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Unfair taxes

October 25, 2013

To the editor: I have never been one to write to the editor, but after reading about the proposed Fire Assessment, I felt compelled to do so....

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Nov-03-13 2:21 PM


The first step is to remove the socialist six from the city council and replace them with individuals that stand for small efficient government that is fiscally responsible and has the best interest of ALL the citizens of Cape Coral in mind first, foremost and always. Not the crowd we have now, they have their own agenda and only work to further that. Forty years of mismanagement is enough for this city, it is time that the insanity stops. Make your choice are you going to take a stand for your rights or are you going to continue to be a Cash Cow for this city.

Additionally I want to remind the voters of a statement made in October of 2010 about water fee’s by one Council member in “Chris Chulakes-Leetz said: “charging these fees would not be a “waste” for lot owners; instead, it would be a “transfer of equity. I think property owners would understand the city is moving forward for the “big picture.”

Any politician that wants to “transfer Equity” is a socialist

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Nov-03-13 2:20 PM

Levies and assessments.

In very plain words are simply a way for the local city council to by pass the homestead exemption. If the property owners do not realize this and act to have the levying and assessment authority removed from the city council then in a very short time the homestead exemption in Florida will be worthless, because every-time they want to get money from the homeowners they will have an other levy or assessment. That is the great experiment that councilman Mc Grail referred to. Mark my word your homestead exemption will be totally worthless. If you people do not wake up and limit they amount of money that the city council can take out of your pocket (which is what the homestead exemption is all about) the will continue to treat you like the mindless cash bovines they think you are.

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Nov-03-13 6:54 AM


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Nov-02-13 6:11 PM

Understand that the only reason this fire service tax is proposed is not for capital projects it is to help fund the outlandish and bloated pensions the fire department has bent the city over. It is the only way they can keep putting money in the unions pockets. Once the CCPD see the cash cow we have become they will want their piece. We do not need the Slick Six or this city manager. You have the power to vote them out. Have them pack their bags, we did it to Bertolini and Burch we can surly do it again. Do it for your children and grand children. Tell the unions what you really think. Vote Tuesday for a better city Sullivan, Williams Hedd and Leetz

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Nov-02-13 6:22 AM


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Oct-29-13 10:37 AM

I found the raise and I found the 5% bonus on top of the raise.

I see with both hands in your back pockets you can't seem to find yourself!

Are you Linda Jo's little boy? Mom get you a job at the city council meeting?

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Oct-28-13 7:52 PM

Hey Switch - Did ya find the DOUBLE raise yet? Another example of the misinformation you and your ilk spread.

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Oct-28-13 6:16 PM

But Lightswitch, your previous statement was that ALL City employees received a 3% raise on top of that bonus. No one is disputing the bonus that some, not all, city employees will receive in exchange for pension cuts. What is disputed is the 3% raise. Where is the proof for that? It doesn't come up on a Google search.

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Oct-28-13 2:38 PM

CapeCoralCuestions maybe you should PROVE it? Hey moron I like your choice of the word junta. I am not involved in and Central or South American legislative council! I am not involved in secretive political intrigue either. You are quite the JERK I must say! You see unlike the judge I am not commenting on legal or illegal. I am commenting on mismanaged tax dollars, labor contracts that would have and should not have been passed. (Check with the think tanks who follow failed municipal governments). I am commenting on where this city has been, what it has done or not done to the present and what is is failing to do going forward. The track record is not good! It shows much negligence on the part of this city. Overspent, bad credit, wasted equipment, things like beautification projects having to be redone. No follow through on money invested for ghost developers and projects, Uncollected assessments. I mean where does the negligence stop? An encyclopedia could be written on Cape C

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Oct-28-13 2:17 PM

I googled raises in Cape Coral for city staff and 5%bonus. Why don't you try it.

This was passed by a vote at council meeting police got the raise. Fire did not because they have not approved a contract.

The 5% bonus was also approved at the council meeting. This 5% is tied into the 25 year pension savings that will never be seen. Especially by the city manager and this council that passed it.

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Oct-28-13 2:47 AM

Litwich: ONE MORE TIME! "Now pay attention" as the Mayor told Ms. Sawicki: THERE HAVE BEEN NO RAISES IN THIS CITY SINCE 2007 OR 2008. NONE. EVEN THE MAYOR COULDN'T GET HIS SECRETARY A RAISE AT A QUICKLY CALLED "EMERGENCY MEETING" IN DECEMBER 2010. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? SOME, REPEAT--- SOME--- Have been paid a ONE-TIME 3% BONUS which is being paid from funds the City gained when the employees agreed to AGAIN cut pension and other benefits. Hello? In other words, their bonus didn’t cost the city a dime! But YOU know that. So you and your junta are deliberately disseminating lies and propaganda. If you know differently, PROVE IT!

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Oct-27-13 5:57 PM

Carl Scwing assistant city manager to Terry Stewart city manager.

Carl took over after Stewart quit. Carl could only come up with $2 million in cuts to a budget that was grossly bloated. He just didn't seem to know where the bones were buried or did not want to to protect his and his boss Terry's appearance. How could it take the assistant/acting city manager over 3 month (90 days) to reconcile a $59,000 petty cash fund. Was that fund in such a mess it needed to be strained up before it was actually audited? Why would it not have been normal to reconcile that fund monthly? Pretty basic and normal accounting procedure! More funds like this example Gary King encountered and had to put in those basic practices. Face facts the 40 years old city was run like a flea market booth!

