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Government over reach?

May 19, 2017

To the editor: Monday’s council meeting was rather eye opening. There was an attempt at serious government over-reach by the establishment with regard to short term rentals....

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May-22-17 12:11 PM

Oh I had such a good laugh I'm still Rolling in the floor.

Cape Crappy Your Spring Break Destination.

You need to get a reality check.

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May-20-17 8:46 PM

It was confirmed today that the entrance to this apartment complex is on SW 17th Place, approx. 1000 ft from Veterans. The vacant lots opposite the entrance were once considered "Prime Real Estate" as the canal there has direct Gulf access. So the owners of those Gulf access waterfront lots, who probably purchased them as an investment and/or a lot to built their retirement home on, will never get what they paid for these lots thanks to the apartment complex 100 ft in front of their lots. The lot where this complex is being built would have only held 15 homes at best. Now there will be 100 apartment with 2 or more in each apartment. Did the city even take into consideration the parking issues over there and the traffic as your can only exit right off of SW 17th Pl (when heading back onto Veterans), then you would have to make a U-turn at Veterans & 20th (which has no light there). A disaster waiting in the make!!

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May-19-17 10:17 PM

contd. This apartment complex resembles Section 8 housing. Is this where are city is heading????

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May-19-17 10:15 PM

Quote "imagine the home you live in, possibly the biggest single investment you & your family has". FACT:This City doesn't care about your investments. This city displayed NO CONCERNS about the quality of life for the single family homeowners on SW 17th Pl & Veterans. If they had, they wouldn't have allowed 4 apartment bldgs (100 units)to be built in the center of 1 family homes with NOT even a duplex in that area. These 1 family homes now face (4) 3 story apartment buildings, NOT CONDO'S. The single family property owners biggest single investment (their homes) just tanked. Do you think anyone in our city government cares just how much these properties depreciated? Suggest you drive by that area and see for yourself. Then you can thank your lucky stars that this didn't happen in your neighborhood. Apts certainly DO NOT belong in that area with no public transportation, no grocery stores, not walking distance to anything + no parking. These bldgs resemble Section 8 h

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May-19-17 8:37 PM

Who woke up Sully?

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May-19-17 6:21 PM

Netransplanr, I did not realize spring breakers had discovered Cape Coral. Get a clue. The average winter renters are elderly couples. Summers bring mostly young families. Sullivan's letter covers only a few of the pluses short term rentals bring to the city. The owner of the Home hire yard people, pool people, pest control. House cleaners, property managers, etc etc. complaints are the exception to the rule

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May-19-17 5:15 PM

netransplant it is you that needs to take a nap, a very looooooooooooong one at that.

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May-19-17 3:07 PM

What the real shame is that many "keyboard experts" don't have a clue on running a growing City! Maybe we've forgotten that the author of this letter cost the City tens of thousands of tax dollars on frivilous legal actions after losing an election. Is this some sorry attempt for him to get back in the game? He and his former cohorts shamed this City for four years with ignorant ideas on how to govern, and that is a memory we all need to remember!

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May-19-17 3:01 PM

Now imagine the home you live in, possibly the biggest single investment you and your family has, having a different tenant next door to you every week. Maybe it's occupied by a group of spring breakers, partying every night, underage drinking and drug use most common with said groups. Do you want to live with that next to your children's home? Does the former mayor really believe that will be your transient tenant? Week after week? Not us! This is the type of rental that the Council needs to prevent from destroying our property values and tranquility, and I urge the Council to strongly regulate these types of "short term rentals" before the current revenue streams (property values) are reduced by transient rentals. Maybe the "former mayor" needs to take a nap!

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May-19-17 11:53 AM

It's a shame that our city manager and our city council are setting us up for large sum payouts simply because they didn't do their due diligence and seem to think that they are above the law. Do they really feel that in this day and age, people aren't wise to rules & regulations?? Let's face it, attorneys will grab these cases pro-bono.

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May-19-17 10:27 AM

Agreed, all who oppose should read about The Bert Harris Act and the city of Anna Maria Florida. There were $20 million in lawsuits filed against the City for trying to limit and regulate short term rentals. Damages include "any investment backed expectations" a property owner has for any property they purchased prior to the new ruling. I heard about the Bert Harris Act from a legal expert whose firm will be representing a 15 acre bank property being targeted by Cape Coral for eminent domain. The City will go through litigation on the 5 acres and will then file suit against Cape Coral for BERT HARRIS JR damages on the remaining 10 acres. Bert Harris is available to any property owner that has a home or land negatively affected by governmental rulings. It must be your parcel affected. This includes regulation, re-zoning, ordinances or any other government action that limits your vested rights to use your property as intended at the time of purchase.

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