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City should give vets the same tax break as feds, state and county

January 9, 2014

To the editor: Well, it’s a new year, let’s see if the Cape Coral City Council can start us off right this year....

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Jan-10-14 6:23 AM

You think $300 per year to contribute to the maintenance of roads, canals, parks, programs, public safety, and operations of the community you live in is unreasonable?

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Jan-10-14 6:48 AM

Look, if you are a VET you should get it all for free. Electric, Water, Cable, Insurance and Phone. Why not? They served our Country and if it wasn't for the VETS, we wouldn't be enjoying what we all have today. So I say, give it all to them, FREE, and while we are in a generous thoughtful mood, let's give our Fire and Police Officers, both active & retired, the same benefits. Why not? If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be able to KEEP what we now enjoy...others would be taking it from us. Yep, I say give it ALL to them FREE! I don't mind paying a little more for them and neither should you.

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Jan-10-14 2:16 PM

We went down that road and it almost put the city in financial ruin..Ask Sullivan, he was leading the charge! Free ride is over.. And yes my dad was in WWII and believed in paying his fair share for living in America.. just as he served for It !

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Jan-10-14 2:26 PM

I don't want to sell short the vets contribution (I am one) but we all need to contribute for a better civil society, even the vets. I feel we own them health care and an education. It makes them better "contributing" citizens and over time we've learned this from the GI Bill and VA health care.

Who would say because you did your duty as a citizen of this country you get the keys to the nation and no obligation after that duty. There is a point where gratitude can be onerous if it never ends.

Isn't it a matter of degree? If not then politicians to poll workers could make similar demands.

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Jan-10-14 7:34 PM


I too am a vet, but think there is a limit to the tax breaks. Why should we not provide you with free food, housing, new Navigators, etc.

Do you not feel some obligation to support the City that supports you?

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Jan-10-14 9:53 PM

James, this city is grateful for all vets and their service. That said you should be grateful to those that didn't make it home, home to their loved ones and their neighbors and their communities. You sound bitter and it is a shame you forget the blessings you have and expect handouts. The breaks you get from the Feds and the state and the county our our dollars that cover your part of supporting the community, please remember that!

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Jan-11-14 9:55 AM

Mr. Shannon’s begging for relief from all taxes is ludicrous, embarrasses other veterans, and should humiliate his WIFE (who also lives tax free). Neither of them pay into ANY programs in this country that are funded by property taxes or income taxes. That means the rest of us are paying the Shannon’s share. Like the military, national security, VA hospitals and clinics, treatment for vets, disaster relief, funding for any programs for the poor and elderly, state programs, and locally—water and sewer repair, street lights, traffic lights, schools, libraries, parks, playgrounds, programs for elderly and special populations, road, canal and bridge upkeep, etc. How long has this been going on and Where does our obligation to MRS Shannon stop? My dad was killed in Vietnam. My mother and I have always paid taxes just like the children and widows of police and fire officers killed on duty. Dad paid the ultimate sacrifice and you want HIS family to support YOU!

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Jan-11-14 4:26 PM

I'm heartened at such unanimity that we owe vets, firefighters and cops a break for their hazardous commitments on our behalf. Of course it has its limits. I'll remind you though, the greedy rich and powerful would have us whittle down the benefits and compensation of these super patriotic Americans to preserve their insane tax advantages or give them even more.

If we’d all understand this, a real grass roots movement could set this nation back on a path to a level playing field once again and the corporate titans grip on our government would loosen.

I’d also note the “size” of government detailed by CCC seems at odds with the T-Party types who seem bent of stealing the earned pensions (Detroit) and heath care of those super patriots to pay off the debt of the Wall Street scam that broke the economic back of the USA and the rest of the world.

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Jan-12-14 6:23 PM

Mr. Shannon. Three points. A. The “Breeze” is the propaganda arm of the City Unions. Most likely funded by the City. We still receive weekly copies and haven’t paid for a subscription in years ?? 2. You are only welcomed here if you submit to all the taxes. If you can’t afford it they’ll ask you leave. D. If you own your home outright refuse to pay the “non-ad valorem” assessments on your next property tax bill. Notice how the pro-city commenters lump cops & firemen in with Veterans. What an insult to Veterans! “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” George Orwell

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Jan-12-14 11:55 PM

JohnG – Did you support Trey Radel???? How about Rubio(pre-fall from grace)….Paul Ryan and the Mitten???

Are you aware your Goddess A. R. died of lung cancer disavowing the dangers of smoking, but accepting Social Security and Medicare to keep from “being wiped out” by medical bills? Apparently, living independently, taking government help made her just like the rest of the phony, T-Drunks. Those that do a little “Independent” reading find she was what they call a “VIP-DIP” – venerated in public but des***** in private.

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Jan-24-14 11:15 PM

They think that you should be grateful that you are allowed to pay them taxes. You just made the mistake of moving to the Socialist Republic of Cape Coral. This is absolutely the worst place I have ever lived. They at the city think that you exist to serve them so they can have the lifestyle they think they are entitled too, it use to be the city government was there to serve the citizens of the city that era has gone by way of the Dodo. Now we (the tax payers ) are required to keep them at the level of lifestyle they are entitled to. While the whole place is going to the dump.

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