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Oct-27-13 2:05 PM

Lightbulb... we all know that Gary King was only good for trying to turn off the street lights in the down town area of the CRA. Any other plan fell under Carl Schwing and city staff to provide to the Council. Only a RAG mindset will give King credibility, the rest of Us know better!

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Oct-27-13 11:38 AM

Lightswitch: If the city is in such devastating shape, why is our bond rating so good? It's time to dim your light and say good night.

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Oct-27-13 11:05 AM

Flip the switch to ON -

According to all reports and the realtors, housing supply is at its lowest in many years.

Housing values are increasing.

City was short on cash because you and your kitchen cabinet chose your wallets over the benefit of the entire city. You balanced the budget on the backs of employee concessions and turned a blind eye to capital requirements and ongoing maintenance needs.

In the face of this the staff has been able to maintain the city's credit rating and even improved it. So, where is the financial ruin coming from? The proactive actions of the current Council, sans 2, addressed the cash issue and the capital issue. A SOLUTION to what before was no more than can kicking from Bill, Pete, Gary, Martin, Towler, Barton, Mars, Grosso, Crane and lest we not forget their mascot Eric. Yup, that period was the pinnacle of leadership in the history of the city - NOT.

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Oct-26-13 7:08 PM

Electrician my information is very good and it bears itself out as being correct.

Probably the best information is the FACT the city of CAPE CORAL< FL. is in dire financial predicament. As it crushed its homeowners and renters with outrageous tax bills. It crushes the its own industry sector construction. When all the dust settles the small businesses will not be sustained by the city employees. The residents in private sector are not going to have the expendable income to support these small businesses. So keep squeezing while we watch this year 2014 the city treasury flush with cash and 15, 16 etc. broke again. Awash with homes for sale, empty apartments and rental homes, continued depressed resale prices! Only the the unaware will come with new cash to invest for 30 years in a mortgage. The stability in the job market is not here. The boomers retiring can already see added overhead with hidden taxes. We see! 2.30 points left in millage before the state comes in! Raise

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Oct-26-13 6:45 PM

Novenber you are correct and to put a figure with that it was $850,000. Which inflated the general fund and allows the city to increase taxation in the future years to cover that $850,000 year after year after year.

Most interesting part of this is the fact that stealing at ever opportunity from the residents they still can't make it work!

Talk about red flags!

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Oct-26-13 4:57 PM


That's like voting for Mickey and Co.

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Oct-26-13 3:31 PM


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Oct-26-13 8:50 AM

KT- General Employees received a 5% bonus in two 2.5% installments in Sept and Oct. FD has yet to settle as you stated and NO EMPLOYEE RECEIVED A 3% RAISE.

LS - As bad as your information is you couldn't be the former council member, you gotta be one of the "consultants". Maybe the one who produced nothing and caused GK and others to "manufacturer" something to justify his $90k - aint that right Bill.

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Oct-26-13 7:20 AM

LS, where DO you get your information? City employees did NOT get a 5% bonus and 3% raise on top of that. A one time 5% "bonus" was approved for police officers in exchange for the pension concessions they gave. They did not get a 3% raise. I don't believe that the general employee union contract has been voted upon by Council yet so they have no bonus and will not be getting a 3% raise. The fire department and city have not yet reached an agreement. So, once again, you spout inaccurate information.

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Oct-26-13 12:01 AM

I find myself picking candidates in this election not because there is one in each race that stands out as a great council person or mayor but I’m attempting to pick the one that will be less damaging. For me even though I am less than impressed with those I am going to vote for I am going to vote against the tax and spend candidates since I can’t afford higher taxes. This is a really sad position to be in as a tax payer and resident to be voting because you are against what the worst of the two wants to do and not have to option to vote for an outstanding candidate. This city government is a train wreck with a spending problem.

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Oct-25-13 9:41 PM

I'll CALL YOU CRAZY because that is the most appropriate name for you.

Get this straight pea brain I have never been to Babes and if you are eluding to the fact I am a former councilperson you are wrong. I am not worried about anyone that has. However I worry about pea brains like you. P.S. Gary King for your information is a city manager. A former one for the city of Cape Can't Control It's Spending, Florida. He got the job of taking a city that had an AA Bond rating that was dragged yo a D with other pea brains like you and turned it around in one year. THE ACCOUNTING SYSTEMS HE PUT IN PLACE SHOWED HE WAS A CITY MANAGER. But pea brains like you would not realize how he tightened up a LAX, EMPLOYEE RUN city let to do what they wanted when they wanted. Better equipment than most contractors and this city couldn't move a pile of dirt. He showed what could be done by sticking Pavlos the fired Dept of Public Works Director. Laid 2 mi of pipe and got $1.5 mil back from county!

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Oct-25-13 5:53 PM

@ kavanaugh.... Maybe in the future when selecting residence you should ask questions about these issues. At least learn just a couple facts before babbling in the paper.

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Oct-25-13 5:49 PM

@dim WIT!!... I was in City Hal today and asked about this 3% raise. No one seems to know anything about it. Can you post the date a 3% city employee raise was approved by council? This way I can look it up myself.

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