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Question of the Week, Week Four, budget cuts

August 16, 2013

Each week through the primary, The Breeze will ask the candidates for Cape Coral City Council an issue-related question....

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Aug-16-13 8:59 PM

Mr Leetz, once again you speak in grand generalities. The question was "What would you cut?" Anyone can declare their ideas for cuts would save 3-4 million dollars. For heaven's sake man!, for once actually outline your cuts so we the voters can assess them. You sir have become a true politician, and politicians are a dime a dozen. Answer the question......please.

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Aug-16-13 9:03 PM

Ashby cut impact fees as Lee County did?

Who pays for what the impact fees were supposed to pay? The taxpayers.

This is only one reason Lee County can not get the county numbers in line.

Boyd sell Sun Splash to a national company. Who Campbell Soup.

The last 1/2 a million was retired just this year. That means no payments due for the bond or bonds that were issued.

That means the debt service is gone? Are you saying we paid on that for all these years to sell it? You have no records that show it in the black so I guess we sell it short?

If that is the case the city has no business in any business in Cape Coral. It also means the sorriest staff has been hired in the past and is part of the problem today!

A J Boyd had a turn and was turned down part of the problems in the 1990's.

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Aug-16-13 9:22 PM

Rick Williams the city's problem is it has a partnership it was Gulf America/Avatar.

Now we have silent partners who in the corporate sector are called thieves.

Tell us have we hit the magic $1 billion dollars of debt yet? How is that debt service (interest) working out for the city. We know it keeps it from shuttering the services. Said best the county can provide the same services. Too big,too many, too costly!

When 83% of fire calls are for medical emergencies and you have a city 17% fires and have not come up with a better way to service these calls with equipment smaller vehicles and crews (like EMT a driver and a technician) something is wrong! This has not happened over the last 4 year it has been like this for decades.

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Aug-17-13 8:00 AM

All of the candidates speak in generalities, they are only allowed 100 words for the response per the Breeze editorial staff. Leetz is just following Their rules. Call him like he offered last week, the man makes a lot of sense. He has my vote and should have yours.

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Aug-17-13 8:04 AM

I called him last week, he is the only council member that publishes his city cell phone number. Imagine that a public official not afraid to speak to the public, he has my vote. 239-707-1597 His number is public record.

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Aug-17-13 9:49 AM

Where were Leetz's ideas on consolidation in the last four years. He voted to spend 200K on consultants for the alleged but non existent fraud of MWH.I do like the current ordnance he is sponsoring that could possibly save the city 70 to 100K per year in personnel costs.

We don't need to own Sun Splash although I think it's a good venue. We should look at viable solution, public/private partnership?

The Yacht Club is another venue which could be a positive revenue source not a line item in the budget that costs us money.

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Aug-17-13 10:28 AM

Leetz' ideas are where they always are. Awaiting explanation in the texts he pays such close attention to during meetings. Nowhere...Sunsplash...this has been going on for years and years. It was offered for sale, no takers. Old, old issue. The yacht club...put that on the radar and they will come out in droves, like they did many years ago. Good luck.

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Aug-17-13 12:53 PM

JOHN J. SULLIVAN says the financial problems are in "FLEET." Hey Mayor, you supported Gary King, the guy with NO City managing experience, who single-handedly allowed FLEET to disintegrate by not appointing a FLEET Director for several years. The King clown thought that putting the finance director in charge of FLEET would solve all his problems...WRONG! No one was in charge of FLEET...And all this happened on your WATCH! Where were you sir when your City manager was spending money allocated for infrastructure on "other" things, like advisers, MWH investigations, spying on city employees, phony gas theft allegations, etc... We can't take 4 more years of buffonery...Vote John Joseph Sullivan OUT.

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Aug-17-13 12:58 PM

Mr Leetz, you use a very nice string of words, "Consolidation of redundant services." Please, if you can, be specific, what services exactly...or is your strategy not to put into print what you are advocating so to not anger certain voting blocks? Or not to be held accountable for what you are advocating, in writing? Come on, you read these blogs, or is English your second lanquage?

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Aug-17-13 1:00 PM

@Angelsonly: c'mon LEETZ answer the question.

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Aug-17-13 1:23 PM

4 years ago we went to the polls to elect a Mayor and leader for this City and we got John Joseph Sullivan instead. VOTE SULLIVAN OUT!

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Aug-17-13 7:23 PM

Angels....100 words would be volumes for Leetz. Call him, seriously, so he tapes you and you are cannon fodder when he is finished with you. Never call this guy Dangerous dude, no clue how to govern.

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Aug-19-13 11:50 AM

Angel...The city issued and TAXPAYER funded phone Leetz has is his ONLY phone. Yes, Mr. Caresalot has all of us paying for all of his phone calls. Especially all those texts with his marching orders from his handlers during Council meetings. Save tax money and get rid of Leetz for someone who HAS their own phone too!

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Aug-19-13 12:50 PM

Thanks for the update on his taxpayer funded phone. What a guy. We pay for his phone calls, all of them, he doesn't want to pay his mortgage because the house isn't worth it (promisory notes mean nothing to him), but he wants to keep his job so he can sell his dogs and draw a salary and other perks while in office sponging off of all of us. Get lost.

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Aug-22-13 3:20 PM

John Meihle the yacht club food service is closed.

The increased revenue to the foodservice is closed.

However there is a food truck who says business is BAD and the people going to the pier and the beach are coming for mostly hot dogs, burgers and beverages.

John you can build a FREE LUNCH DINER in that area and you won't be able to give much FREE food away.

There is NO PARKING for cars and not much PARKING for BOATS.

This council should have figured out what it wanted for rent when the people who were rented evidently did not have a clue how to arrive at what they could pay.

Tell the team going in there that $30 for 2 lunches is not going to fly at that local. You do not have to be a Marketing Extrodinaire to understand. But in your case the place is closed. If a man is drowning do you throw a life ring or wait until a ship comes by? I am not sure you know the answer.

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