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Guest opinion: Promises made promises kept, no new taxes

April 27, 2013

Far too often in today’s political arena politicians make promises but, at the drop of a hat, do what is convenient and expedient at the tim....

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May-11-13 8:50 PM

Lolita go and pander your poop someplace else! The city has some nice equipment you can pick up real cheap. You can start your very own vertical operation. Instead of paying (wasting ($15 million as the city did) you can pick it up for .25 on the dollar or a loss to the tax payers one million one hundred twenty-five thousand dollars. It not a lot of money when you say it fast!

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May-10-13 10:18 PM

The reference on the cost of the average consultant pay per hour for municipalities in Florida was Googled. I supposed you do not trust the figure is correct. Then neither is the municipal figures this city puts out, or the county or the federal government. Only your figures must be correct? King's consultant fee was under the national average and too bad he never had the take home police vehicles were not scrutinized for repairs, cost of parts and the number used. Too bad we never got into what it costs to maintain national averages on keeping fleets running. I had actual number from two fleets covering the state. Would have been interesting to see Cape Coral's costs.

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May-03-13 7:44 AM


The advertised rate for King's minions was $40 per hour. Where in the world did you get $22? Plus, please cite your reference for the $29 figure you "looked up".

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May-02-13 2:44 PM

Just once, I would love to read a rebuttal from lightswitch without his/her calling people names. Not necessary. You have your opinion and others have theirs. Everyone believes they have the correct information and should be able to share with each other. Of course, I guess it means we would be living in a perfect world.

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May-01-13 9:31 PM

Numnuts2 the consultants who came in to the city when the former city manager King brought them in were working for $22 an hour. When I looked up what the average wage for consultants to cities in Florida the Wage was $29 an hour. That was $7 an hour less.

Hmmm. I guess they were really good friends who took advantage of their friend.

You are a fool! Because they did find there were inadequacies. Could they have been ferreted out by staff? A good one. But look for how many years things were not corrected. Even down to the accounting practices a entree level accountant could see. Admit it there were many things within the city government that were a wreck. Even down to the fuel issue which because of lack of record keeping, no one will ever be able to prove it one way or the other. Mr. Green from the county pointed that out and even when he cited the county as having flaws look what keeps turning up there!

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Apr-30-13 5:53 PM


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Apr-30-13 12:07 AM

Hey, Sandy, did it occur to you that @JustanotherBill might be that bald guy - what was his last name? - the one that gave himself some high-falutin' title, "Mayor Pro Tem Emeritus" . . . Deile! Remember him? No wonder Just Another sounds like the moron who sits in the Mayor's chair.

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Apr-29-13 12:03 PM

@JustanotherBill: You say, "I am going to vote for whoever is going to stay out of my pocket." Even if your property values go down more and more? Even if Commercial venues refuse to come to a blighted City? You are starting to sound like the moron who sits in the Mayor's chair.

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Apr-28-13 11:42 PM

Lightswitch: You are so predictable. When you can't win, go after someone that has nothing to do with the subject.

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Apr-28-13 9:10 PM

Onlythetruth the claims were not FALSE the the replacement council now called the SLICK 6 is what is FALSE.

The state today we read gave employees $1000 not a 5% bonus. The state straightened out its financial dilemma, is controlling its spending, reduced its number of employees (for real).

Face facts the Slick 6 have allowed overspending, balked on internal local government control, and have messed up even more than the council before The Road Ahead Council. McGrail was correct the leg of the stool that had been construction is now going to fall off. That is the reason the former head of the Cape Coral Construction Industry is gone to Lee County Construction Industry. Not much building going to be going on in Cape Coral with a Utility Tax, $20,000 plus water/sewer assessments, a fire district tax. Build it right and they'll come. Screw it up and you'll be bleached bones! The consulting won't be coming from here so you better keep your teaching job Joe.

