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Sawicki a viable candidate worthy of consideration

June 21, 2013

To the editor: This is a response to those who apparently without much thought have dismissed Marni Sawicki’s candidacy. Let me point out that frontrunners are not automatic shoe-ins....

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Jun-21-13 6:53 AM

Mr Arancio, many in the public welcome new candidates to the mix, as well we should. However, Candidate Sawicki should have been at the first mayoral debate to introduce herself to the voters. The fact she was not there does not bode well for a candidate who needs to get their ideas and name out into the public realm. Scheduling conflict is no excuse, if she wants the job, (as she says she does), she needs to make running for it a priority. Her first opportunity was wasted.

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Jun-21-13 4:41 PM

I am voting for whoever is going to stay out of my pocket.

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Jun-21-13 5:45 PM

@JustanotherBill: You say,"I am voting for whoever is going to stay out of my pocket". So then this City can go to blazes in a handbasket as long as you don't have to shell out another dime. Cut services and employees & destroy the quality of life as we know it. Yet you want: Pot holes filled. Medians mowed. Fire & Police Services. Sidewalks & Curbs. Beautiful & Staffed Parks. Industry to move here. All in a timely manner. And for Free!!! Bwahahahaha! Thankfully, we have just about rid this City of backward, ridiculous thinkers just like you.

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Jun-21-13 6:31 PM

@onlythetruth.. remember that the candidates have not qualified to even have any debates.So she didn't miss any opportunity. July 1st starts that procedure..have you asked Marni why she wasn't there? btw, Get the facts before complaining

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Jun-21-13 7:24 PM

Onlythetruth....were you at the "first mayoral debate"? If so, give us a rundown of the questions and answers. If not, well, enough said. There will be numerous debate forums, including all the candidates. Even the ones who have not yet filed. What about them, I understand we have a late entry into the mayor race....should i discount him because he was not there? Get Real.

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Jun-21-13 7:56 PM

I seem to have unintentionally hit a nerve. She aspires to be mayor, therefore she should take every opportunity to put herself in the public's eye. That's called common sense. It's also called sensible advice, if that offends her supporters she will be eaten alive during the campaign.

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Jun-21-13 10:56 PM

Justanotherbill is in lockstep with Sullivan's plan of.....of..........just wait for things to get better. No plan, just a wish for divine intervention. But unless this woman gets out there and shows her positions on critical issues she can't be taken seriously. I hope she steps up!

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Jun-22-13 10:33 AM

only: please tell us when and where the First Mayoral Debate took place! I certainly would have been there had I known about it! Was there a reason it was so poorly advertised?

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Jun-22-13 11:31 AM

First and foremost, it was not a debate. It was Monday at the NW Library at 3 p.m. Never advertised. etc. just many phone calls during that day. Nothing really to report. Same old same old. They are going to "do everything" but no substance as to how. In fact, Sully said to give him 4 more years to complete "what he started". Somebody please name one thing he has started since NO is the only thing he knows. Let's wait to see who is really running and then start to watch and see who can really compete for the job.

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Jun-22-13 6:12 PM

oh ott, you didnt hit any nerves.. Sawicki is a worthy candidate for mayor and is not tarnished by any one's views but her own. Since you were at the NW event, inform me and the posters of what transpired. Working people wasn't included and it was proven by the time set.

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Jun-22-13 10:07 PM

Simply a general introduction of each candidate along with an all too brief synopsis by each candidate regarding what they stood for. All in all it's still a lost opportunity for Candidate Sawicki. More action took place in the audience than on the stage. Seems the old guard (former roadies), have not found their manners as of yet.

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Jun-23-13 2:42 PM

Mr4. Arancio, a hastily convened 'forum' for mayoral candidates which was neither publicized nor well-attended appears to be a thinly veiled RAG event! Marnie missed nothing by not being there. What she needs to do is watch the entire meeting on Sept 8, 2011, which will give her enough information to clobber Sully!

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Jun-23-13 9:25 PM

The prior council dropped the cost of the Pine Island road widening substantially.

Say what you will but under city manager Gary King who brought in our current Financial Director they BOTH were instrumental in following up on putting in basic accounting procedure in this 40 year old city.

This is fact and you can read the State Of Florida Auditor General's report prior to Sullivan being mayor or Gary King being city manager.

