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The new normal?

August 11, 2017

To the editor: The Boy Scouts of America has recently come under fire for President Donald Trump’s hate-filled partisan political speech at this year’s National Jamboree....

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Aug-19-17 6:33 PM

The T-dupes see Reality as only a frightening hallucination and reject it out-of-hand ! !

How else to explain their frazzled behavior ? ?

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Aug-17-17 9:10 PM

You have to think these Trump dupes are beginning to experience post Trump flashes of reality.

Of course they're so gullible from FOX brainwashing they'll be easily pushed to do it all over again with Pence.

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Aug-16-17 5:39 PM

Or Hilary....yeah that's the ticket.

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Aug-16-17 5:38 PM

It is all really Obama's fault!

Just wanted to remind you of your fall back escape route.

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Aug-16-17 5:38 PM

It is all really Obama's fault!

Just wanted to remind you of your fall back escape route.

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Aug-16-17 5:37 PM

Clay Akin country western star just apologized for his campaign support of Trump. His regret was very, very clear! More friends of twit's walking away from him.

Still no regrets Twit supporters?

Step up and admit your error for once in your lives.

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Aug-15-17 9:52 PM

Like father - like son..

"Fred Trump, father of Donald, marched with the KKK in New York City in 1927. Verified by the old newspaper articles. Reason for Fred marching: political power. Same as Donny did today for political power. Today may not have been a mistake in his mind?"

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Aug-14-17 1:08 PM

X-Cfd, as usual, twaddles. But anyway --

Yes, just HOW does one PROVE claims based on Political Faith and Personal Belief -- rather than Demonstrable FACT -- Just how does one "prove" them wrong ? ? . They are generally based on wild HALLUCINATIONS and FANTASIES entirely immune to demonstrable fact.

Let the X-Cfd instruct us now on THAT ! ! I anticipate hearing thunderous silence and crickets ! ! !

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Aug-14-17 8:39 AM

Poor old Allen Wollschdts.. Somehow completely convinced of his true genius and superiority..yet unable ever to engage or debate, worse, a self proclaimed genius BUT, unable to EVER prove -anyone- wrong with his "genius"? Seething angry at Bernie losing, being long term institutionalized and daily Pampered, now lurking and stalking here every moment with his only mission, to annoy, harass, and parade his imagined "genius".

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Aug-13-17 3:03 PM

I have never before felt the need to have sympathy for a trembling chunk of cold, wet seafood ! ! !

It must be all those chemicals getting dumped in the water ! ! -- OR, perhaps, a natural consequence of our all living in the prevailing, provoking state of orangish Conservatude ? ?

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Aug-12-17 9:46 PM

The X-Cfd appears to be under the quite mistaken impression that he has said something rational, intelligible and even remotely worthwhile within the last 48 hours or so.

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Aug-12-17 8:51 PM

U reap what u sow Trump supporters.

"Mayor Michael Signer said he was disgusted that the white nationalists had come to his town and blamed Trump for inflaming racial prejudices with his campaign last year. "I'm not going to make any bones about it. I place the blame for a lot of what you're seeing in American today right at the doorstep of the White House and the people around the president," he said."

"The Senate's second-highest ranking Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch said not calling out neo-Nazis out was personal for him, recalling his brother's death in World War II."

"Very important for the nation to hear [President Trump] describe events in Charlottesville for what they are, a terror attack by white supremacists," Rubio said."

"Mr. President - we must call evil by its name. These were white supremacists and this was domestic terrorism," Sen. Cory Gardner (R)"

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Aug-12-17 8:20 PM

Waste Pro !!, Waste Pro ! ! -- The Verbal Garbage Pile I just called about is right over here ! !

Careful, there -- Don't slip in that nasty muck ! ! !

Yes, I understand that there is to be a Toxic Waste Disposal Fee ! !

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Aug-11-17 7:24 PM

Russell, its tough that Hilly/Bernie didn't win I know.. maybe telling PC deadened children the truth isn't such a bad idea. "To disparage a former president"(But Russell he was a racist criminal that had no respect for any American institution/Constitution or oath of office - a disgrace) "disparage our country's free press" ?? lolol..(Russell, u cant really be that thick?? Free press? Here?? lololol..sadly u are 100% wrong - a lying lib controlled press is the reality) "refer to our federal government representatives in Washington D.C. as not just a swamp but a cesspool or sewer" BUT Russell he is 100% right Both Democrat and Republican.. garbage!! "refer to polls, many very respected,(?) as Fake News" Polls are like the wind Russy usually meaningless. Hilly polled to sweep election!! Till 9 that night!!! Russy was excited!! WHOOPS!! Polls Smools..The Boy Scouts will be fine RussyBoy. You, seem to have the problem.

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Aug-11-17 7:06 PM

Not from Fox News

“In 2016, the concentrations of CO2 have surpassed the 400 parts per mil for the first time since records began. It is also the highest in 800,000 years, from data from the study of layers of ice. A heat wave of a week in the Indian peninsula, with temperatures exceeding 44 (111 F) Celsius, has helped create a shortage of water for 330 million people.

In the Arctic, the most sensitive area to global warming, the average surface temperature last year was two degrees above the average from 1981-2010, beating all the records. At the end of winter in March, the maximum extent of the arctic ice was the lowest in 37 years of satellite observations.

In the Antarctic, the sea ice has experienced its lowest growth, much lower than the average of 1981-2010.”

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Aug-11-17 4:57 PM

How about we give Chief Scout Executive Michael Surbaugh a break. He is in a vulnerable position, Trump is well known for petty spiteful retaliation against anyone he perceives as a non supporter. I don’t know just how he could negatively impact the Boy Scouts but he certainly would try if felt his bellicose statements were disrespected.

Trump’s very fragile ego (inexplicably) along w/an insensitive and offensive personality presents anyone who has contact w/him pretty much the same dilemma – how to parry his insults.

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