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A sad state of affairs

June 27, 2013

To the editor: As of today, the USA’s national debt is $16.8 trillion and is increasing at the rate of $45,000 each and every second, 24/7/365....

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Jun-28-13 6:15 AM

The American public loses their right to complain each time they reelect the same people and send them back to Washington. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Make serving in Congress just like jury duty. Remove the "careers" in Washington. Tell me something, where else would people like Pelosi, Reid McCain, and Graham be employed if not in the people's house? I'll tell you where, no where!, no skills equals no job outside of Washington. They ALL have to go, not just the "other guy's" politician, yours has to go to.

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Jun-28-13 8:25 PM

We generally like "our guy", but "their guy" is a bum.

I must say that there are few North of Virginia, and East of Ohio that I consider worthy of serving. I would also expand that to Illinois...scoundrels all!

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Jun-29-13 8:25 AM

Its past the "sad state" I’m afraid. It may be game over now with a Gov. Est. 45 million mostly poor and uneducated with -0- skills to benefit society, new immigrants over the next 20 years. Wonder who is going to pay for 45M people's benefits? We're broke. (Now Peace Prizeobama and insane war monger McCain are taking us to a new war to help bamas muslim brotherhood BROTHERS) Where are the 45M going to work? Just think of the 11 million new ObamaPhones US taxpayers have to buy now if this imm. Disaster passes. Billions now add ALL the other bennies. Never forget Marco Rubio, like Justice Roberts, sold his soul to the ObamaDevil. May he always be remembered as one of the 8 final nails in the coffin of the USA. As good as this country has been to him and his family. Just another disgusting lying hack. Impeach-Jail-Deport Obummer - National Disgrace

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Jun-30-13 9:42 PM

I'm not as pessimistic as Workman; I've seen some new political faces that give me hope, along with some who have been trying very hard to serve this country honorably and decently and morally for years. I have hope.

There's another way to look at it - if 100% of American voters voted, perhaps things would be different. But when you have 18% of the people in Cape Coral making the electoral decisions for 100% of the residents, well, you see what we get. We get what we deserve. I'm not at all excited about the choices we have coming up, but I'll hold my nose and vote . . . as should we all.

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