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Ample opportunity for public input

August 16, 2013

Cape Coral City Council will hold its final public hearing on the next phase of its near billion dollar utility expansion project on Wednesday at 4:30 p.m....

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Sep-18-13 12:51 PM

Litebulb...If you have proof, hard proof, that any of our elected officials or staff are on the take (as you inferred with another State), then bring it forward or retract the statement. now....

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Sep-09-13 9:14 AM

Tell me I am wrong. Is JJSully our mayor? I find it hard to believe that a man in his position, leading a city as large as ours would address fellow council members in this fashion. I might disagree, which is very clear he does, but to stoop this low is unacceptable to me. I would say the same thing about any council member who does this.If these are your feelings then say them in a meeting and not hide in a newspaper under a hidden name. Please Mr. mayor if this isn't you then tell us. If this city is to move forward then lets this type of behavior stop. If you dislike a person then lets vote them out instead of childish, ugly name calling

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Aug-22-13 3:53 PM

Good news today for the city council who are intent on borrowing cheap money.

Wells Fargo Bank just announced they are cutting 2,300 workers out of their mortgage department.

What is the matter with them? Don't they know Cape Coral is building infrastructure? That over 6,000 building lots are "Moving Forward".

What does Welles Fargo know that the city council does not know?

I have no dog in the fight for this particular assessment. However every tax payer can be touched by this because if we do not pay it (cover the DEBT) by water sewer rates we will have to cover it by general real estate tax. This SLICK SIX council is out to lunch. Actually they are chasing a food truck which left and not the one at the Yacht Club (Community Center that happens to over look the river).

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Aug-22-13 12:12 PM

It is a sad time for the "CITIZENS" we are not representated by the majority on Council! They represent "SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS". Watch and vote out the slick six (I now agree the are they slick six although it took me awhile to come around!)!!!!

Like 'em or not, At least the last Council had the Citizen in mind when we had the economic melt down!

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Aug-20-13 10:41 AM

Oh Grumpy, you must be one of the rate payers that bought the lie that your bill will go down if the city overcharges more people for water and sewer. Though I sympathize with everyone that has been overcharged in the past I do not see how thousands of more wrongs will ever make that right. The council should not be permitted to move forward until a reasonable price which is close to the average cost elsewhere can be obtained. However this council has proven to be very lazy.

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Aug-19-13 9:44 PM

One billion dollar water/sewer impressive to be able to borrow that much money in bonds and revolving state funds for the residents to pay back.

I can only hope that a project like this in Jefferson, Alabama failed when the found out how much money was being pocketed by the officials in government there.

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Aug-18-13 12:58 PM

Even though we somewhat know what the vote will be. It is time to move forward with the UEP. It also has to move forward in the NW and NE Cape. Not just water either. This, I feel is necessary for further residential and commercial growth.

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Aug-17-13 5:48 PM


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Aug-16-13 11:02 AM

I think the three minute rule applies here. If it takes longer than three minutes than other simple strategies can be used to get the point across. Such as multiple speakers on one idea. There are also other ways to get a message out in public such as LTE's, visiting council members one on one etc...

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Aug-16-13 7:20 AM

"That has, in fact, happened in the past when the issue was hot and tempers were hotter."

You fail to mention that the ring leader of the thugs back then was none other than the embarrassment of a mayor...John Joseph Sullivan!

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