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Problems in Cape Coral

July 3, 2014

To the editor: All the taxpayers in Cape Coral should be proud of their city. This city has gone down the drain in the last few years and it’s a shame....

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Jul-11-14 10:29 AM

Cape Coral Government employees DID NOT have reductions of 20-30%.

Quite the contrary, Read the Dec 12, 2012 City auditors report on the previous 5 year employee compensation audit. From 2007-2012 Fire & Police saw average 11% compensation INCREASE. The rest of the employees did not make out quite as well, poor babies. Compensation not hourly pay, keep in mind there are a slew of ways government workers fill their pockets without hourly increases. Now they want their cake because they have hidden the pie.During that period the taxpayers took the hits while all of government kept raping us all. Wasted money !! The average citizen has no clue how corrupt the City behaves.

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Jul-07-14 11:40 AM

@Wilson: You say, "she is talking about recent problems. You cannot blame it on the past." Do you realize that when the RAGs ignored our infrstructure that as the days and months rolled by that the costs to put the streets, equipment and vehicles in shape, accumulated? 2 years of neglect has taken its toll and only now has the revenue been found to address these egregious mistakes. Can you say dereliction of duty? The RAGS didn't make the same mistake twice, they made them 5 or 6 times, just to make sure.

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Jul-06-14 7:21 AM

You are treading in very dangerous waters when you ask citizens to now perform tasks that were always performed by city employees, very dangerous waters indeed. Heed this warning, for responses such as the example given in this comment section pertaining to the upkeep of parks will give rise to the very same group that was voted out some two years ago. Be careful, very, very, careful.

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Jul-05-14 1:45 PM

Certainsmile...true, and others did it by neighborhood involvement. The only thing that they ask is that the City rum irrigation water to the median, which they do.

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Jul-05-14 10:51 AM

Kirsten, there are many medians in the SW section of town that have been "spruced up". The area citizens paid a private contractor a good amount of money to plant trees and landscape medians to make their areas much nicer. They realized it wasn't going to be done by the city.

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Jul-04-14 11:52 PM

Exactly why should the citizens do what we pay city workers, and management to do ? The money is there already. Maybe you want another CM assessment

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Jul-04-14 11:49 PM

Sorry Packer, but she was not hired or elected to find the solutions. That is what we already pay money for that is one being wasted and 2 being wasted by this CM and this council. Maybe the Mayor should spend some time in the city instead of Texas.

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Jul-04-14 11:46 PM

1sandy, she is talking about recent problems. You cannot blame it on the past. It has always been a problem with the city employees we have. Just try and catch them working. The same ones who cry they do not get a raise. Sorry they don't deserve one. Open your eyes and watch as they sleep in their trucks at Jaycee Park. or Horton Park. They have a regular meeting spots and their City Manager and Parks Director are too incompetent to see it happening. So say Rag this and Rag that, this has been going on for years and it is not a lack of funding, it is about wasting money.

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Jul-04-14 11:32 AM

I appreciate your punch list Ms. Galati... Perhaps you could tie some hard numbers to some solutions and then the City could benefit.

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Jul-04-14 10:05 AM

I think recognizing that the RAG Council took infrastructure money for years and diverted it to balance the budget,allowing needed repairs and replacements of things to be ignored, so they would not have to raise any revenue,would be a place to start pointing fingers. No one can get major corporations to come to the Cape if bridges,streets,fire trucks and Police cars aren't kept up, would you? These corporations do their home work. They know that residents won't pay 10 bucks a month to help pay for services here, how do you expect anything nice to come here? City employees were cut 25-30 percent,how do you think things get done? This City is 120 square miles, pointing out a broken or unpainted picnic bench, pot hole or even the inoperable entrance clock is tuly nit picking.

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Jul-04-14 9:57 AM

You've identified the programs, Ms. Galati. Where are your solutions? Everyone can easily be a critic. But I wonder if you are of the like that fusses when talk of tax increases or fees are imposed to cover the costs of such amenities. Why not organize as K suggested, a volunteer team and offer to spruce up the Jaycee Park? I"m tired of people complaining and having no solutions.

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Jul-04-14 8:39 AM

Great idea. Been done in the past and continues on an annual basis especially up in the North area. Getting citizens to participate when it needs to be done, is hard. Most, like the writer, want government to do it. They pay taxes (ahem) and want more. That bucket list presented in the letter, is huge, but it can be done starting with JC Park.

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Jul-04-14 7:55 AM

Idea: recognizing that the budget was impacted by the downturn in the economy and spending had to be prioritized, how about organizing a group of volunteers to clean up the park, fix the picnic tables, give them a coat of paint, and spruce up the medians?

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