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It’s time to revisit parking regulations

January 30, 2014

To the editor: Re: The Breeze editorial “Time for some serious discussion on parking regs” Yes, times have changed and there needs to be major changes to the parking regulations as they apply to......

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Sep-15-15 5:48 PM

Times have changed. This is true, but the one constant is the homeowner wanting to sustain and maintain their property values. I am a non resident property owner, registered nurse and have the experience of living in a planned community with ordinances. The rules are there as guidelines and not as vindication To ensure curb appeal Reading through the breeze one can't help notice the kudos given for a successful RV CONVENTION though they are not welcome in Cape Coral or the recent letter I received informing me that NW Cape Coral will be voting October 5 @ 4pm to authorize the changing of codes to accommodate an RV resort in an area that shows such contempt to RV owners. Hmmmm, what does that say? I also read some comments online and on the breeze that was quite rude and distressing. Is there an acceptable area to park? There is no need to harass each other, having a service vehicles in the neigHborhood one is thankful taxes are paid and the household is employed.

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Feb-06-14 7:06 AM

No No ..Your confused Hanging..too many Bud's, I guess. I rent out fourteen duplexes..including the old one u live in now with that old dog, and your pets. If you bring your Roto-Rooter van home again, Im kicking u out and towing your work truck! I told u before, no unsightly work trucks on my property! "I mind my own business and don’t bud into what my neighbors do unless if affects me" Sounds to me like u have had too many Bud's already. Now go move that truck Stinky, before I personally make you homeless again!

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Feb-05-14 10:33 PM

In my neighborhood a guy like DOAshrimp would wake up wondering what happened if he tried some nonsense like that. I mind my own business and don’t bud into what my neighbors do unless if affects me. What someone parks in their own driveway or back yard does not affect me. Some of these people need a hobby or something. Oh, Doa if you live in a 500k house you are not in a neighborhood where a Roto Rooter employee is going to live idiot! We all know you rent a duplex.

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Feb-05-14 4:31 PM

Lets face it folks, many people are simply selfish, ignorant, pigs, that have to be controlled by laws. I'm curious Sandy...First u say u bought in a residential area so u wouldn't see other peoples trailers, work vans/trucks, campers, and other neighborhood mess...yet u had to appear before a magistrate because u were sneaking in your 18 wheeler?? Confusing, at best..We have a cure for that in my neighborhood without Code Enforcement. 18 flat tires a few times sends a strong message to get with the program. Neighbors keep our neighborhoods nice, don't tolerate the ignorant and clueless. Use Code Enforcement to help control the pigs among us, that's what it's for.

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Feb-04-14 8:04 PM

Somebody tell me JustBills address so I can have his mess removed from the neighborhood...Some will never understand that we don't want broken down cars, service trucks, semi-trucks, campers, camper trailers, cargo trailers, ongoing car repairs, or other blight in our neighborhoods. Spend half a million for a beautiful lot and home and have a Roto-Rooter truck parked next door? No thanks!

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Feb-04-14 1:50 PM

@jr4623: Nobody believes this post...

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Feb-03-14 9:28 PM

I can say my home up north had none of these restrictions and continued to soar in value but my home here with all the extra restrictions is barely over what i paid 17 yrs ago

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Feb-03-14 2:40 PM

JustanotherBill: I and others have seen very stupid things posted in the past. To flagrantly announce your possible violation of city ordinance takes the cake. How do you plan on hiding the fact that you are backing your travel trailer into your backyard? Only way you can do that is in the dead of night and hope that nobody sees you doing that. The ordinance is not all about being unsightly as you claim. It's also about using the travel trailer/rv as a place for visitors to use while visiting you. this came up when this issue was broached a few years ago. It's also not about property rights. If it was then anything would be allowed. Most want their neighborhoods to be kept nice.

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Feb-02-14 10:28 PM

That is the issue. I have a small travel trailer. I use it fairly often. With city permits I can park it in my driveway for three days prior and 3 days after a camping trip which is at least once a month if not more. The sprit of the ordinance is to prevent what some may consider unsightly. I have plants growing that after this summer should be enough to conceal the trailer and I can start parking it in my yard. I plan to start parking the trailer in my backyard to circumvent what I believe is a violation of property rights. For that reason I have no problems being deceitful with the rules. If the city would a common sense approach to this matter then more people would comply with the rules.

