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Good will win over evil

July 3, 2013

To the editor: This is an exciting time to be a Democrat and want to see good things done for our Nation and its people....

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Jul-06-13 10:17 AM

Charlie, I just want to make sure I understand this: if we disagree with the half-black president and his thugs, WE are racists. If we disagree with Democrats who push Communist ideals, we are racists. Do I understand that correctly? OKAY. I am a RACIST! I am white Anglo-Saxon and my ancestors have been here since the 1700s. My people were slaves too. Why do you think so many Caribbean and southern blacks have English/Irish names? Slavery is ongoing and occurring all over the world RIGHT NOW! RAPE and DOMINANCE of women occurs all over AFRICA and the Middle EAST! He your head out of your butt and learn about the world! Or, are we to assume that you are among the class that treats women like animals?

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Jul-06-13 2:14 AM

Amen, brother. Sorry you have to endure the idiotic comments of, as Charlie so eloquently put it, the Tea Party Thug area of Florida. And sorry DOA once again proves that his brain (and reasoning and writing abilities) are, in fact, DOA. Keep the faith!

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Jul-05-13 11:03 AM

Doc, you can sleep at night. You now have the support of numbnutz. Perfect!

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Jul-05-13 11:01 AM

Lewis, two things really stand out in your rambling propaganda nonsense. You say "This is an exciting time to be a Democrat and want to see good things done for our Nation and its people" I say it's a terribly shameful time to be even remotely associated with the Demo Party or the criminal Obama. It’s also a shameful time to even be associated with 2/3 of the Repub’s as well. You say "the president’s agenda is that of the people"; I say that's total NONSENSE. You must not read or watch TV doc. What has obama done except rule AGAINST the majority of Americans? The majority of folks with an IQ over 75 don’t want the Obama Care DISASTER Or more "gun control" nonsense or spying on everything we do or the IRS used as an political tool or the ongoing attack against Christians in favor of Obama’s true calling, the muslim faith and the economic and social destruction of the USA. Mr. Lewis how can you peddle this low IQ Socialistic garbage?

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Jul-05-13 7:44 AM

Glad to see there are other people in the area that don't subscribe to the Obstructionist party's tripe. Go Doc!!!!

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Jul-04-13 5:00 PM

Hey Louie...Why did obummers hand picked henchmen, National Disgrace Eric, see no evil hear no evil speak no evil Holder give thousands of arms to mexican drug criminals in a campaign to make America look like the source of the gun "problem" in mexico? Even got our agent killed..Thats the facts Jack as Si would say..BUSTED ERIC! but,so what?..The criminal once again gets a free ride..Why Dr. anti-Constitution Louie? Tell the folks - We dont need more gun laws louie we have tons already. Tell us 666, Dear Julie and Loopy WHY the criminals that populate the obummer administration are above the law and Constitution..Are u above the law 666? or is that tooo racist for you Chuckster? U should get a job with Sharpton that way u would be exempt from paying Federal taxes like ur hero, Big Al Race Baitin Sharpie. Racist? No, just true. Hasan't paid in years. Sadly with obama freaks and DemoSocilists, The Truth has now become "racist" on this sad page in American History. H

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Jul-04-13 2:47 PM

Our far left DemoSocialist wacko Dr. (?)Loopy Louie cks in with more gun control C-R-A-P..Loopy, Did u know that 80+ thousand potential criminal gun buyers were turned down because of our present laws about background checks...Our Dept. Of Justice under the CRIMINAL ERIC HOLDER prosecuted FORTY EIGHT of these cases. FORTY EIGHT OF 80+ THOUSAND..Dr. Loopy, why do we need more gun laws?? We don't enforce the ones we have now. See a real doctor Loopy! IMPEACH /JAIL OBAMA - NATIONAL CRIMINAL DISGRACE JAIL HOLDER-NATIONAL CRIMINAL DISGRACE

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Jul-04-13 2:33 PM

It is very sad that the first half Black American President will be judged in history as the most inept, corrupt, wasteful, subversive, destructive, and divisive President elected twice because of the color of his skin rather than the content of his criminal character. IMPEACH THEN JAIL OBAMA - ANTI-AMERICAN/ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL CRIMINAL DISGRACE-TAR AND FEATHER MICHELLE THE MOOCH

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Jul-04-13 11:57 AM

which people? The Christians and Jews who he hates? a President who thinks Islam is the greatest religion? when he bows to Islamic sultans? when he wants any and all illegal aliens to be part of his voting block? when he is well into his second term and is still sending political campaign ads and agenda to his followers? (I get two or three a week). What do you say to a man who dumps public health care on his ‘people’ that is unsustainable; unconscionably expensive; will deny care to the youngest, oldest, and sickest as they do in Canada and England? His wife, who has had far more advantages than most Americans, hates being in the White House, is ashamed of America and says so publicly. What of a president who WENT TO SLEEP as his Ambassador was slaughtered, had his SecState lie, had his ‘people’ electronically spied on, and his opponents harassed by the IRS? Let us know. I am glad YOU are alive and giddy over Obama’s reign.He won by 1% of the vote, hardly a mandate.

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Jul-04-13 8:52 AM

Dr. Robinson you must know that you are in the TPthug area of fl.Never have I seen such Bigotry and Racism than in Lee County This was the last bastion of segregation in Fl. and they are trying to bring Jim Crow back to life!!Look who they elected to Congress (Trey Radel) They drug the bottom of the barrel to find Garbage.

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Jul-04-13 7:47 AM

I have a tough time keeping my lunch down when I read your tripe.

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Jul-04-13 7:00 AM

Mr Robinson, there is no evil, on either side. There is simply two competeing ideologies each side genuinely believes in. To mark one as evil simply because they do not agree with your view is petty and childish. Now, lets get to the body of your LTE. Just tell me where you intend to get the funding for all the "wonderful" programs and edicts coming from the White House. Remember, if you confiscated every single dime from all those 'rich evil" people you would not have enough to run the federal government for even one year, so please enlighten us and tell us where the funding will come from. Secondly, how musc "extra" did you send in when you paid your taxes? Or is it you only want my money?

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