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Need is there, how to fund it is the issue

April 26, 2013

Cape Coral City Council will consider the first phase of a tax increment program on Monday....

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Apr-26-13 11:45 AM

So close them since you can not make any other cuts. Reopen them when you get the revenue from your build out. Yacht club privatize it. Sun Splash privatize it. Mini Bus get the churches and fraternal organizations to fund it partially with the money you are going to charge the churches with the utility fees. Sell some of the (or all) of the $13.1 million in land the city bought. Even that abortion of a deal was partially cost justified by no commission paid. Or has the city quietly slipped this by the residents through a settlement on the $657,000 not paid? Slick six are doing a bang up job. If they sold all the land purchased at over $13 million they couldn't even cover this elusive $20 million deficit.

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Apr-26-13 11:54 AM

Szerlag had to cut 35% of a bloated under revenued over taxed city in Troy, Michigan.

This city council interviewed the guy annointed him and gave their blessing he could do the job. Why because he did the job (CUTS) there.

Now I have been in touch with what he put in motion and the finalized cuts are still in place. That city is still providing service. How could that be? I am here to tell you it is, their media says it is, the Joe lunchboxes that work there say it is. I will say this that there is in fact a small element of people (35% of that city staff) who are not happy campers. But Troy doesn't have a Resort RV Park either!

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Apr-26-13 1:36 PM

With the parks here why (and I do not care if it is) close four freedom? The city spent engineering and the cost of I believe $50,000 in sand for a beach.

I has a band shell there so why not use it in the months of Oct., Nov. Dec., Jan., Feb., Mar. and April (optional). Events around theme for the holidays that may be in those months. Take the Parks & Rec out of the equation to the point less personnel, no overtime, etc. Let a private group or organization produce it and the city sit back and be the landlord? Start thinking out of the box instead of trying to rebuild the box!

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Apr-26-13 3:36 PM

The best article yet is the editorial by the Cape Coral Daily Breeze.

They state that their editorial staff agrees with the utility tax and I assume the fire tax. It is note worthy to mention the newspaper across the river agreed. However here is the icing on the cake. The Breeze neglected to put a letter to the editor in their interactive listing of letters. If you read their paper today April26, 2013. Vet Finds No Bargain In The The Cape

Having just moved here a year ago. I wish had studied more about the Cape Coral property taxes. My wife and I came here during an R(rest) & R(recuperate) while I was home from Iraq. We loved the area and the second home we saw. On our way home to Virginia we called our realtor and made the offer. They accepted. However after coming home and studying my taxes and with the upcoming Lee County Electric tax. I wish they hadn't Cape Coral is running me and other out. After just one year I am already looking to get out of the Cape.

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Apr-26-13 3:44 PM

continued page 2.

City Council please realize that you are causing a lot of people to think twice about coming here and changing our votes next election - if we are still here. I have already contacted my real estate agent and am actively seeking a home in Fort Myers after being here only one year. I am fed up with Cape Coral. Jeff Belson Cape Coral

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Apr-26-13 3:53 PM

This young veteran is an individual who I am going to assume has a VA Loan.

Is as dissatisfied as others. But others are deeper into the terms of their investment and the last thing I would do is turn it over to a real estate agent to take the financial hit. One thing is sure he as a Cape Customer is like having 200 dissatisfied customers. The non incorporated areas and other cities will flourish, not Cape Coral.

The letter could not have come at a better time and the editorial staffs at both papers evidently do not care. As far as the Breeze it could care less about the residents here. Its stake in the city is they do a lot of advertising paid for through city funds.

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Apr-26-13 4:39 PM

You are so uninformed and completely out of touch with reality. I am shocked that you could have an opinion...albeit a very WRONG one.

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Apr-27-13 9:06 AM

The insidious argument that what we enjoy in Kape Koral only flows from the local gubmint’ is insulting and shallow. As if, a park is not a park unless it has a paid city employee hanging around the restrooms. As if, public safety only flows from a squad car or a fire hose. As if, the sun won’t shine and the bugs won’t bite unless we spend tax dollars. No my fellow travelers, we have a good community because we have honest, taxpaying, law abiding, good citizens. Don’t be swayed by the propaganda. A hundred less redundant city employees or five year old police cars won’t change our lives in Kape Koral.

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Apr-27-13 2:42 PM

This Ordinance is poorly written and poorly conceived! No where is an exemption given for our disabled veterans of war. As it stands right now if they are disabled veterans they do not pay property taxes because of their war related injuries. Conversely they would be required to pay the PST! If they cannot get it from your right hand they reach for your left hand! No where in the Ordinance do I see that the first 500 KWH are not counted (exmpt) as was stated at the meeting. There was no research into the increases in property values that ultimately will bring in tens of millions in additional revenue to the City. What about families that use more electricity because of kids in the home and are just getting by? What about people that own older homes without all the energy savings features of a newer building? What about all of our residents on fixed incomes that just don't have another dollar to spare? This Ordinance should be tabled until more research is done!

