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They’re back

May 9, 2013

To the editor: The “Totally Egocentric American,” the T-People, are back at City Council meeting....

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May-14-13 6:41 PM

Lightswitch, since you are so biased in your misinformed opinion,how about you explaining the path that your King and his troop of deceitful RAGS was leading this city . "Bankruptcy".Your disrespect for others opinion makes us laugh at you.In September/November ratepayers will show you once and for all that Progress will be what takes Cape Coral forward.not a bunch of old drunkards that live for the City of Yesterday!

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May-12-13 5:28 PM

Dimbulb, I think you're getting tired. Now you are arguing with yourself. You responded to my comments of the 10th by saying that maxing out at 10 mills will deter borrowing. That is what I said on the 10th. In fact I said that it would halt our ability to borrow at all... because we would have no sure source of repayment. What amazes me is that you want the Cape to fail financially and have the state put us in receivership. Do you really believe that gov't further removed (state level) would be more responsible with our tax dollars than our own council? Is it that you worship Gov. Scott? You are adamant in your position, but cannot or at least have not explained the rationale behind the belief that government further removed is better government. It is certainly not as transparent or as representative as local oversight. Can you explain your stance. Or are you too tired?

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May-12-13 11:27 AM

Bobbie it will deter the borrowing of funds it does not have.

It will certainly bring in greater scrutiny bu the state of Florida. Realizing Cape Coral is having a problem that is not political but is poor management. It brings us one step closer to shut down and get a receiver to make an actual balance of revenue and what if affordable in wages and benefits. Hey it is not speculation it is history. Read a little about the failed communities in Rhode Island the smallest state to California the largest state. Solution fit the service to the revenue and wages and pension to reality. Providence, Central Falls, Stockton as I have mentioned before. Oh and the $20 million this budget, and last budget and the budget before that and the 40 million before that is self inflicted deficits. So keep going! Next year let's work on the $10 million dollar plus computer system fiasco that has been going on for over 10 years. There is not one council person that can tell us next year it will

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May-12-13 11:12 AM

Hey here is a solution for you. GO ON STRIKE. Give your city more of a reason to either go to regional services or maybe privatize them! Let's try it.

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May-12-13 11:10 AM

As it states in most think tanks throughout the country this government wage pension debacle which is only beginning. It was put together by the local, state legislators when the majority of the voters were not informed of the labor practices being formulated.

As far as personally I have no gripe with a single individual. As a UNION and a vast group of legislators I have plenty to gripe about. So does practically every private sector employee, individual business owner and the majority of taxpayers who are not employed by a town, city, state or federal government.

If I am wrong then why is it that the pension programs are beginning to be scrutinized by the same groups that slid these abusive wage benefit packages through in the first place?

Time for a haircut is long over due!

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May-12-13 9:51 AM

Lightswtich: you liar! You rant againt city emloyees as though they are the rich enemy. MOST of city employees are earning on average $40,000. That means there are some above and some below that amount in case you didn’t graduate high school. Further, MOST of those employees are either paying child support or are single mothers struggling to raise their families. Not only are they paying taxes, they are paying fees for their children to participate in sports and recreation facilities. They are forced to pay 10% of their gross in pension funding, which further lowers their spendable income. A regular apartment in Cape Coral is 800 to 1200 a month. DO THE MATH! Shame on you and all other RAGs for using these people as your enemy to gain political advantage. You SUK!

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May-12-13 7:54 AM

The city has managed to keep the current level through a COMBINATION of cuts, and just recently a fee/tax increase. Notice I said COMBINATION. Those of your mindset simply would have raised the revenue without first exhausting all other options, as the city so rightly did.

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May-11-13 7:22 PM

Hey, Breeze censor. You need to do something to limit the number of comments by a single person - won't mention any names, but LS wrote 9 of the 18 comments on this letter. Just sayin'.

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May-11-13 7:07 PM

You and the other city slugs never have any answers other than, "We have to move on."

Let's move on after you and your like minded fools "CLEAN UP" the mess you have and continue to create.

It is not about more money or new taxes it is about using the money and existing taxes correctly.

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May-11-13 7:04 PM

Hey one last thing why do we not hear how the illustrious computer department is doing? The city still keeping the software manufacturer from going belly up? I bet they still have not hit the deadline on the specialized software Stewart selected to run the city. As if there is not municipal software out there to do the task. The primary goal was budgeting and look what we are STILL doing calling in a firm to show us a glorified EXCELL spreadsheet program. Stewart was working on that for 4 or more of his 7 year stint as city manager.

