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Turn out to tell Cape Council to reconsider Second Amendment protection resolution

January 30, 2014

To the editor: In continuation of our efforts over the past year in getting 2nd Amendment protection resolutions passed in Collier County, Marco Island, City of Naples and Lee County, our friends i......

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Feb-06-14 7:57 AM

If the Lee County Commisioners have already addressed this gun issue,why was this twisted to suit someone's political views, here in the cape. Can you say DISTRACTION... the city has to stay focused on maintaining moving forward on city business. the RAGS are scrambling to throw a monkey wrench into the works and their Past Actions define who they are!

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Feb-04-14 4:39 PM

CorpyBoy-Real Americans don't need a bunch of lying liberal hypocrite Wingnuts propagandizing them about our history. Join the NRA today. The great Ft Myers Gun Show is this weekend. Plan to attend to stock up on weapons and ammo and make sure to take a weapons permit course. Time to stand up to the lying liberal hypocrite trash in Washington. Join the NRA TODAY. IMPEACH-JAIL-REPEAL OBUMO - JAIL BENGHAZI CLINTON 2014 - NATIONAL CRIMINAL DISGRACE

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Feb-04-14 1:41 PM

Well ole CorpyBoy..I would call our forbearers, righteous(at least u got that part right)hero's not cowardly, blind, servant, fools, worshiping a tyrant, exactly like lying, liberal, hypocrites worship Obumo today. Our framers had the sense to anticipate tyrannical serial lying evil trash that might gain power through lies, misdirection, and deceit. Obumo IS the reason for a strong Second Amendment. Join the NRA today and protect ur rights from the evil lying trash in Washington, who all have gun permits, who all are protected by guns, and whose children all go to private schools , all protected by armed guards..for PoorJulie.."armed" means carrying a gun. IMPEACH JAIL REPEAL OBUMO 2014 Bring Bumo/Clinton to justice for Benghazi 2014. JOIN THE NRA TODAY!

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Feb-03-14 5:39 PM

Johngalt – Americans don’t need a bunch of Wingnuts propagandizing them about our history. Our forebearers would likely be labeled terrorists at worst or at least driving a (rightous) insurrection over corporate crony capitalism between the East India Company and the Queen and of England and Parliment for taxing the Colonies to pay for subsidies to BEIC. “In 1767, to help the East India Company compete with smuggled Dutch tea, Parliament passed the Indemnity Act, which lowered the tax on tea consumed in Great Britain, and gave the East India Company a refund of the 25% duty on tea that was re-exported to the colonies. To help offset this loss of government revenue, Parliament also passed the Townshend Revenue Act of 1767, which levied new taxes, including one on tea, in the colonies.”

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Feb-03-14 10:08 AM

I am glad the brain trust looked into mold remediation at the fire station. Instead of of pulling the trigger right away on tearing down the building as was done at the fire station at Santa Barbara blvd. and Veterans Parkway!

How much equipment could have been purchased for that? instead of another bond allocation (TAX that can't be deducted on your Federal Tax Return).

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Feb-03-14 9:59 AM

Funny isn't it that the state governments take the same OATH to uphold the CONSTITUTION of the United States.

Stop wasting time and get on with getting this tricked out budget in the city Of Cape Coral, Fl. USA inline with the revenue available.

I hope they did not spend the money already on the Hertz deal that did not arrive. "Don't count your chickens before they hatch."

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Feb-01-14 2:24 PM

January 2014 School Shootings

Jan 14, Roswell, NM Berrendo Middle School

Jan 17, Philadelphia, PA, Delaware Valley Charter School

Jan 17, Albany, GA, Albany High School

Jan 20, Chester, PA, Widener University

Jan 21, West Lafayette, IN, Purdue University

Jan 24, Orangeburg, SC, South Carolina State University

Jan 27, Carbondale, IL, Rebound High School

Jan 28, Honolulu, HA, President Theodore Roosevelt High School

Jan 30, Palm Bay, FL, Eastern Florida College

Jan 31, East Lansing, MI, Michigan State

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Feb-01-14 9:23 AM

Most people do not understand that the American Revolution started at Lexington and Concord during a British gun-grab.

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Jan-31-14 9:01 PM

Its being led by someone trying to make a name for himself ,even if it means harming our city.

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Jan-31-14 1:34 PM

I agreed with Donnell and Erbrick on this one. It is not necessary to reaffirm what they are already committed and sworn to do!

Stop wasting time on the nonsense legislation. Get the city's costs in line and debt reduced. I don't see any debt being reduced.

When WALMART & MACDONALDS are reassessing the strength of the national economy you better sharpen your weather eye.

Cape Coral. It is still part of the United States?

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Jan-31-14 12:21 PM

The only "restrictions" that I have heard of is requiring gun show dealers to do a background check. Why should they not comply with the state law that we have. The other restriction I would like to see is requiring every gun owner to take a 2 hour safety class, especially those with small children.

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Jan-31-14 10:43 AM

The "rules for reconsideration" does not include a demonstration to bring it forth. Your Council Person should know the process and abide by it. Good Luck.

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Jan-31-14 8:28 AM

If the Cape Council already took an oath to uphold the Constitution why should we taxpayers have to want our Council to waste time and be redundant with this issue? Have the Council move on to something else.

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Jan-31-14 7:22 AM

How does requiring more stringent back ground checks limit you 2nd Amendment rights unless you have something to hide or are a threat to your community?

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Jan-31-14 7:07 AM

Playing devil's advocate...wouldn't it be more productive and send a stronger message to "Tallahassee" to organize a petition drive? Sending 20,000+ certified petitions to Tallahassee requesting they protect our 2nd amendment rights would certainly send a stronger message than a council resolution that has no teeth, right? I am all for protecting my constitutional rights; I just think there is a more effective way to send that message. JMHO.

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