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Pave the road to recovery

June 14, 2013

Sitting as the board of the downtown Community Redevelopment Agency, Cape Coral City Council this week agreed to give Starbucks a tax rebate of $27,000 towards the construction of an 1800-square-foo......

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Jul-23-13 6:30 PM


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Jul-20-13 4:22 PM

If only lightswitch's lies were actually worth something the city could get by without any taxes! You spout more garbage than Waste Pro picks up all year.

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Jul-01-13 12:49 PM

I agree the taxes can be rescinded but not with only 2 councilmen who care about the financial status of the tax payers who live here and don't work for the city.

Only 1249 or more employees and many more of the city pensioneers have guarantees on increases, capability of overtime and special pay.

The 3% of a $95,000 a year pension pays for the Utility Tax, Fire Assessment, and the increase in Real Estate Tax due to the 7.13% increase in property value.

Do you think if the private sector receives a raise or those on Social Security will have these expenses covered? NO!



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Jul-01-13 11:28 AM

The diversification is a sham! It will be maxed out and the residents will pay more.

This is the plot of a city that can not budget correctly or stay even within the States guide lines let alone self control of its own.

Look at the number of rental houses in the city. They are not homesteaded so where is the extra TAX?

There are a few who have been caught claiming homestead that are not and that needs to be expanded!

Bet you find many who work for the city or their spouses taking advantage of the homestead on non homestead property.

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Jul-01-13 11:21 AM

CapeCuestions the Slick Six out of their own mouths recorded at a council meeting stated they are marketing this sandbox to the Baby Boomers. I remind you they are retired and qualify for the senior discount. We are also running a HUGGGGEEEE County School System in Lee and many Charter Schools in the city.

So which way is the city going? I don't think it has a clue.

Maybe we can bus more students from other counties or should we use the $13.4 million for land we bought to create most of a $20 million budget deficit for many more senior centers?

The marketing direction is more than questionable and the figures never add up!

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Jul-01-13 11:12 AM

November while I normally would agree with your statement I flagged it disagree.

Why? Because the direction will ultimately peel a layer of government away and give us Lee County to deal with.

Today there are 157,000 residents here not like 40 years ago. The people can put the County on notice to provide what a few thousand residents could not.

TOO many masters to pay!

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Jul-01-13 11:07 AM

If you do not agree. Then at this celebration of of our country's Birth on July 4th.

I ask you to compare this city's goal of more and more TAX with the Colonist's who were handed the following. STAMP TAX TEA TAX TOWNSEND ACT DECLARATIVE ACT QUARTERING ACT None of these Taxes alone were considered abusive by the British, but all together they were.

Most interesting enough these taxes were put on the colonists because the British were IN DEBT due to mismanagement of the homeland and the colonies.

Built themselves right out of an empire it was said "The Sun never sets on the British Empire".

Remarkable likeness between a country gone wrong and a city following the same LAME direction!

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Jul-01-13 10:48 AM

Your escrow accounts will be SHORT this year so let's see who can't come up with an extra $300 to $500 for taxes you can't deduct from your Federal Income Tax.

Save the city at all and any cost is not in the interest of those not working for Cape Coral, Fl.. The city bureaucracy will receive their raises based on this bump to preserve a run away government. A cut in the millage rate keeps the state of Florida from looking over their shoulder. As councilman Nesta stated when he went to Tallahassee to interact with the Governor, senators, & representatives. "What is going on in Cape Coral, Fl."

Answer. misappropriating funds, mismanagement, and sheer neglect.

Ends DON'T justify the means!

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Jul-01-13 10:36 AM

CapeCuestions in essense say "Trust THem."

So far they established a budget without even the estimated value increase from the County Assessor.

It was then estimated by the County Assessor at 5.6% increase and now put in at 7.13%. How does one make a budget with this part of the increase in taxes not even estimated?

Then we read a cut of 2 millage points and 5 days later only 1 point. This was even without the first estimate in property valuation.

This council who is providing direction to this city manager who says he needs $300 million for capital expenditures and projects due to an 8 year real estate bust he must follow a council that is made up of city union enablers. "Trust them" never! Time to find out where the 94,000 registered voters actually reside and start taxing them as the out of state owners that they really are. Pay an extra $100 to $200 for Electricity.

Pay another $97 plus or $230 plus for a Fire Assessment.

Actual increase of property val

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Jul-01-13 5:53 AM

This City just keeps getting worse and worse. The latest Electric Tax and the Fire Tax are horrible. No break for Disabled Veterans. What a disgrace this City is becomming. Put taxes where they belong, on the Tax Bill. Quit giving your high dollar investors a tax break on the backs of working citizens. It is time elected Council people actually served the "Citizens" in the district they were elected, not just use us for a vote and then move on the big dollar games!

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Jun-30-13 11:48 AM

JJSully: a bunch of amateurs? King, Dile, Brant, Sullyvan, Keen? None you them had one scrap of public administration background. RAGosours scream about bringing in new businesses and when council brings in a quality upscale business, you are STILL unhappy. Why? I didn't hear you complaining about the $5 hotdog at KCs. FL min. wage is $7.79. How much education does it take to pour a cup of coffee? (As opposed to our firefighters and police who have college degrees, advanced education and training who you say are overpaid). Rather hypocritical of you. But perhaps you prefer the senior discount coffee at McDs and Burger King. hhmmmmm

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Jun-30-13 11:35 AM

Why are RAG-ophants never acknowledging the fact that with revenue diversification (Electric Tax and fire service fee) that this council will then LOWER THE MILLAGE RATE? Such a HUGE gap in your propaganda!

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Jun-14-13 3:50 PM

What do we expect from this group of amateurs. Just what we need, 5.00 cup of coffee served by min wage employees. Thanks council.

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Jun-14-13 10:02 AM

Maybe the city could have negotiated a figure to purchase stock and reduce the amount to be discounted?

The stock is rate A- now.

If this can be legally done it might help attract other quality national companies?

It would also give the residential taxpayers a reprieve from the off the book taxes that have been created.

The 6 of the 6-2 group would*****the chrome off a bumper hitch if given the opportunity.

Wait until your electric bills start hitting the mail in late October and go forward to Holiday (it will be darker than usual this December.) Then when the tax bills with the amount for solid waste, storm water, and FIRE Assessment come through, I bet these factors pick up the attendance at the City Council Meetings on Monday's beginning at 4:30 pm.



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