no rhetoric, just Democrat blind hate and Hillygal sore loser pains which he obviously demonstrates with every post..yet NEVER able to defend ANY of it. Typical. BUT Great LTE! Lets not forget to add Barack O'Sharpton's doubling of the National debt with billions disappeared and squandered on failed schemes enriching his donors, supporters, and our Iranian sworn enemies in the greatest 8 year criminal treasonous disgrace in American history. To think the Clintons and Barack O'Sharpton still walk free is almost beyond comprehension. That's almost as unfathomable as O'Sharpton getting a Nobel Prize or Al Sharpton having a TV show preaching hate...Oh wait, Both true?? What? NOWAY!!?? Barack gets A Nobel Prize?? For??? for WHAT?? creating ISIS slaughtering untold thousands? No, it can't be true!!??? Barack's mentor, Al Pay No Taxes Sharpton has a TV Show??? what?? In America?? God save us! Go Trump!

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