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Modified public service tax approved

Cape City Council OKs measure by 6-2 vote

May 1, 2013

It was standing room only in Cape Coral City Council chambers Monday night, with a dozen or so others forced to watch the meeting on a TV just outside....

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May-02-13 6:04 PM

@grumpy19: For the sake of any credibility, NAME the Council member who "let it slip that some council members had discussed this in private." Other wise these are more RAG lies as usual.

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May-02-13 4:34 PM

NanaII if you recall and I have it printed before me the reserves had already been raided by the council before Sullivan was votedin as mayor.

If you look on Cape TV prior to the election of as you say the Road Ahead Gang. You see at those council meeting then Finance Director Mark Mason prompted by city Manager Terry Stewart, standing at the podium telling city council. If you do not pass these bonds (2) $20 million for a total of $40 million if you are having trouble following along. The council asked him why these were needed. Quote Mark Mason; "If I do not get this money I can't pay for the amount needed to pay the bond amounts"' In other words GRANDMA they issued the bonds to pay the DEBT on bonds they had already issued. Also the homeowners in the mid 1990's were paying 10% increases to the reserves when no increases were required. If you look at this past budget Szerlag's very own they ended up $20 million short and that # is higher everyday that is now going by!

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May-02-13 12:59 PM

Correction is needed was that dreaded McGrail who proposed the reduction to a 7% tax. Give credit where it's due. Also there was no discussion between Council about this in any private setting! Everything you need to know is ALL public record, explaining why all the presentations ya'll didn't want to hear again. It's the only way they could be discussed! Try to actually listen and pay attention to find the real truth.

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May-02-13 12:00 PM

Everyone got the wool pulled over their eyes on this PST. If you really think lowering it from 10 to 7% was a compromise. You are sadly mistaken. If I heard correctly, one of the council members let it slip that some council members had discussed this in private. They never wanted 10%, so they made you think we had a compromise to make everyone feel good. Surely, those that spoke before council that night didn't really believe you were listened too. The vote was already decided prior to the meeting. At 7% the council still has no clue as to how much money will be collected. If the amount is over the 20million they claim is needed. Leave the mil rate alone and lower the PST by a certain percentage.

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May-02-13 11:30 AM

lightswitch your RAG inspired ignorance is showing. You haven't got a clue how a municipal budget works. If you did, you'd know that the RAGS balanced the budget by sealing from reserves and not budgeting for capital improvements! THEY created the need for this new tax. Stop the lies and scare tactics.

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May-01-13 9:22 PM

The council took a stand and raised taxes. Now two of the members that voted yes will be up for reelection and two that voted no will also be up for reelection. This decision will be a major factor on their fate for reelection. Now we will see what the majority think when this election gets here. I know I will not vote for the two chose to take the lazy path and raise taxes.

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May-01-13 8:49 PM

Lolita I will go before council at the voting booth when I start with a NO vote for McGrail.

I will be working with the Capcapetaxes**** as soon as I can. I know there will be a huge backlash from the homeowners who will out number the city unions and their followers. By the way anything ratified into laws, ordinances, etc. can be RESCINDED!

If the people who booed hissed cried out at the goings on at Monday April 29,2013 meeting thought their thoughts or input was being considered by any of the SLUGS on the dais. They were mistaken. I submit Marty McClain's verbal disgust of "getting through" the citizen input!

"Get your coat and pack your bag".

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May-01-13 8:39 PM

James 71 I did not Vote for McGrail the last time because I knew he was for the city unions and why not his father was a city employee. Dad must be real proud, but has your son begun to believe in you now that he owns a home. Don't worry sonny your daddy will cover your shortfall. The gift tax will help REDUCE his $11,000 federal tax Bill.

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May-01-13 8:25 PM

As I stated my agenda which has only changed with the actions of this SLICK SIC city council is to tip the table over on this shell game in Cape Coral, Fl after3 decades. I see updated news on BANKRUPT cities Of Central Falls, and Providence, Rhode Island and they are NOW doing fine with reworked salaries and pension packages. Same goes for Stockton, Ca.

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May-01-13 8:20 PM

1sandy the figures that are coming out of McGrails mouth keep changing. He stated the 2 point drop in the millage rate, he reiterated his city managers figure of $93 million over 25 years for the police pension in savings. He was the one who stated $150 per home when his bright idea first came out. So what do what do the other location you mentioned have to do with this? As far as the whole thing it is a load of crap. Charge for electricity, charge for a fire dept. already being charged for to open up a ceiling CAP on the millage rate to keep the state of Florida off their backsides. They overspent, are still overspending and this enables to continue overspending.

We heard the cry from jerks like this we need 100,000 residents,we have them, and the numbers still do not match. The city has known they had a 3% cap on homes and disregarded it. They knew they had thousands of undeveloped lots that were receiving a free ride for decades and did nothing.

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May-01-13 7:14 PM

the outcome is as expected. I voted for Mcgrail lat time and it was the LAST time. push this thru before the new grand list is announced so you can have your cake and eat it too. Putting the union reps on the board only ads fuel to the fire

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May-01-13 11:32 AM

Go before the Council in public and ask these questions.

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May-01-13 8:29 AM

I can see by the numbers that are being thrown out first $150 perhome (average) then $180. When the fire assessment is finalized the total will be more like $240 plus per home. This is not counting the the normal tax increase which is more than likely to be more than last year. By the time the REAL numbers come in It will probably be closer to $500 for the year. It will also be more telling to show the taxpayers just how out of control this city is in even trying to maintain a budget. Why is there not freed up money for capital expenditures when the North Water plant is complete other than the bonding with its increased debt service is in the budget. Why was there not any explanation for the1,134 change orders for the north water plant? Who the*****would buy a home or start a business here knowing what extra carrying charges have to met? BUYERS BEWARE!

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