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Is there hope?

October 18, 2013

To the editor: The pathetic voter turnout for the primary on Sept.10 was partially atoned for during the week of Oct....

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Oct-18-13 7:28 AM

Yes, folks, only in Cape Coral can we have a bond hearing that should last a few hours, go for a FEW days. This group that Brandt is saluting, made a NORMAL mole hole into a HUGE MOUNTAIN...they needed a PR episode to thrust themselves from the darkness, into the light. Where was Brandt the 4 yrs he was in office, voting with his 5 against 3, and moving our city NOWAY but backwards, FAST. He also made how many phone calls from his City issued cell phone to BABES? NO thank you.

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Oct-18-13 8:59 AM

There's always hope at Babes! 939 2758 ask for Pete! (wink) (wink)

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Oct-18-13 9:10 AM

Eileyn, he is still "studying" his options. If ever an individual can be labled a true "man of inaction" this author is the epitomy of such a designation. He had 4 years to accomplish something, anything, and in the end did nothing. Inaction does not equal solutions. He is partially responsible for the mess this city is attempting to dig out of this to very day. As usual he shuns any responsibility whatsoever, and blames others for his shortfalls.

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Oct-18-13 9:41 AM

Yes, Pete, "somebody ought to look into that!"

Another case where the writer views should guide one to do the opposite.

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Oct-18-13 11:49 AM

What was scene by the number of residents who showed up at the Bond Validation hearing were concerned citzens. They figured out that what was being soft pedaled to them at the city council meeting was really an method to end run the millage rate. In other words more Borrowing just to run day to day operations. The fact that the judge told the court he could not make a ruling on whether it was good sense to use the method. He could only rule on the legality. But the number who showed up showed there is a ground swell of residents who are against this method and the other tax(7% utility on electricity) which have been shoved down their throat. I am confident from listening to people on this subject these taxes will be rescinded. The so called $20 million is in the budget as we will see when the final real estate tax is mailed out. The city just needs to re distribute what it already has. For instance a 5% Bonus given out in times like this even for one year would have nearly paid fo

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Oct-18-13 12:00 PM

Don't bother Eilyn she is tasked enough with finding something in the city of Cape Coral, Fl. for something for her children to do!

You or the other gentleman never came up with a list of what you wanted to entertain your brood.

Did they ever try the City of Cape Coral Youth Center? Did they ever try some of the various Church Youth Groups?

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Oct-18-13 12:02 PM

I hope you are not one Raydunant's prodigys.

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Oct-18-13 12:50 PM

I couldn't get past the first paragraph. When I skipped to the signature I understood why. The vehement hate this group has against unions is astounding. I have always been part of management and know how important it is to work with the Unions. Definitely won't be voting for anyone this man, with questionable ethics (imo), would recommend.

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Oct-18-13 1:12 PM

IMO if Pete had taken the time to do his due diligence in making the Cape a better place to live for All of the residents and not just for the RAGS,he may have been re-elected.The way it is now..he still sounds like the sore loser,he is..just like Deile

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Oct-18-13 1:28 PM

One word answer to the title of this letter. "No."

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Oct-18-13 2:57 PM


Have you ever volunteered at the Youth Center? Have you volunteered at Church Groups. Think Eileen and family are very involved in their City, everywhere.

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Oct-18-13 4:50 PM

It's time to drain the rest of the swamp! Bye-bye Mayor and co-hort!

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Oct-18-13 6:58 PM


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Oct-18-13 9:00 PM

Pete tried hard to circumvent the system to help his buddy out but when confronted all he did was stammer. Pete was good at talking about problems but when things needed action his response was always "I hope someone looks into this". His four years were a waste of taxpayers money so why would anyone listen to him? He claimed to be a big time engineer but in 4 years he couldn't engineer a single solution. I agree it's time to empty the rest of the dirty bath water and send Sullivan and Leetz home.

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Oct-18-13 9:15 PM

Pete supported his cronies on council to steal public money to pay for spouses dinners. What would have happened to the workers if they didn't have a union? The bad 5 would have cut their pay to the poverty level with no consideration for their families or homes. I worked hard to unseat Pete and Deile and will work harder to complete the removal of Sullivan and Leetz. Your treachery and lies are no longer wanted in Cape Coral!

