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To the queen and her court?

January 16, 2014

To the editor: I would like to remind the queen of Cape Coral she and her court (new members of the Slick Six) were voted in to stop the spending and move the city forward, not treat it as her own......

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Jan-29-14 12:05 AM

Linda 53 you can't handle reality here? Too bad. We and more will stay and you and yours will go.

Looks like you city council was a nervous as a cat on a hot stove.

All sorts of money coming in. Ahh but not enough. Guess this baby going to hit the wall sooner than I thought.

Take a look at your boy from Troy, Michigan. Why there is more in the newspaper editorials and letters to the editor now than there was before he arrived. The paper is called The Patch. He was just marvelous! Still using his FAILED ideas, buty now in a new venue.

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Jan-26-14 2:43 PM

hmmmm.. noever..... L.S. and other complainers, the road out of this city you bash so much crosses Midpoint Bridge and goes north.. take your snow shovels with you.. btw, paying taxes and dying are two sure things we can count*****it up or move out of our paradise city !! tired of the b.s you spew

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Jan-25-14 9:58 PM

Life in the Socialist Republic of Cape Coral. You are here to provide the government with the funds they think they deserve, Isn't life wonderful here. Wait five minutes they'll figure out a way to charge you an other fee. This place is totally out of control.

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Jan-20-14 12:24 PM

Grumpy, the gap between someone who is being sarcastic (Princess) and the one who fails to understand it (you, in this case) is called a


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Jan-19-14 5:33 PM

Haninginthere: What Princess posted is not, in my opinion, sarcasm. Read exactly what she posted. There is no sarcasm involved. My age has nothing to do with it either. You don't really know how old I am anyway.

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Jan-19-14 4:50 PM

Grumpy, in your state of advanced age you must have lost the ability to detect sarcasm.

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Jan-19-14 3:31 PM


Ask her directly. She will glady answer any and all questions that she can. Those including myself, on this venue, should not be answering unless they are being asked directly about themselves.

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Jan-19-14 11:58 AM

Princess: You have a lot of nerve making statements that assume that some people are too dumb to know what is best for them. I and most do not need cheesy politicians to tell us what is best for us. You also have a lot of nerve telling others that if they don't like it to move. You may like the tax and spend City Council we have. Many don't and want to keep more of their money in their own pockets.

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Jan-19-14 9:45 AM

I have a question for Mayor Sawicki's supporters. What kind of business is Indigo Pros? How does she earn a living currently? Not being confrontational, but curious.

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Jan-19-14 12:47 AM

Best part is I have no dog in that fight just want to see the millage pushed over 10 points to have the state of Florida come in and establish the correct ratios to run this city.

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Jan-19-14 12:44 AM

You don't see Marty McClain on council or Kevin McGrail. You don't see a certain city manager in another community here in Lee County. You have seen J P Morgan fined and fined and fined by the federal government in the billions of dollars. You don't see the real estate market making the big bounce back in numbers. You did see Obama take down Romney. You are seeing the the 3 legged stool not working. You saw your real estate go up in value and it still can't make ends meet in Cape Coral. These were all commented on by myself and others and fools like you still can't SEE the forest for the trees. A person does not have to be clairvoyant just have common sense to know when things are not right. Now do you want, to talk about government pensions? Do you want to talk about a reduction of expendable income by residents in Cape Coral? Do you want to talk about land home values, and increased foreclosures especially in SW 6 and & 7? You know the $4,500 building lots with the $17K assessm

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Jan-18-14 6:05 PM

DOAshrimp, nope, I don't have solar on my place. My neighbor got his trees in ahead of me.

Net Metering pays, not off the grid. A clear S. facing roof will pay out in less than 10yrs with the latest 7% PSC tax. Then you have another 20 years under warranty of free electricity. After that you have about 85% of the original efficiency for at least another 20. At $3/watt turnkey (the Edison Institute (Utility Industry bible/magazine) warns electric utilities face a "Disruptive Challenge" to their business model They’re trying to corrupt the PSC to end net metering. It won't work, as there is another 30-40% drop in price coming soon from reduced permitting and installation alone. Bay Pines VA hospital is covering their acres of parking lots and all flat roofs and it's happening at all military installations and hospitals. Major corps like Publix, WalMart, Costco, Lowes, Macy’s, Sam’s, Home Depot, IKEA and locally Fleamasters are covering their roof tops with it.