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May-11-13 6:58 PM

Why was the debt saving from conversion of the short term loans issued under Stewart and Mason and found and put in long term bonds to cut debt service not continued by the acting city manager from parks and rec.. He still had the finance director who helped King convert the debt. Where is that money? Fuel issue after King and put together by Bateman with a state contract should have saved money. Even with the company that went out of business. Councilman McClain made a big deal because the city changed companys. As I posted when that happened the state will put a company in place to honor the state contract. AND IT DID! So where is the money saved from this besides the fact the fuel usage was continuing to go down. Did they budget for $5 million gallons again. I could recap all the council meeting from before Szerlag was hired. I am not because the city was on the wrong track after the FAB 5 and Gary King left and it is not getting any better now or next year either.

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May-11-13 4:52 PM

Mr. Switch: Good response! You will keep my keyboard busy. Cannot answer all your valid points here, so i ask your permission to focus on your suggestions to "Curb Spending".


Yes, these policies could work. Since you did not mention increase revenue, where do you cut and HOW MUCH AND HOW MUCH AND HOW MUCH? Is it fair to say you feel the level of service by the City is to HIGH, and you can see many luxuries that need to be cut?

Here is a hypothetical: cut parks and recs 20%, cut, cut officers off the street by 20%, buy used police cars, lay off fire response people, close 2 fire stations, cut meals on wheels and special pops programs. Stop all capital improvements spending, all road repairs, cut Council pay by 54% and furlough the City manager. Please get back when you add up all these savings,apply to the debt so we can get there. Maybe we could sequester

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May-11-13 4:20 PM

FCPERRY's heir will deal with it for him.

Had enough yet?

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May-11-13 4:18 PM

Why don't you tell the good people especially the young your organization craves. Tell them if they invest in a home it will be for a lifetime because they will not be able to get out for anything less than a loss. If they buy what they think is a value by the time they pay their mortgage, cars, fuel, fire assessment, electric tax, trash pick, srorm water tax. They and their families will have squat and will not be able to sell their starter to get something bigger. Unless of course you work for the city. You old residents someday your home will have to be sold. To that young investor for less than you paid. Will your heirs keep it or give it away? When the contractors are building cracker boxes with less sq. ft. for lower taxes where will your home rank? Oh yes the city has done a marvelous job dealing with the recession. Funny though many communities do not have these problems. Why? Because they did not follow Cape Coral, Fl. business plan! More like "Monkey Business" by B

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May-11-13 4:06 PM

The city is still short $20 million! What say you F C Perry. Coincidence?

The growth is 160,000 plus residence, the 2010 census called on 80,000 homes and condos in the Cape.


Come on genius a a representative officer for the Cape Coral Civic Association you seem to have the answers for the city. But now us dumb old (like a fox) residents want to know, While your at it tell us why your organization has no new young blood in its membership? Personally I think your organization is next to useless and I think there are others who think and see you in the same light. Worthless!

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May-11-13 3:58 PM

FCPERRY my theme and solution for the city of Cape Coral from my first post 4 years ago has been and will continue along the same course.


This is very a simple equation, but it is is one this council does not practice. It was practiced for under the FAB 5 and that is the only reason the city's bond rating went BACK UP to A.

I should not have to remind you when the FAB 5 were seated Nov 2010 there was no money left in the treasury.

King and Bateman did reduce the ghetto loans of high interest and interest only that were generated by Stewart and Mason. They had no money in the treasuring in 2010. That is when Mark Mason with his mug on Cape TV told the council of Burche, Tate, Bertolini, to name a couple so you know the council I speak of. Mark's words. If you do not pass these bonds (2) at $20 million I do not have the money to pay the debt on prior bonds or money to run the

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May-11-13 3:55 PM

Onlythe(SAD)truth: Oh boy, a new platitude: YOU WROTE "..the right to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of happiness." Do not understand what this has to do with P.S.T. by the city of Cape Coral, but thanks, i feel all fuzzy inside.

You are so bold to evoke the "L" word, to prove your point as you see it. In your world, the "left liberal agenda" = Satanism? You proved your point that liberals are STEALING YOUR SWEAT EQUITY THROUGH TAXATION, because you say so!

And finally, the Satanists, I mean liberals are squandering your tax dollars and giving YOUR HARD MONEY to many unworthy Americans. I am humbled, I missed that. Your understanding is underwhelming.


Does it increase revenue or cut services?

