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New tax will hurt the hungry

May 3, 2013

To the editor: The city council decided to move ahead with the Public Service Tax on Monday, April 29. I did not support it and voted against it for various....

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May-03-13 6:15 AM

If this LTE were solely an appeal to aid the hungry I think you would have garnered quite a few supporters to the cause of feeding the disadvantaged in our community. Yet,as usual, it is nothing more than a political football to be honed into a tool for you to utilize regarding your view on taxes. You loose the moral high ground when talking of such important issues, then tying them to political gamesmanship. So, in the spirit of political gamesmanship here's a question for you Mr. Mayor, Would you vote for a tax specifically dedicated to feed the hungry in our commmunity?, or is this cause not a good enough reason to do so. We await your answer.

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May-03-13 7:22 AM

Where is the "I am John Sullivan and I approved this message"disclaimer/ since it is a blatant campaign ad?

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May-03-13 9:32 AM

John, everyone will be able to see through your letter for what it is, a political ad.

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May-03-13 11:51 AM

How many food drives and fund raisers have you sponsored as Mayor? Do you really consider yourself and effective leader for our City? Think about it sir, you lost the easy days of your fab 5 and since then it has been nothing but a tail spin for you. You have offered no new ideas, no means of leadership use to persuade, just simply complaints. Anyone can complain, but a leader rises up and outsmarts adversity. How have you rose up and outsmarted adversity?

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May-03-13 12:32 PM

Mayor, you ignore the issues your office must address for political diatribe. If we wait for every individual in this city to be able to afford everything then nothing will get done. There have always been and always will be people that for many reasons can't afford live as well as others. You have failed to perform the duties of your office and must be removed. I hope when you have more time this November you perform charity work for these same people use to advance your own popularity.

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May-03-13 7:50 PM

If Sullivan had stepped up and provided the necessary incentives that brought jobs thru our economic developement..there wouldn't be anyone going hungry in this city.John will be held accountable for his lack of action at the POLLS come September.that is a VOTER'S Promise

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May-03-13 11:09 PM

Linda53 was a hugeee proponent of bringing in the Swim Corporation because of jobs, jobs, any cost.

Well Linda after the Fab 5 gave it a no vote because of dead people on their boards of directors and saw through the land they wanted free from the city to secure money from their bank to give back to the city. You still wanted this project to go through. Why I watched you in living color in all your glory appeal to the council several times at the council meetings. Linda Prince telling council in her sappy manner to put this project through because her son and others needed jobs. The FAB 5 did their work and it even took Lee County over 6 months or more to come to the same conclusion. That the people and the project was a fraud! At present this group will be doing time in prison. Nice job by these folks still trying to steer this city in a wrong direction!

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May-04-13 6:22 AM

Credit where credit is due. Yes, they did make a good decision regarding the proposed swim center, That makes a list of one. They also stopped San Souci, who by the way has just been given the green light by a Judge to pursue their lawsuit versus the city due to that decision. So, it looks as if your sainted wonders may have potentially cost the city millions with their "wisdom". Let's not forget the $80,000 looting of the citizens for the cost to defend against a lawsuit brought by this mayor and a former council member either. Then the last minute meeting to try and illegally push through a settlement that they both had the gumption to vote on themselves. The list is long and glorious.........

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May-04-13 7:12 AM

Goodness, it's campaign season, isn't it?

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May-04-13 7:51 AM

@lightswitch: The RAGs did stop the swim center, they are obligated to check things out and stop BAD investments, so now we are to give them a medal for doing what they are obligated to do? They also stopped the UEP & the ratepayers will ALWAYS be reminded of that, They did not put the bio-solids equipment up for sale in a timely manner, Sued the Cape, Spent thousands of tax payer dollars for unneeded audits (where are the indictments and results?), Stopped San Souci, which is now the subject of a lawsuit against the City, Hired a person to fill the roll of City Manager who NEVER managed a City & now it has been revealed that he continued the practice of NOT addressing the infrastructure in a responsible way, Initiated a contrived "THEFT" of City gasoline...yes, we are thankful for the RAGs, thankful that voters woke up and voted them out so they no longer control the Cape.

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May-04-13 1:27 PM

The Mayor, in his continued quest to get re-elected, continues the split among residents. Will there ever be a time for the UEP? Will there always be people in need? This Mayor needs to go! Rate payers remember him everytime you get your water bill. He personally lobbied the UEP to stop, causing your rates to go up. He personally, with his RAG cronies on the Council, failed to start the UEP, raising thousands of rate payers water bills.

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May-04-13 6:41 PM

Thank you Mayor Sullivan. For all you city trolls here is the history of CC. First the earth cooled, then there were dinosaurs, wait, to far back. A couple of brothers named Rosen bought 100 square miles of lowlands & uplands. They dredged canals to create enough land to sell retirement lots to their fellow Yankees. It went well so we got an Iwo Jima statue. Once enough Yanks showed up they decided we need to incorporate to keep tax dollars from the evil Ft. Myers. So we became a city and the first act was to tax ourselves to build a city hall. Then we moved the Iwo Jima statue. Then we restored it. But by this time all them****Yankees took over city hall, and we needed unions, SunSplash, city water for everyone and then it went south, as they say. "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

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May-05-13 1:20 PM

Is it coincidence that apparatchiks from the failed states, NY NJ MA, MI, & IL have gravitated to our area? They’ve imported their failed style of corruption replete with big city gov’mt., big city unions, big finance, big public projects, big city lawyers, & big city taxes. Us bumpkins were ripe for the pickin’. Sure we had corruption, but it was affordable. You know, small timers fillin’ their own pockets. Now it is endemic to the system. Say, that would be a great campaign slogan for city council… “Corruption we can afford!”

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May-05-13 2:50 PM

its ok john.. your rags are running on their own steam now because no-one wants to be involved with the train wreck you folks are riding on. Hello, Goodbye!

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May-08-13 1:01 AM

Linda 53 Sullivan was not even mayor when the Fed came to this city looking shovel ready projects.

In Carl Schwings own words. "The shovel ready projects had too many strings attached."

The EPA at that time had a fund with billions of dollars in specifically for projects like water/sewer. Cape Coral's project qualified for those funds but never took advantage. Sullivan was not the mayor it was Mayor Burch the one whose company did design work on the project. I guess the strings were keep the federal government from looking at what had already been done and what which ones would or could not continue with keeping up to federal standards. Ethics and otherwise!

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May-08-13 1:14 AM

1Sandy Linda53 was all over Sullivan and the council for not pushing the project through. The Cape Coral Civic Association was with her as well. Bertolini was at most of the council meetings telling them go head and how can we forget Linda Prince? Or is that Linda 53? We need jobs, we need a 25 meter pool for my grandchildren to swim in. Forget about the fact the Road Ahead Gang thinks the Swim Corporation is a fraud. AND IT WAS IN SPADES. As Lee county commissioner found out! You fools would have liked the UEP (water/Serwer) to go ahead when banks had no money to lend or wanted to lend. You twits where did you expect to get the money to pay the assessments. The city's unemployment rate (not at city hall) was through the roof in higher than county, state or federal numbers. Can we settle on 20% plus?

How you conveniently forget! But it is all documented to make you the fools you are!

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May-08-13 11:18 AM

Posts you were making at that time show your short on memory and wrong in your claim.

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May-08-13 10:51 PM

Like Sullivan ever had a sympathetic thought for anyone. What a crock this letter is. Who's watching the Letters to the Editor store? Do all his opponents get free, equal time?

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