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In defense of the mayor

October 25, 2013

To the editor: I’m sure by now anyone who has been paying even a modicum of attention to recent city happenings is scratching their head wondering how a document which may appear at first glance to......

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Nov-02-13 6:26 AM


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Oct-31-13 8:31 PM are right. In addition the Mayor said he never said he didn't sign the document, but he "clarified" it by saying he doesn't know how his signature got on the document. Wait....if it is not his signature...then much larger investigation. If it is his did it get on the document. See...this is the same play on words as Leetz recently. "I know how to provoke and then get away with it". Some think the issue is his owning a gun. No it is what he said, but now without backing he says he jesting. No one backs him on it. So....where are we, in a tub of black oil.

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Oct-31-13 8:03 PM

As to the title of the LTE. I just read the official court transcripts. We officially have a big problem. We now know beyond a reasonable doubt the Mayor has stated in court that he did not know how his signature got on that document. I take that clearly as he is stating that he did not sign it.

We are now to one simple question. Is his signature forged or not? Leetz also did say he felt a sunshine violation took place. I need to know the results of whether or not a forgery took place. Think the mayor needs to step down until this mess can be cleared up.

Does anyone with legal expertise know what or if criminal charges would be brought forth? I think FDLE is who analyzes the signature. Are they the criminal investigating group or is it handled by CCPD?

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Oct-31-13 2:57 PM

CapeCoralCuestions are you saying Terrence Terry Stewart used the wall at Ruby Tuesday to contemplate the interest only loans and the bonds to run the city that were issued at high interest rates would make him look like a fool? How comforting to learn from you he was able to determine a thing like this on a wall. He was looking long before the "ACCOUNTABLE City Council" you refer to as RAGS even entered the political election circle. Do you have a wall to read as well? I am betting you do.

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Oct-31-13 2:03 PM

Still waiting on what's the real deal with the Forged Signature on the Sullivan document? Lightbulb..stay on the subject of what's the truth behind this signature or do you already know the answer? Deception has been the trademark of the RAGS ,since it was proven in the Oct 17th 2010 issue, when another media source blasted the real truth about the Web of RAGS trying to break this city's backbone.

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Oct-28-13 7:52 PM

Would you like me to name the individuals name and the amounts? That I am not going to do. The information was available when the appeal was lost. This kind of makes me wonder is the guy that had been short changed $71,000 did not catch this. Now it either went for years or he was so comfortable he did not miss $71,000. 1 year is $5916 per month. 2 years is $2958 per month 3 years is $1972 per month 4 years is $1479 per month

1st red flag is why or how does a person lose this much money from his/her pay and not miss it.

2nd red flag was there additional errors being made in his or her favor to keep their mouth shut?

4th red flag was or is there a ghost employee on the force?

$71,000 of unpaid wages oh yeah!

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Oct-28-13 5:32 AM

It's really quite simple folks, almost too simple. If he signed it, admit it.......if he says he didn't sign it, then its forged, whether the mayor likes the word or not.

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Oct-28-13 3:10 AM

Litwich: You and your nasty nay-sayers need to be reminded that Mr. Stewart (a CM revered by many) left because he saw the writing on the Ruby Tuesday wall. Both the city and he did, however, sign a document that said, more or less, that neither party would blame the other or make claim and would NOT SAY BAD THINGS ABOUT THE OTHER! That agreement has been violated ad nauseum by RAGs. I am praying for the day Stewart says enough is enough and sues your sorry Ask!

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Oct-27-13 1:31 PM

What should concern us all is the fact that Sullivan cant remember if he signed the maybe/maybe not forged document. He should just man up and face the music in the misspoken words he blasted to the media.

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Oct-27-13 8:35 AM

@dimwit.... What is this "deal" that is about to be "sealed"? Is there some great revelation coming we should expect? Do tell...

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Oct-27-13 8:20 AM

Dimwit... If his signature has been forged. I want the forger to hit with maximum penalty and I will do the same. Write the judge and ask for maximum penalty.

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Oct-27-13 8:17 AM

Dimwit.... If wrong doing has been done, I say the book gets thrown HARD at the wrong doer. I need confirmation via the transcripts EXACTLY what mayor John Sullivan said in court. THEN I want confirmation of the signature.

If we find out that via the transcript that the mayor did lie under oath, and truly did sign the document that one claims to have seen him sign I want him out of that chair immediately. If possible I want criminal charges brought forth with maximum penalties. If it were to go so far as a criminal trial (I doubt it would) I will personally write a letter to the judge begging for max penalty. A crime against 160,000 + people is serious. The ramifications from this crime will be huge and costly. Because now we don't know if any document he ever signed is good. Your worried about money Dimwit!!! What does the current ACE move by the mayor really cost us?

