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Obamacare is a failure

May 19, 2017

To the editor: Cries for keeping Obamacare proves that the attack by the news media and the left is motivated by animus against conservatives. Obamacare cannot continue to exists even if left alon....

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May-24-17 6:24 PM

Crusty -- You're back, but with the same old green, wilted word salad -- Well, yes : You DO offer QUANTITY ! ! ! -- if not quality ! !

Were this not all electronic, I would worry for the trees ! ! !

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May-24-17 12:37 PM

Lets see libby lunatic logic- Bumo The Racist Serial Lying Fraud presents a healthcare bill to the American public..based on lies and deception. (Keep ur Dr, Big decrease in costs, etc.) (ALL lies, of course)so those that don't have or can't get ins. could have it. OK..Sounds GREAT!!! Bumo laughs..anyway..the stupid bought into it. I already had insurance and when it passed (lowlife senile criminal Pelosi "Lets pass it..then we'll read it" how SICK was that?)Then..I got a letter that stated "Due to the affordable care act we will not be able to continue your coverage" (BCBS Florida)Lets see..I lost my policy and Joe Blow down the street who makes 14K a year can -get- his insurance.. for 10 bucks a month...and I/We now get to help pay for -his- other 999.00 subsidy balance. Makes sense... to Joe!! and lunatic libs

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May-24-17 8:59 AM

Send me your address Lil woolyfool..Lets do lunch. We can take a nice long drive out in the country and discuss your issues..Ill be out front waiting for you.. Do the nurses have to release you or will they be ok when they see my custom BMW out front of the home? Can't wait!! Foods on me! Send address ASAP

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May-23-17 4:37 PM

Crusty, et al -- So there you are again . . .

WITH NOTHING AT ALL ! ! ! . Pathetic ! ! !

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May-23-17 4:35 PM

Crusty, et al --

Have you noticed something really interesting about my proposal below ? ?

NO Health Insurance Companies skimming off a chunk of profit ! ! -- NO HC CEOs . NO Golden Parachutes for them, pore li'l fellers ! ! !

Do you hear the pitiful WAILING ? ? ?

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May-23-17 4:13 PM

Lets first say that on its very core auntysense as always..makes -0- sense when using the Washington Compost as a source. A 100% lowlife libby propaganda rag dedicated to the destruction of Trump at all anti/auntysense..most realized long ago you don't have the sense Christ gave a least try and get in the adult game and for once use a credible source.. Its fully obvious your lack of character and moral courage allows u to be happy living in your criminal lyin lib hero's Barack O'Sharpton and Lyin HillyFilth.. but please grow up and at least try to get in the adult game...otherwise your just another woolyfool with -0- credibility...(as always-since day 1)

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May-23-17 4:07 PM

Crusty, et al --

It is simple :

1.Take the total annual costs for Healthcare : Medical, Dental, Psychiatric.

2. Divide each by the total population.

3. Let a person whose income less IRS deductions is at the 50th percentile pay the amounts just arrived at.

4. Adjust the payment required of all others be keyed according to their income less IRS deductions. . Adjust to account for income below poverty.

5. Require all HealthCare prices everywhere to be consistent, adjusted for local cost of living.

6. Require all HealthCare prices to be reviewed against ACTUAL competitive costs to provide -- and then adjust outliers to become consistent with reason.

7. The above (approach) eliminates Predatory Healthcare Pricing -- A common evil.

DONE ! ! ! . WHY NOT THIS WAY ? ? ?

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May-23-17 3:11 PM

This is the future if the corrupt REPUBLICANS put their plan though.


I know, I know... this is too long for those that voted for Trump to read and comprehend (the real obstacle for America to overcome).

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May-23-17 12:24 PM

Crusty -- In principle, I agree, because the basic ideas for this scheme came out of the GoPer camp way back when -- or have you "forgotten" ? ? . Any at all truck with insurance Companies is NECESSARILY a loser ! ! ! -- Profitable for BigMoney, but a loser for us, the People.

However, instead of rattling on in your usual discordant, useless garbage, why do YOU not propose a workable solution -- I have proposed one elsewhere while you were on your vacation : It is NOT THAT hard when upstairs is functioning. . OH ! . Well so much for THAT ! !

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May-23-17 8:58 AM

Like the fraud Barack O'Sharton ..Bumo care was never designed to work and never will.. As the disgusting lib lowlife Gruber stated... "it will pass do to the stupidity of the American voter" Completely duped fools like anticorp still believe in this sick libby fairytale. But..Raised on gas station Pork Rinds and ignorance..what would one expect? lolol.. What a duped fool.. Poor Appalatchey... lololol

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May-20-17 8:01 AM

JB -- Your apparent expectation -- that Pols could create and implement the fine details of an effective economic and technical program -- is non-realistic.

Such contests ALWAYS entail political Tugs-of-War from which only high-energy chaos can possibly emerge.

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May-19-17 8:53 AM

You did say one thing that made sense, amid oozing half truths, omission and exaggerations. It would have been BETTER to have expanded Medicaid (Medicare, because we pay into the bank while working and keep paying after we retire). You have to ask yourself (if you’re honest and I see you aren’t), “why don’t REPUBLICANS pick up the Medicare for everyone mantra and run with it? At least that way they could still allow their partners in crime, the health insurance industry and big pharma to hang in like the parasites we all know they are.

Before you say Big Pharma invents our medicines (through “SCIENCE” LOL), let me tell you they are trolls of the government funded research universities and steal their scientists and discoveries.

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May-19-17 8:45 AM

Don’t say, “They wouldn’t do that.”

The ACA is troubled because (((REPUBLICANS))) withheld funding called for in the law. Hire FHP to patrol Florida highways but w/hld funding to operate you will fail. Of course you already know this and it makes your letter misleading or false. Not a surprise coming from a REPUBLICAN.

The only problem with the ACA (Obamacare) is the involvement of the insurance industry toll machine. The next problem w/health care broadly is out of control Big Pharma profiteering (aided by REPUBLICAN politicians). Deal with those two corrupters and our health care would cost ½ as much with better outcomes and satisfaction,,,,JUST LIKE THE VHA.

And before you fire the liar cannon at the VA, the lack of funding for assigned tasks is their only problem, with a clear remedy. Get REPUBLICAN HANDS OFF THE PURSE STRINGS. They are too corrupt for the task.

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