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Apr-28-13 6:56 PM

This tax rewards large land owners, seasonal residents, real estate investor who bought up 100 foreclosed homes at a time, and the rich who have energy saving solar etc.

It penalizes the single parent, Disabled Veterans, widow(ers) on social security, under employed, familes and business in our City! Shame on Council! Join the Recall Movement of the Council that vote for this tax!

City needs a one time assessment for each item they over spent, we need to see what we are paying for! Shame on the City Manager for hiring a snake oil salesman from out of town "Burton" to educate us! That is your job!

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Apr-28-13 5:42 PM

The author campaigned upon the platform of having the solutions prior to his election. To date he has not presented even one. He pushed for audits of every form, chasing ghosts, none of which bore any fruit. He spoke of corruption, yet no arrests. As a result of these follies it has been proven all of his claims were false. Admired politicians recognize a problem and tailor solutions to rectify it, no matter the slant of their ideology. A wannabe simply says "no" each time the moment to separate themself as a repected leader presents itself, because it is safe to do so. Now, which category does the author fall into.

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Apr-28-13 2:26 PM

I am going to vote for whoever is going to stay out of my pocket.

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Apr-28-13 12:21 PM

"Had enough yet" was his battle cry when he was running for office and now we know what it means.

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Apr-28-13 10:03 AM

The Mayor promised jobs to his friends...Promises made promises kept. The Mayor promised to keep beating a dead horse with taxpayer money (the proven false UEP overages)...Promises made promises kept. I will work to rid this city of the worst Mayor in its history. A promise made a promise to be kept.

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Apr-28-13 9:48 AM

I heard yesterday your plan is to filibuster to attempt to stop it from passing. I hope that is not true, because we get enough of that from Washington.

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Apr-28-13 9:43 AM

I vote that Mayor John Sullivan should be the official "Dunk Tank" guy for any and all City festivities.

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Apr-28-13 12:37 AM

****. The power behind the throne, Gary King, is long gone. Sullivan was nothing but a mope they (King & Co.) knew they could manipulate, a sorry puppet who danced to the King's tune. It's all been a joke and Sullivan's the butt of it. I hope folks have learned their lesson and take a good look at the candidates this time around and then get out and vote in November.

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Apr-28-13 12:18 AM

JohnGalt, another wanna be free loader.

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Apr-27-13 6:31 PM

Thank you Mayor Sullivan.

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Apr-27-13 6:01 PM

Point to something that this Mayor has accomplished beside stopping everything and anything in his path. And how many thousands of tax payer dollars were wasted on audits? How did those audits turn out? ZERO! And remember when he sued the Cape and then withdrew his case after thousands of tax payer dollars were spent addressing the lawsuit? And the millions of dollars of equipment he refers to, it sat almost 3 years under his administration and NOTHING was done until later. And how about the time he fell asleep at the meeting across the river...and then he has a strategic meeting to make only he doesn't make it and the Police have to go over and WAKE him up!!! He can try and buy military votes with all the checks he gives out, but in the final analysis, he is not the guy for the Cape. Anyone but SULLIVAN!

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Apr-27-13 3:13 PM

Had enough yet?

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Apr-27-13 3:12 PM

The mayor can't perform the duties of his office because he lacks the skills needed to deal with problems that arise. The easy way out is to do nothing and not risk taking any blame for his in actions. He doesn't have any solutions for today's problems because he refuses to recognize what those problems are. He was the man in front in passing the buck while our infrastructure was slowly deteriorating, so his claim to fame is he did nothing! Times change, new challenges are put in front of our leaders that need new solutions, not politicians that live in the past. Mr. Sullivan had no prior experience in municipal management when elected 4 years ago, and the increased problems we now face are an example of that inexperience. He was elected because of his crusade to find the wrong doings of the UEP and 4 years later there is no fraud but he still is setting his sails on yesterday's wind. I don't know who will get my support for mayor in November but I do know that Sullivan won't.

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