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Oct-19-13 1:30 PM

Petey! I can't believe you could function long enough to write that LTE yourself--oops--maybe you didn't! Williams, he’s a nice guy who is being used a puppet by RAGs. Litwiich said, “I'd rather invest ina dictionary than listen and watch 4th grade articulation and performance!” Really? This the classic type of blatant arrogance and insult that the RAGs have been using for over 4 years! Do you want to take the chance that Williams is merely a joke, or that he truly is one of the RAG junta? I don’t. We don’t need him, he has No New Ideas for District 6. He is against any new taxes but is promising lighted bus-stops, paved roads, more parks, better services. That cannot be done. Want someone who will pander to the grim 100 RAGs or someone like McGrail with the integrity to tell the truth and take the political lumps for it? For honesty and integrity—Vote for MCGRAIL!

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Oct-19-13 1:31 PM

Vote for Leest? The guy with a ‘general’ rather than an ‘honorable’ discharge from the military? The guy fired from Lee County EMS for multiple reasons and events? The guy who was foreclosed on twice? The guy who is back-yard breeding dogs, knowing nothing about it? Vote for Leest? The guy who sat all the way through the Pledge of Allegiance on 9/8/11? (Go to the city website and watch that meeting!) Leest, the guy who said, “If anyone is going after “Special Pops” they are going to have to go through me!” and who then voted against the funding source? Leest, the guy who caused an uproar in chambers by accusing a fellow councilor of looking at him and pointing at his crotch, a feat that would have required x-ray vision as there were 7 fellow councilors between them! Vote for Leest, the guy who threatens and ridicules citizens in reply emails and in public? You want me to vote for THAT guy? You want me to vote for the guy with the made up name (Chulakis)?

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Oct-19-13 1:36 PM

Vote Sullivan, the man who falls asleep at city and county meetings? Vote Sullivan who will destroy our parks and recreation department. You have very conveniently skipped over that fact. A vote for a RAG is basically a vote against the kids of Cape Coral INCLUDING Special Populations! No parks, no sports fields, no Rotino Center, no SunSplash, no Youth Center! You also skip over the fact that he did nothing for the Veterans Center or the Iwo Jima Monument besides show up late for the ribbon cutting! He is wrapping himself in a “Veteran’s” cloak never having done service! Vote for Sully, an ill-tempered mumbler who threatened County Commissioners with a base-ball bat? Vote for a woman-hating, ‘barefoot and pregnant’ kind of guy who said of his opponent: “Maybe after I beat her, I’ll date her.” Vote for integrity, honesty, comportment and good manners. VOTE SAWICKI!!

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Oct-19-13 7:35 PM

Marnie Sawicki= “Prosperity through Politics” the union way!

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Oct-20-13 7:48 AM

Mr. Brandt, the one and only reason you were "ever" elected in the first place was due to a "pathetic" voter turn out. Remember? I too would like to see more participation, but this has become the norm here in the Cape. So, I wouldn't point fingers at the electorate when it was the same group who turned out in the same force to elect you. Man up and finally admit you failed, which is why you were rejected and sent packing. Your condescending tone in your last two letters reaffirm the fact you are just as venomous to the citzenry now as you were when you sat on the dais. Some things never change, (such as you attitude), which is why you are on the outside looking in.

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Oct-20-13 5:34 PM

Eileyn Sobeck-Bador is the biggest fake on the planet with her Get out the Vote Facebook page. She is like a little dictator by refusing to allow opposing views to hers!

It is a website for ONLY those candidates that she supports! I guess she never heard of freedom of expression. She also forgot the article she was quoted in the Breeze that that bogus website was simply to get people out to vote. What a FAKE!

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Oct-20-13 7:57 PM

Here are some Eileyn Sobeck-Bador quotes,

Here is another quote from Eileyn Sobeck-Bador "Sobeck-Bador said Get out and Vote - Take Back the Cape was formed to end voter apathy"

Here is another one, "the original Take Back the Cape Facebook page just wants to encourage more than 18 percent of the Cape's population to cast a ballot".

These quotes are from 3/26/11 in the Breeze!!!!!!!!

What a lying sack of plop!!!!!! Her 18% turned out to now be 10%, if we are lucky. She should just give it up as her nastiness is turning off people!!!!!

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Oct-20-13 8:40 PM

I want to thank the smart women who run get out and vote take back the Cape. A clean and ethical page that has done a great job posting recent political history and helping me make informed voting decisions. The three voters in my home are grateful for there volunteer efforts.

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Oct-20-13 9:01 PM

I'd be careful E because Rosko has been alleged to have assaulted an official in Jersey. She is a loose cannon and comes across as unstable liar!

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Oct-21-13 6:36 AM

netransplant when you know what you are talking about then and only then speak up.

Eileyn Sobeck-Bador not only deleted my posts but has not allowed me to post because I presented opposing views. That is simply a dictator. That is not the premise that she purports her website to be!

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