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Jan-18-14 6:00 PM

Ohh JJ..sorry but Princess isn't the one you seem to be bashing.. Look around you and see whats left of the RAGS and then decide if you really want to go there.. Mrs. Prince didn't need the ambassador paper to get rid their stupid rhetoric.. Sully and his crybabies did it to themselves when they chose to lead our city into bankruptcy. Thats their Legacy and it will follow them into the History was said wont bother US none if a petition is sought after to remove the RAG mayor picture .Public records still show their true intent. BTW, how's that Lovejoy thingy working for you and Lightswitch.. did you give Kempe a farewell party when he moved back up north? your teaparty gang is dissolving quickly

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Jan-18-14 5:03 PM

I agree with most of you especially 1Sandy. Many of the citizens of Cape Coral do not know what is best for them. This council and mayor do know what is best for you and if you don’t think so then you don’t know what is best for you! So just be quiet, pay your taxes, or leave. The nerve of some people!

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Jan-18-14 12:53 PM

Lolita when will you learn how to read?

the italics on "I didn't vote" was what was quoted by the other posted comment by the other person.

I voted. As I have voted in every election that has been held in this municipality.

You are in dire need of a good remedial reading program at an adult education class. Make the time Lolita!

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Jan-18-14 12:12 PM

Hey Comstick!! Why do you feel a need to address a successful woman with such a sarcastic tone? One can only conclude that the underlying issue is your personal fear of powerful women. All your issues addressed in your LTE are RAG issues... A day late and a dollar short Comstick!! Don't worry though, we dealt with the issue for you at the polls.

Hey dimwit!!! Keep it up!!! I love when you type numbers and attempt to lead others into believing you are informed. What happens next is the fun part. Folks either A- start asking you specific questions which usually ends any postings from you on a particular subject. Better yet... B- they post your lies, dissect and correct them one by one on a main website of a large local government. BahhhhHahahahahahahaha!!!

Why folks are so unhappy here is beyond me. This week it is the Comstick and Dimwit show... And it's Free!!!

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Jan-18-14 11:21 AM

lightswitch=RAG MORON!

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Jan-18-14 10:33 AM

Corpy, you off the grid? Sounds like u certainly should be...Just wondering how much u produce at home. Selling any back? Cant argue with solar at all.

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Jan-18-14 10:31 AM

KirstenThompson, you're way to generous, describing him as a Chauvinist. These crackpot Conservatives are bigoted misogynistic xenophobes.

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Jan-18-14 10:21 AM

You're electric bill, AND THE SEVEN % TAX ARE BASED on the kwhs of electricity for which you are billed.

If you produce your own kwhs of electricity w/solar panels via net metering you are not billed, thus no PSC tax.

We are paying for private corporation’s, Duke Energy and FP&L's capital equipment (nuclear plants and beefing the grid), that broken Crystal River nuclear plant and the second abandoned second nuclear project in Levy Co. FP&L will do the same and we are paying for the corruption of our legislators letting them precharge us for capital projects and keep those funds. Now we’re paying for their disaster at Crystal River.

Mayor, lead your constituents around this dangerous and expensive blunder by bringing solar to CC. We have a supplier here with the best price ($3/watt turnkey) and American made equipment.

Embrace our moniker…THE SUNSHINE STATE.

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Jan-18-14 9:25 AM

OK Litebulb. You have just written that you "didn't vote". Therefore, nothing more to share with you. Done.

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Jan-18-14 6:38 AM

Mr. Comstock, I don't recall reading any former LTE's from you referring to previous Mayors as "King". Thus, the fact that you choose to refer to the current Mayor as "Queen" instead of "The current Mayor" or "Mayor Sawicki" is very telling. It tells us that you are a chauvinist and have an issue with a woman being in a position of leadership. How about we quit focusing on her gender. Her gender had nothing to do with getting elected. People of both genders voted for her because they thought she was the better candidate, just as voters of both genders thought the better candidate was Mr. Sullivan. Get over the gender issue!

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Jan-18-14 4:57 AM

Lightswitch, to date you have not been correct with any numbers, rumors, projections, predictions, or solutions. Why on earth would anyone take you seriously now? All your numbers are skewed, your rumors are just that rumors, your projections are all based on the skewed numbers I already mentioned, and your predictions are usually so far off it's no wonder you have become "the Boy who cried wolf". Last but not least, you have yet to offer ANY viable solutions to your incessant whining. You are a broken record, last verse same as the first.

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Jan-17-14 11:39 PM

Speaking of Lee County Electric and the city being $112,000 short the first month.

I will bet the city manager John Szwerlag annualized the first months receipts. Instead of figuring out what percentage by month of the killowatt hours LECE collected by month last year.

You see the month of October temperatures are not what they are in April, May, June, July, August or September.

They will be looking to bump the percentage of the tax from 7, to 8, 9, or even 10%. Which is what he wanted to do when the Utility Tax was first proposed.

The cut in the millage rate of 1/4 point won't be there for long.

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Jan-17-14 11:21 PM

Julie you need royalty because in that situation the subjects don't vote either.

Was there ONE person whose platform might have been changed?

Just Dumb. Proud to be an American "I didn't vote."

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