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Thanks to those working against the fire assessment

October 18, 2013

To the editor: After listening to the hearing on the Fire Assessment Tax in the Fort Myers Court House, I would like to give a big thank you to the following residents that put a lot of hard work......

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Oct-25-13 2:02 AM

Litwich you are a LIAR. The bonus that was paid this year to city employees was paid out of their Pension Fund and is the equivalent of the amount that they gave back to the city in pension Concessions. Thus there was no detriment to the city, for this year it was even- steven and next year the employees will continue to support the leeches in this city like YOU==but then you KNOW that and insist upon pushing the false statements. SHAME ON YOU!

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Oct-25-13 1:24 AM

I loved finding this on Vote! ***********youtube****/watch?v=RYTeRBmmqZc

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Oct-23-13 2:06 PM

Fire Assessment Tax nothing more than more borrowing EVERY YEAR from now on because the city is unable or more like unwilling to live within its means. What are those means? A population of 157,000 people, over 50,000 residences, and over 13,000 businesses.

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Oct-23-13 2:01 PM

Plug the 5% BONUS figured on top of the 3% raise figured for next year and your statement becomes a lie.

That is only one item which is a mismanagement of funds. Logic would tell most that the entire Parks & Recreation would be cut to ZERO is not necessary.

As I say mismanaged money within the departments makes for a budget not worth the computer space or the paper it is printed on.


What is real, is the $20 million is trumped up to create the excessive new taxes to enable more borrowing. Like a billion dollars of DEBT and INTEREST per year of $33 million is not enough? Cut the interest alone by 20% and there is your $6.5 million for roads.

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Oct-23-13 3:33 AM

Yes, thank you so much to those greedy selfish fools. Has anybody noticed that it is either raise funding in this City or lose ALL of Parks and Rec? Anybody care? Anybody care that Specials Populations will be cut completely but your supposed savior, Leest, has abandoned you and is cutting your funding? But hey, all of special pops is on SSI and disability, so you’ll get by. Notice that Sully is worried about all the hungry mouths? Well, those hungry mouths moved here from across the river during the real estate crash because rents were really cheap and it was the safest city in FL. But to save THEM, he is casting loose parks, athletic fields, 2 senior centers, a youth facility, skateboard park, boat ramps, vacation child-care programs. To pander to a few hungry mouths (who get rent assistance, food stamps, handouts, etc.), Sully is throwing YOUR kids to the wolves. So thanks y’all. Well done.

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Oct-21-13 10:02 AM


At last. A true definition. Thank you, thank you.

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Oct-21-13 9:31 AM

The court hearing was not to determine if the tax is fair or not or if it was done correctly or not. The concept of a fire assessment fee has been upheld in many many courts throughout the state. The hearing was to determine if the city's fee methodology was reasonable. If the court decides it wasn't the city can always change methodology and adopt a call for service methodology which will cost the homeowners.

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Oct-20-13 8:43 PM


You are right! So if it is shot down by the Courts we can move on and know it was done fairly. If it is not shot down by the courts we can also move forward knowing it done fairly in a court. Either way it can stop the whining and moaning.

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Oct-20-13 1:53 PM

I as a citizen appreciate the opportunity to see our democratic process in Court. If this tax was so wonderful why did you have to sue all of us to get it? Then to find out in court Staff will use the fire moneny tax already collected for other purposes and use the Tax to pay for everything "Fire" is very upsetting! I appreciate all citizens who took the time to go to Court, it was eye operner. Some of our City Leaders do not belive that "We the People" have a say! I think we do! You cannot keep this City under your "Rulership" forever!

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Oct-20-13 11:33 AM

Not everyone who went to the hearing had an opinion. I went to observe THE PROCESS necessary to perform governmental/citizen actions pertaining to issues such as these. I found the PROCESS very interesting.

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Oct-20-13 11:16 AM


Wishful thinking on your part that it will be more than a signature search. Typical of how you always run in the other direction. may hit the door on this one.

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Oct-20-13 8:52 AM

If the signature on the Council Document is proven to be Sullivan's, he should be forced to resign immediately. He may not have beem under oath when he made that statement in open court, but his oath of office, that he took when he was sworn in as Mayor, will suffice to force a resignation.

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Oct-19-13 7:33 PM

The best part is an impartial player has been thrown into the mix (the State of Florida) to investigate. Who knows what they find regarding the signature or no signature? The best is no one knows what they might stumble apon while digging around. Why they might even dig deep enough to find what the city manager buried so deep the city council could never find. Aren't those the words of the city manager played over an open microphone at a closed meeting? Who really knows what the state already knows before they begin to investigate.

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Oct-19-13 6:53 PM

"For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible."

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Oct-19-13 3:39 PM

What you mean is that you want council to swing back to the 5-3 RAG advantage that ran for 4 years and began to ruin this city. You and you RAG pals are from Detroit, Chicago, NY, Providence, California. All places with unions problems. But where the RAGs come from crime and corruption are standard. The rest of the country is doing fine. WE are none of those places! We are Cape Coral. Our union employees are long-term citizens with homes and families to support—they have been here for decades. Their roots are here as is their loyalty. Williams, your LTE again displays your lack of knowledge and understanding about CC in general and NCape in particular. You have not once made a statement at political forums that wasn’t easily disputed by even an uninterested citizen! You are a puppet for RAGs. YOU chose that. Remember what your Mom said: “If you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas”. “You are known by the company you keep.”

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Oct-18-13 8:35 PM

Thanks to the 99.7% of taxpayers who didn't go to court to make the city look bad. To those who did it's a shame you continue to mislead the public about what the city is doing to improve our neighborhoods. The vast majority of those naysayers are collecting pensions and SS and don't care about the rest of us, our streets or our families. They have theirs and everybody else needs to sacrifice so they aren't effected.

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Oct-18-13 3:53 PM

JMeihle's approach is probably that of the impressive state oif California with its 46% deficit. Let's just do what their governor did spend until you can't even begin to paydown debt and the proclaim "There is no debt"! Have they cut your pension yet?

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Oct-18-13 3:46 PM

Linda you worry about a 3 day court trial. Try worrying about a $478,000 check that never got collected for the ("infrastructure") water & sewer.

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Oct-18-13 2:31 PM

Their alternative to the Fire Assessment Tax, as stated by Leetz, is to max the Millage Rate at 10. I hope you enjoy that.

Had you gone to the meetings and seen what this FST really accomplishes you would think differently.

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Oct-18-13 1:01 PM

3 days of court proceedings at the taxpayers expense.. thanks for nothing Bill,Scott,Sullivan,Leetz and the other cap cape taxers that showed themselves,across the bridge.. Now we know why the Cape gets such a bad name in not working well with others.

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Oct-18-13 12:24 PM

And once again, this crew is costing the city money it cannot afford. I am appalled that two of our current elected officials participated in this sham. So much for "fiscally responsible."

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Oct-18-13 9:25 AM

Scott, you are in bad company!

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