Question is why would 22 items in that 9 page report be left unattended to by then city manager Terry Stewart and his Director of Finance Mark Mason. Both resigned and left the city with many things left undone. Anyone remember a question of accessing the computer system in the city and after that 22,000 deletions no one in that administration could explain. Under that prior group before Sullivan a fuel depot was built for $2million dollars. The present Finance director found NO STATE PERMITS WERE EVER APPLIED FOR. Sullivan and company did plenty to co

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Jun-23-13 9:42 PM

The real reason for the problems in this city it has been run like a government job service, It can't be run like a business because of all the misguided and questionable directions it has been directed in.

Wait till the residents begin the 7% TAX on electricity, the buried 62% of $33.4 million dollar Fire Dept. assessment TAX. The increase on property due to the 5.6% rise in valuation.

All these TAXES and with still a decrease in population from the peak in 2006 from 171,000 residents. If we are at 156,000 now we are still 15,000 shy and have an administration still too large.

The building while better is not keeping up with the state or a large majority of cities in the state.

State average of a median home is $228,000 as of today. Where is the Cape? This is what the SLICK SIX has delivered as seen by the 6-2 votes.

Ever wonder why the city can never tell the media how many building permits have been pulled at the time all the other areas can, except now Bonita Spr

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Jun-24-13 6:37 AM

Switchy, when you use actual "real" numbers in your agruments maybe you will be taken seriously. For one thing, the median price of a home in Florida as of May 2013 is $136,000, you're only $92,000 off on that one. The employee work force has been reduced by a third since 2008, so it appears your numbers there are also "created" in relation to the resident/employee ratio. Pine Island road project was a savings realized through grants, thought of and applied for by those lowly workers you want to dispense with. As usual your entire basis for debate is false.

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Jun-24-13 12:10 PM

A.M. Best the bond rating agency the city has to provide Correct number to show it is not 1/3 as tou state onlythe1/2truth.

They reported a high at the end of 2006 of 1697 employees and a low recently of 1247.

Does that look like a third reduction to anyone else except you.

P.S. you have a ground swell of people in this city who disagree with you now and when the Utility Tax, Fire Assessment Tax, and the increased tax on property value hit their pocketbooks you will the vibration at your home, city hall, and now the BOCC Offices.

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Jun-24-13 12:12 PM

DimBulb likes to take and give credit to any of his/her cronies all of the time. The PI road project was started with a very small group of citizens, and others in different fields during a trip to Tallahassee. Then Gov. Jeb Bush stepped to plate.

The VA Clinic which Dimmy likes to take credit for or his/her cronies, was started with another group of citizens, working with a Commissioner and after many many years, this issue came to fruition here in Cape Coral. His/her cronies had nothing to do with it at all. We who have stood together with everyone, citizens, employees, retirees, etc. and worked hard to bring this City forward will continue to do so no matter who gets in the way. Because....we love our City.

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Jun-24-13 12:17 PM

Your $136,000 figure you got from Zillow. They published that number in May 2012.

Try to catch up pal.

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Jun-24-13 12:23 PM

Oh yes they started it and would have had this city pay the full bore was it $51 million?

Just think if it went through like that the city would have scammed another $2.5 million to run this excuse of a city.

Checkout some other cities in the state and see construction happening BIG TIME from PRIVATE companies.


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Jun-24-13 12:32 PM

PSSST. Don't tell anyone we would not want the city to LOOK BAD. Hide it, don't correct it, enable it to continue!

Investors don't have to read this web site, read or listen to media they have watched for years and know for sure.

Listen to Erbrick she still covers up for the city as she did on the Finance Advisory Committee she helped sink.

Companies that do business like this are reported to the Better Business Bureau. Politicians like this can only be reported to the MEDIA!!!!!!!

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Jun-24-13 3:17 PM

Your oxygen is low. Adjust valve and breathe deep.

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Jun-24-13 5:54 PM

Ok Switchy, the employee reduction is only 27%, I stand corrected. However, the population has decreased 12%. So, as you can see you're argument still holds no usual.

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Jun-24-13 6:37 PM

Everyone knows the stuffed pasta did the VA deal all by herself. Just ask her or just let her tell you.

What the stuffed pasta did do was BEG for a swim complex that was as big a scam as she is not willing to tell anyone about.

Look at the 8 years she held office and how much she helped waste.

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Jun-24-13 6:39 PM

Onlythetruth by your own admission you were incorrect as you generally are.

Your not about truth at all!

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Jun-24-13 6:43 PM

Lolita who gets the credit for buying equipment to the tune of $15 million with no where to use it? YOU?

Nice job.

Go check with the board of realtors here and find out why they are not keeping up with the rest of the state or county.

I see the build out is just on the horizon or is that a mirage. Yes it is a mirage.

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