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Morals declining from the top down

January 23, 2014

To the editor: Since Hillary left the State Department another chapter in the Clinton saga closes, only to be continued in another chapter, I’m sure....

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Jan-29-14 7:39 PM

Shrimp, I see you are true to form. You choose to report and give credit to what you believe is damaging propaganda. Then, you leave out the part you Righties have been denying since the incident. That is the attack was a reaction to the film.

"Sources AFP that “the U.S. ambassador to Libya was raped sexually before killing by gunmen who stormed the embassy building in Benghazi last night to protest against the film"

BTW ambassador Stevens turned down additional security on multiple occasions. Openness and personal charisma was his style and it may have gotten him killed.

Those that really care about the details will find congressional budget cuts impacted security as well. But we know you just pull the trigger on the liar cannon and hope to hit someone.

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Jan-27-14 8:02 PM

Repugslie, your comments are quite amazing considering Blacks have suffered the most under King Bumo. To think that there are three that would agree with you. Wow..In this day and age of unlimited information available at one's fingertips.. to be soo out of the out of touch with reality and so eaten up with racial ignorance and hate...pretty sad. The good news is Repugslie is part of a dying breed and quickly shrinking minority as young, old , people of all color, have woken up, fooled at first, supported Hope and Change and were swindled like all Americans, by this serial lying fraud intent on dividing the country, destroying healthcare and the economy, through this massive wealth redistribution scheme called ObumoCare. Impeach-Jail-Repeal Bring Benghazi Clinton to Justice - 2014.

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Jan-25-14 2:12 PM

DOA, 40 million uninsured Americans will now be able to afford health insurance. 40 million is a big number. I suppose you think that only you & yours are entitled to good health care.

The ACA is the Republican plan that Republicans have pushed for 20 years so insurance company executives can continue to rip off the rest of us. You should be celebrating but, because a Black man beat the white guys, you can't stop obstructing.

We should have gotten the single payer, universal system but Republican obstructionism knows no bounds.

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Jan-25-14 8:17 AM

Repugslie..The biggest health care destruction scam in US history belongs to Democrat president and national disgrace, Barry ObumoCare.

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Jan-24-14 10:34 PM

LockedUp..your only problem is that Brian Bigelow, Tammy Hall, Trey Radel, Steve Lovejoy, Don Stilwell, Mike Scott - never sat idly by watching American heroes being slaughtered in the streets, on live feed TV, even though military help was a phone call away, the DemoSocialist criminals in Washington let them die - then went on a lying tour, lying to the whole world! LockedUp, tests for both bad moral character and substance abuse issues would clear out 90% of the politicians on both side of the isle. Bad moral character? How about a PROVEN - TIME AND TIME AGAIN - serial lying, lawless, racist, Democratic President? Your typical small minded, snipping, and just plain silly comment is as usual, ridiculous. Bring Obumo and Clinton to justice 2014 - NATIONAL CRIMINAL DISGRACE

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Jan-24-14 10:30 PM

The biggest Medicare scam in history belongs to Republican FL governor, Rick Scott. Because he was guilty, he paid a multi million dollar fine but still won the hearts & minds of die hard Republicans who will vote for anyone with an "R" after their name.

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Jan-24-14 7:43 PM

SWFL has seen more than its fair share of questionable people placed in political positions with some responsibility for representing the best interest of citizens. Let us not forget some of these fine upstanding individuals; Brian Bigelow, Tammy Hall, Trey Radel, Steve Lovejoy, Don Stilwell, Mike Scott. Let us also remember the party affiliation of these people. One has to ask his/her self why the GOP seems to harbor so many people with questionable ethics, erratic behavior and simple dishonesty. Cast as many stones as you like at the Clintons and Obamas, but remember fixing this country’s problem starts at home

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Jan-24-14 5:50 PM

Perfectly stated Buck!! Can u imagine if Clintons daughter was an ambassador in a foreign country. Her post attacked by terrorist trash, gang sodomized, tortured, beaten, then finally murdered in the street exactly as our ambassador was... while being watched back in Washington - on live drone TV - as it happened - Let them die - while help was available and never sent! Wonder if Cankles would be screaming "WHAT DOES IT MATTER?" If it was her daughter in the street? Then the months long Obuma/Clinton/Rice lies about a "video" further insulting USA citizens with more outright LIES! No answers, no one brought to justice, no one held accountable. Clinton, another power mad, national criminal disgrace. Bring Buma and Cankles to justice for Benghazi 2014!

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