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Feb-02-14 3:55 PM

Here is the question. I have a small travel trailer and go camping 1 or 2 weekends a month just as I did this weekend. I can obtain a permit for three days before and 3 days after the trip which I always do. So my travel trailer is parked in my driveway for 6 to 12 days per month legally. Would you rather have it this way or parked in my back yard where it would be barely visible all of the time? Either way my trailer will be at my residence at least part of the time.

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Feb-02-14 9:50 AM

@leadorfollow: Bad advice. I did as you have already suggested. Code took photos, gave me a warning and I ultimately found myself in front of a magistrate. I also tried this with my Semi, thinking how would they know when I arrived home for a quick meal, (allowable under the ordinance) Again, photos, warning, magistrate. Now, I just follow the law.

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Feb-01-14 10:28 AM

If you want to park your boat in the driveway, simply leave a vehicle hooked up to the trailer, or at least give the appearance of it. Code enforcement can't/won't give you a ticket because it gives you an excuse that you are readying the boat for transport. They don't know when you are leaving, or if you have just returned with it. That was told to me personally by a code enforcement officer. Unfortunately this is a completely different argument than the 80's and early 90's battle of parking trucks in driveways. I, for one, would prefer to see a boat parked in a driveway during my brief travel down the street coming home, than have to look at it all night and day in my neighbors back/side yard while I'm outside with my kids and pets. A great regulation would be to require a privacy fence around a yard being used as storage for boats or other vehicles.

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Jan-31-14 8:50 PM

KirstenThompson: I understand that. I don't like the parking on the front grass either. I also know that there is no parking on the street. If it is half in the street, that is illegal. That is a job for the police dept. not code. FYI, I am a boat owner and have to agree with the no parking of a boat and trailer in the driveway. It's a real pain to back into my rear yard, but I do it.

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Jan-31-14 8:36 PM

Grumpy, that addresses inoperable cars. There is no restriction otherwise on the number of vehicles that can be parked in the driveway/yard/street. There is a house in my neighborhood that usually has 4 cars in the driveway and one or two on the grass or on the street. Several of them aren't moved for months. Code enforcement has come out but all they do is move it from one section of the street to another and nothing can be done. I honestly thought one had been stolen and was "dumped" because it was parked haphazardly. It was checked out and deemed OK.

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Jan-31-14 11:44 AM

Princess: A driveway is for ingress and egress to the garage. It is not for any storage.

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Jan-31-14 11:41 AM

Kirsten: The following is from the city website under code enforcement. "Inoperative or unregistered motor vehicles and vessels must be stored in a fully enclosed structure, such as a garage. They are not allowed in driveways or elsewhere on your property. An inoperative vehicle is one that is not equipped with all the parts necessary to legally and safely operate it on public streets. Vehicles with one or more flat tires, that cannot be driven under their own power, are considered inoperable."

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Jan-31-14 9:02 AM

Princess...NO that is why they are called DRIVEWAYS, not BOATWAYS

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Jan-31-14 8:36 AM

I for one specifically bought in a Residential Zone 20 years ago so I did not have to look at trucks, boats, trailers and RV's on driveways in my neighborhood as I did back East. If these commercial vehicle owners bought in a Residential Zone they already knew, or should have known about the restrictions, so now they can move or comply with the restrictions.

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Jan-31-14 7:41 AM

What hillbilly made the rule that you have to park your boat in the yard? Isn’t that what a paved driveway is for.

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Jan-31-14 7:01 AM

The writer brings up an excellent point about current code not restricting the number of cars parked in a yard. A person can't keep a boat in their driveway but they can have an unlimited amount of cars parked in the yard that never move. I would much rather have a boat next door than cars parked half on-half off the grass that aren't moved for months. Nothing can be done as long as the plates are current.

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Jan-31-14 5:28 AM

I agree the current parking ordinance is lacking in some areas and ridiculously restrictive in other areas. Allowing small RVs to be parked behind a residence with the same rules as boat would help out many and wouldn’t hurt anyone. In fact, changing this would be some outside of the box thinking for the council to offset the extra taxes that are being imposed. Most people have to store them outside of the city and the money saved would pay for the new taxes. Wow, a way for the city to collect the extra revenue they want and providing a way for some people to redirect funds they already have. It seems like a win win to me.

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