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Do you know your mayoral candidates?

August 30, 2013

To the editor: Do you know that two of the candidates don’t own homes or pay Cape Coral property taxes? Do you know one of the candidates has only lived here for three years? How does this person......

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Sep-02-13 7:17 PM

Cupcake, where do you get that Boyd is a top candidate? He has never had a strong showing in any of the straw polls.

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Sep-02-13 7:15 PM

Where did MrCommonSense go? Was he advised to remove his libelous statement? If he had evidence to support his statements about Marni, why would he remove them?

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Sep-02-13 3:13 PM

What has she lied to us about? What is the source of this information? Or are you just scared your boy Sully will not be able to beat her?

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Sep-02-13 11:00 AM

Boyd is a top candidate with David Yarrrr for fifth place out of six. Did nothing on council, mismanaged his own money won't give him mine. He will blindly follow the city manager's direction, not what the people need.

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Sep-01-13 1:48 PM

Of course, the same thing happens when you look up Lynn's house!And Deile's as well!

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Sep-01-13 1:44 PM

This is all very strange. Boyd's address does not show up on LEEPA website. If you go to the next door neighbor's house on the GIS, all information is there. If you select Boyd's house, the site says :information not available.

Why would this be?

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Sep-01-13 8:55 AM

capecrabber, I guess you did not look up AJ Boyd to find that he has a bankruptcy on his record.


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Aug-31-13 11:37 PM

4 years ago the voters went to the polls to elect a Mayor and a leader, we got John Joseph Sullivan instead. VOTE SULLIVAN OUT!

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Aug-31-13 7:04 PM

BTW Boyd still does not have a permit for this room he put on the back of his house in 2006.

Code has had this case for a year and a half and still has not done anything. You or I would have been fined up the ying yang!

He attempted to finally file for a permit on 7/11/13 paying only 17% of the permitting fee but without the proper paperwork and it was rejected. Still no action by Code. Code says they are awaiting engineering drawings! 7 years since this thing was built and lived in and no permit, no engineering plans, no nothing and no taxes being paid on it. He even put a No Trespassing sign on his property.

His house is set for Foreclosure Auction on September 9th, 1 day before the Primary.

I think Cape Coral has had enough of AJ Boyd. VOTE NO ON AJ BOYD!

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Aug-31-13 3:55 PM

This is what Alan Boyd did to his next door neighbor! Alan Boyd had a spotlight aimed on her bedroom with a video camera attached to it. He was ordered to remove it all on 10/22/2012 by a Judge in the Lee County Circuit Court and Mr. Boyd did in fact sign it. He has been harassing these people for quite some time. You cannot even imagine what he has put these people thru in addition to other neighbors. He uses threats and intimidation etc.

He even put an addition onto his his home in 2006 without even bothering to get a permit for it and has not paid any taxes on this addition to date.

It is a scary thought that he could have even a remote chance of becoming Cape Coral's next Mayor!


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Aug-31-13 10:34 AM

KT asked much did your son AJ pay in property taxes? We should go one step further and ask how much Mom, Beverly, and her husband, daddy A.Boyd, pay in property taxes? Look that one up folks. Then ask yourself, "Am I supporting them?"

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Aug-31-13 9:36 AM

Well first for Endhypo's comment, the reason I will be voting for Mr Boyd is just for that reason. He is one of us that has gotten screwed by the banks and fought back not for himself but for "what is right." but AJ Boyd's been paying cape taxes for 25 years. *******leepa****/Display/DisplayParcel.aspx?FolioID=10192465 It seems Cummings still lives at home and never paid a tax and is living on parents exemptions. For people like you that must cut and paste heres one. Also to give examples of what he could do, Mr Boyd could just file BK like Marni Sawicki did in 2005 in an Atlanta court. or he could divorce his wife of 27 years and marry a con artist and not tell the public ***********ripoffreport****/reports/directory/ron-cloutier My comment to miss Kirsten is just Dahhhhhhh...ok.. I'm voting for AJ Boyd because at least I know what I am getting!

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Aug-30-13 5:25 PM

What will Mr. Boyd do if he doesn't win the appeal on his foreclosure? Rent?


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Aug-30-13 4:27 PM

Do you know which candidates have regularly voted or didn't bother? Do you know which candidates were involved in and supported community activities before announcing their candidacy? Just asking?

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Aug-30-13 11:02 AM

I will not vote for anyone running for a public office that is in the real estate business. I didn’t know Mr. Boyd’s background until I read this. Thank you for the information so I can exclude him from consideration.

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Aug-30-13 7:16 AM

"Do you know that two of the candidates don't own homes or pay Cape Coral property taxes?"

This logic has always baffled me. Do you think the landlords of these rented properties 'eat' the property tax costs? No, they pass the cost of the property taxes on to the renters. Just because the renter doesn't write the check directly to the Tax Collector doesn't mean they don't pay property taxes in Cape Coral. Not only that, rental properties are not homesteaded, meaning they don't get the $50,000 exemption. Technically, a case could be made that they make a bigger contribution to Cape Coral taxes. The candidate in question paid $2,230.06 in taxes in 2012. How much did your son pay?

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