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Old golf course site should become a park

June 26, 2014

To the editor: I recently wrote a letter to Mr. Doug Dieck, president of Ryan Companies Incorporated,Inc., in followup to an earlier letter sent to Mr. McHale in March. I basically had asked Mr....

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Jul-03-14 7:09 AM


Beats your sophistry!

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Jul-01-14 5:30 PM

It certainly accomplished one small victory!! Didn't it Justanotherbill!! Ba ha ha ha!

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Jul-01-14 3:13 AM

Packer, your attempt at sarcasm here and the boathouse thread is pathetic.

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Jun-29-14 10:06 AM

A ton of wild life has moved in to the property since the great collapse. I think it would make an awesome place for a City hunting park! Be a fantastic place to have rattle snake hunts, wild boar, and a wide variety of small game. Not to mention Dove hunting!

Simply pay a fee, rent a golf cart, load up and hit the cart path. They could even rent tree stands to folks adjacent to the cart path. It would make an ideal small caliber (.308 and under) hunting tract.

We could rent a small space to the folks from Fords to open up a themed restaurant with valet golf cart parking.

An ideal way to make lemonade out of lemons. A real money maker for the City.

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Jun-28-14 9:59 AM

Truth be told, the residents surrounding this "Old Golf Course" are in this predicament due to their own actions. They rose up and blocked the developers plans and are now complaining about the state of the property. Let them all band together and purchase the property then do what they want. This is what happens when the "not in my backyard" crowd gets their way.*****it up and deal with it, after-all it never would have happened if not for the residents bordering the property. Another John Jacobsen disaster.

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Jun-28-14 9:54 AM

Why spend our money for this property. We have already wasted enough money on this Festival Park joke, that did nothing but have us buy over priced property to benefit some council members friends. They know who they are. Let this property be developed. We have taken enough property off the tax rolls, remember the 640 acres bought by this council.

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Jun-28-14 9:07 AM

I, too, would love nothing more than to see this property become a "Central Park", a gathering place for joggers, families, the community. I envision it as a real venue with an event center, ampitheater, public pool, gardens, picnic areas, etc. When I win the lottery, I vow to purchase the property, donate it back to the city, provide an endowment to help with the maintenance costs, and I will operate the business portion, such as the event center and rental of the ampitheater. Until my numbers are drawn, I just don't see how the City can afford to do this.

p.s. I will probably install parking meters to help offset the upkeep costs. :-)

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Jun-27-14 3:41 PM

It makes absolutely no sense for the city or county to acquire this property and remove it from the tax rolls forever and put the cost and maintenance burden on the backs of taxpayers. Apparently, Mr. Veaux hasn’t ventured out of his neighborhood or he would know there is more than enough open space available in the city. I doubt Mr. Veaux would view this as a pressing issue if the property were not in his backyard.

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Jun-27-14 2:29 PM

I wonder if you'd feel this way about spending tax payers money if you didn't live 3 blocks from the golf course?

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Jun-27-14 10:58 AM

If the Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife, Audubon Club, and The Breeze, want it green, then let them buy it and give it to the City to maintain. Taxpayers would lose thousands of dollars in real estate revenue turning it green and for what reason? To allow a handful of residents to have a park in their back yard. In a City with over 160 thousand residents, a few thousand should not hold or advocate taking this revenue away from ALL the tax payers, for a chosen few. As my husband says every morning, "let the construction begin." ps. It is not often, or ever, that I am in agreement with JJ SULLY, but I am in agreement with him on this.

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Jun-27-14 10:52 AM

Carl always wants someone else to pay for this.

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Jun-27-14 9:55 AM

We constantly hear about 3 P's well here's a place to start.

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Jun-27-14 6:47 AM

You want it, YOU but it, leave your hand out of my pocket. Last large green space in Cape Coral, really??!! You need to get in your car and take a ride around the city.

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Jun-27-14 12:11 AM

I see no reason to spend my tax dollars so you can have a better view. If it don't make money, I have no use for it.

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