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Guest opinion: Election ‘loophole’ disenfranchises Florida voters

July 10, 2014

This year 57 percent of the voters in Cape Coral will be denied their right to vote for which of the four candidates, whose names will be printed on the ballot, will be their next Florida State......

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Jul-15-14 11:34 AM

Looks like Mr. Roach pulled a Rosko, and disappeared when confronted with reality!

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Jul-12-14 12:45 PM

Reading up on Jim's plan for Social Security, he advocates increasing the contribution cap (likely he would like to eliminate it). I cannot find what he would do concerning the maximum benefit, which is tied to the cap. If he is like most libs, he would keep the benefit cap as is, or possibly scale it back...those mean old rich people don't need it anyway.

What do you say, Jim?

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Jul-12-14 9:34 AM

If this is such an issue now, why didn't the writer bring it to the fore when he ran as a Democrat the last time? Switching parties apparently hasn't worked for his candidacy with his new party, so now he complains? The word 'disingenuous'comes to mind.

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Jul-12-14 7:40 AM

Anyone who would attack a person (in general) for educating the voters on a sketchy loophole is protecting that loophole for a reason. Anyone who would attack Jim is obviously afraid he might actually make changes and represent the will of the people.

It was not Jim's idea to change his registration to republican, but the people who came to him to make good on promises the incumbent failed to keep convinced him to do what was necessary. Funny thing is both the democrats and the republicans are for and against many of the same things - they just use different vocabulary. The partisan parties are watered down and the Independent roles are increasing dramatically. I'd rather have a good candidate that represents me than a party that represents itself.

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Jul-12-14 7:21 AM

 I probably would not be aware of this loophole if it specifically did not affect the best candidate for this race. I am painfully aware of the implications of eliminating 57% of the voters from this particular race, but I am bolstered by the fact that the people who convinced Jim to run for this seat are the same large number of groups whom the incumbent ticked off because he conveniently forgot about his campaign promises. The more I learn about the shenanigans being conducted in the (oftentimes laughable) name of Cape Coral, I am offended. And I am doubly offended when that incumbent is protected merely because he is the current seat-warmer. I would rather we elect someone knowledgeable enough, moral enough, tough enough and responsible enough to actually represent the best interests of Cape Coral. So when the system is gamed by anyone who stacks votes at the detriment of the majority, I get concerned.

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Jul-11-14 9:14 PM

Principals are the leaders of schools.Principles are what this candidate lacks.

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Jul-11-14 6:22 PM

The issue to me is exactly what this candidate stated that it is, and nothing less. It shouldn't matter who is running in what party, but the right of everyone to vote for the best candidate to represent them, and this disenfranchises the majority of voters in our district. This candidate seems to be the only one with principals and commend him for that. These are the types of issues that make me question my long term (49 year+) registered Republican status.

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Jul-11-14 3:18 PM

The real issue is that there were no candidates from either the Democratic Party nor from the independent ranks running, which would have made the writer's focus likely a non-issue. Perhaps he should have run for the seat as a Democrat as he did in the last election so he wouldn't even have had to worry about a primary and would have had his name on the general election ballot. Since he did not, the writer should ask the Democratic Executive Committee of Lee County why they did not/could not find a legitimate candidate. Btw, the write in is a registered Democrat.

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Jul-11-14 12:47 PM

As I see it, you caused this situation by abandoning your principles, and your party, when you opportunistically changed parties because you could not compete with ideas.

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