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Oct-27-13 6:52 AM

You know Switchy, this signature story is a BIG deal, whether you want to admit it or not. Do you realize even if the Mayor does get re-elected that it can be an avenue to remove him from the dais if it can be proven that he did make a statement in court saying the signature wasn't his. So, you keep trying to deflect, it is what it is. Remember Switchy's rule, don't pay attention to the elephant in the room, look for the mouse under the couch.

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Oct-27-13 2:13 AM

So...the increase in Flood Insurance is whose fault??? The increase in property value that leads to increases in our taxes is whose fault?? Really, dim bulb. Don't try to put the document failure to sign under the rug. What "wrong doing" is going to be proven? So much drama.

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Oct-26-13 9:51 PM




We will receive a tax increase on real estate tax. We will receive a 7% tax on electric bill utility tax. We will receive a $100 to $200 Fire Assessment Tax.

But here is the nail to seal the coffin so to speak for the candidates that supported the taxes.


Here is where those that do not vote may just have themselves put out of their homes. So before it is too late get out and vote.

Protect YOUR investment...your home and vote John J. Sullivan mayor, Chris Chulakas-Leetz District 4, Daid R. Headd District 1, Richard (Rick) Williams District 6.


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Oct-26-13 7:41 PM

Packer but what will you say if there is wrong doing proved?

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Oct-26-13 7:35 PM

onlythetruth you are so far from the truth and you are going to witness this pretty soon.

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Oct-26-13 7:32 PM

Electrician Terry Stewart the city manager who fled Cape Coral built the Fueling Station. He being in charge NEGLECTED good quality accounting practices, neglected getting State of Florida permits but built it anyway.

King may not have found (himself) the errors and the auditors did. But Gary King uncovered the problems by paying attention to that and many other issues. He pointed probably with the help of his current Director of Finance. Point being he selected Mrs. Bateman. She was like a light on cockroaches when she entered after Mark Mason her predecessor. The city was awash with individuals who were unproductive for decades. Some have left of their own accord and some werte asked too nicely to leave. However there are some still in the ranks!

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Oct-26-13 4:57 PM

Everyone's right about Lynn. It's on automatic.

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Oct-26-13 3:29 PM


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Oct-26-13 10:43 AM

Point of fact to the voter... At this past Monday City Council Meeting The mayor did mention that after 48 hours his memory of events become faded, or something to that effect.

Where does this leave our fine City 72 hours after a major hurricane? Does he literally forget it happens? Where we at 4 and 5 days post natural disaster.

Another question the informed voter may want to ask themselves... If another major Hurricane hits us like Charley. How will Leetz handle it? I can see the bright orange writing on the wall. You Loot Leetz provokes and shoots.

When elected officials can't remember after 48 hours, and ride to council meetings on the bi polar express it is indeed a situation that could continue to backfire on us.

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Oct-26-13 8:56 AM

The Dim One (TDO)is an artist of deflection. Change the story to draw attention away from the obvious.

The fact is an error occurred, staff found the error, not King or your buddies the Fab 5, and Diele chose to sensationalize it for his personal gain.

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Oct-25-13 8:57 PM

I didn't see the debate tonite OTT. However, I did see the mtg Monday night. Once AGAIN the mayor opened his mouth and an avalanche has occurred for himself.

“People think that a liar gains a victory over his victim. What I’ve learned is that a lie is an act of self-abdication, because one surrenders one’s reality to the person to whom one lies, making that person one’s master, condemning oneself from then on to faking the sort of reality that person’s view requires to be faked…The man who lies to the world, is the world’s slave from then on…There are no white lies, there is only the blackest of destruction, and a white lie is the blackest of all.” ? Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

Never could there be truer words for the Mayor.... Someone is lying here....

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Oct-25-13 8:03 PM

The mayor is sticking to his story, God bless him. He stated in the debate this evening no one ever showed him the document in question in the validation hearing, but he still hasn't said, or admitted, if he signed the document. I suppose the obvious question is :Did you, or did you not, sign the document mayor? Enough of the dodging. it's a simple question, yes, or no.

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Oct-25-13 7:34 PM

Switchy seems to be in full bore change the subject mode judging by his commentary here. Care to comment on the subject matter of the LTE Switchy? I mean......offer an opinion about the actual subject for once.

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