So far you are batting zero on relevance, 100% on platitudes, 100% on name calling. You are a genuine T-Person.

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May-11-13 2:36 PM

You are guaranteed the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness. No where does it state you are guaranteed to succeed. Yes, you actually may fail, you have that right also. The far left liberal agenda is about trying to make everyone equal by taking other peoples' sweat equity,and property, and giving it to someone who didn't put in the same time or effort because things did not turn out as well for them. Just as in nature itself, no one person, or government can guarantee the outcome will be equal.

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May-11-13 7:54 AM

Mr. onlythe(SAD)truth: you probably are a T-Person - the world according to you is the TRUTH. Help me out, your insight dazzles me.

1. Your platitudes(in lieu of analysis) of choice: smaller government/bigger corporations and unlimited lobbyists will make your life better and will cost you less. I respectfully disagree.

2. Less regulation by the government, for example, will allow the BANKS to revisit the risky, carless behavior we just witnessed by the captains of unlimited greed of wall street and you will allow these captains let the taxpayer make them whole FOR THEIR RUTHLESSNESS. Please remember, Hank returned to GoldmanS after he raided the U.S. Treasury.

Liberal/conservatives, and your foxpeople "talking points" are a waste of time and a silly diversion. The greed-slingers of the wild west wall streets STEAL FROM AMERICA (AS LONG AS THEY ARE UNREGULATED) WHILE THE T-PEOPLE LABEL THEIR NEIGHBORS AS EVIL AND DEBATE ESOTERIC POLITICAL NONSENSE!

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May-11-13 6:20 AM

The TEA Party is for smaller government, lower taxes, and less regulatory reach of the federal government. The views used against them which are often expressed in public are simply talking points drafted by the Liberal wing of the Democratic Party. You see, the LIbs see this group as having the ability to effect their power, that's a no no in Lib land.

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May-10-13 8:49 PM

Mr. Switch: please "enlighten" me about which part i have incorrect: 1, You are a person who FEELS the city is stealing your money through taxes? 2. You are a person who FEELS the city is wasting your tax money? 3. You are a person who FEELS you have a right to be personally angry at anyone who disagrees with you. 4.You are a person who FEELS you have a right to "name calling" as an expression of your rage? 5. Thought your platitude preference would have been, "taxed enough already", but no, your platitude of choice is, "who's zooming who? (very hip of you). Your public demeanor does not include problem solving or civility in your public conversation. I do not agree with you that once the millage cap is reached, all of our income/expense problems will be over.

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May-10-13 8:31 PM

Linda 53 I lost no job cushy or less than cushy. I will not put a cork in it for most of what I state is documented. Mostly at the city council meetings.

But best of all the grades for your precious city council is showing all signs of a lost cause for all 6 and probably the city manager as well. Even if he can give this city council anything they want. The biggest problem with the FAB5/RAGS was they did not go for the throat when they should have. They allowed most of staff to regroup. If there is a next time hopefully they will learn from their mistake.

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May-10-13 3:13 PM

Lightswitch your wrath gets in way of intelligence. Get over losing that cushy job and move come you dont Move somewhere else where the PST,FST taxes and the millag are a lot more than the bottle of Wine/Rum that you purchase monthly.It's time to DIVERSIFY and the CM will follow the Council's directive to make it so. If the 6 clowns that were in office from 2007-2011 had finished the UEP,then diversified the other revenue sources in this city.We would have had a chance to land the HERTZ Corp here instead in South Lee County.So "Put A Cork In It" and respect Mr. Perry's opinion,as a citizen of this city.He is so much smarter than you are.That's a Fact!

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May-10-13 12:29 PM

Lightswitch you are definitely turned to "off" today. If a City hits the max in millage application, then if it needs more revenue, it MUST then diversify, (as in PST, etc.). It does NOT mean the City must live within its budget. They can't borrow, but they can add new revenue sources. It wasn't a "Loophole", it wasn't perfect either, but I didn't hear your solution. What would you cut and how much would that save us? Would you make the Fire Assessment fee smaller with your "GRATER"? ****.

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May-10-13 10:07 AM

From councilman Donnell's lips to your Fat Cheeks Perry!

The only reason the residents want the increase on the millage genius is to finally have the city hit the ceiling of the cap of the millage rate. If they are capped they then live within their budget. However once again the city slips through a loophole adding separate taxes. On electricity and covers 60% or grater of a Fire Assessment TAX to free up more millage rate to take next year! WHO IS ZOOMING WHO?

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