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Apr-27-13 10:05 PM

The editorial is accurate and on target. The small vocal group only want what they want with little or no consideration for others. The letter from the Vet was BS. This wait and wait BS is why we are where we are. At this point is doesn't matter who did what in the past, just that there is a willing majority on council to do what should have been done years ago, and that is to stabilize the city's revenue streams. This talk of waiting for the ad valorum projections ignores the need for diversification and the stability that comes with it. If the ad valorum revenues increase the council can lower the millage, thus saving taxpayers money. It will pass and is the right move for our city!

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Apr-27-13 11:17 PM

Hey McGrail I enjoyed your recent observation about the build out and how it is years away. How the Marines are not coming to save the city.

Kevin I stated over 2 years ago that even if the city hit the peak monthly building permit numbers it now once had.


A bit late on the uptake aren't you. What piece of paper had you neglected to have at a council meeting 2-1/2 years ago or more?

Anything that comes out of your month is more than subject to credibility!In fact you are just INCREDIBLE.

The budget Kevin does not have the Fire line item with the $25 million plus as we know that is what the budget had been.

Now I guess you have made a budget submitted last year that was a ficticious budget?

You want to fund only 60% (it had been 75%) what is it? You want to keep this budget line item out of the calculation of the millage rate? Reduce the millage rate by 2 points or 16 million and inflate the 25 million to what $41 million?

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Apr-27-13 11:26 PM

Where is the $6.5 million for roads in your district? Not in this year"s budget? It was. It should have engineered, rebuilt and paved 130 miles in the 2012-2013 budget and another 130 miles in this 2013-2014 budget. Kevin watch some reruns of what comes out of your face. Council meetings listening to you are not consistent. This coming budget has a w3ater/sewer project for $105 million in it that you stated would not cost the taxpayers anything. Cape TV buddy, out of your face. I am pretty sure even your son has doubts which you have fostered from your statements and actions. Your words! Again on Cape TV for all watching and listening to see and hear!

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Apr-28-13 12:11 AM

Slowly but surely I am witnessing the fleecing of the good residents of Cape Coral. Quite a few of us are on fixed incomes and can't afford what you want to do. $150 average household is fuzzy math. If you want to live in the dark in the winter and not have air conditioning in the summer then it may be $150 but that figure isn't even close to reality. This crew has got to go. I for one intend to support opponents in the next election.

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Apr-28-13 11:05 AM

This council is proving to be very reckless. They lack the ability to understand the consequences of their actions. I have drastically reduced my budget and even downsized houses just to make up for inflation, reduced income, and other increasing costs. So now I have to cut further because the city is not willing to take the same measures the residents do? This council especially McGrail is very arrogant and inconsiderate of the people they serve. This council is choosing to take the lazy way out rather than put forth the work to make the city work with the large budget they have. I hope the next election provides some changes and some people with more fiscal responsibility are seated on our council.

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Apr-28-13 2:35 PM

My costs of living are going up and my wages are lower. I can not go to my employer and order them to increase my wages so I don’t have to reduce my spending. What a laugh that would get. Besides I already pay more taxes than people in surrounding areas because I live in Cape Coral. Now they want to raise them, seriously!

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Apr-29-13 11:52 AM

@lightswitch: Can anyone find Mr. Belson on LEEPA? Does he own property here in the Cape? Or is he a renter who does not want to contribute to our tax base? Just asking.

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Apr-29-13 11:59 AM

Well, that's it. 10 RAGs ranting on a blog. Looks like they are back in the drivers seat. The only problem is, is that the FAB5 are a major part of the reason we are here and noone will let the taxpayers forget it. All those remarks about pension reform and what did they really do? NOTHING! Grosso told them of his cospiratorial theories and did they listen to him and change the pensions? NO! Thank you RAGs for doing NOTHING but raise the millage rate 63 percent for the 2010 budget. Thank you Bill & Peter.

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Apr-30-13 12:36 PM

Sandy1 I do not know. What I do know I stated before that blog that the same scenario would happen. Now the blogger could have been salting the blog for effect or it could be true. Either way this so called leg of the stool that was just pass will put a damper on real estate sales on new homes, existing homes or building lots. Let's visit this in October and see how the rest of the county is doing and compare Cape Coral Sales. Then lets again look at the end of December to see if there is a true trend. My question to YOU is if there is a downward trend then what? I do know this whatever can be ratified can be rescinded! Along with the individuals and we may see the beginning of that anyway.

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May-01-13 3:31 PM

Oh Pardon me I misquoted. The 2 points off the millage rate has been changed to 1 point. It absolutely amazes me how quickly the number and percentages change. One thing though they are always in favor of bring in more taxes and/pr fees to this city. Do you suppose the reason is Piss, Poor, Planning called the 3 P's. Even in the area of healthcare McGrail should be aware of the term and the concept. He would be thrown out of a board meeting in most healthcare facilities changing figures as he does. Ah but this is the city of Cape Coral I shouldn't expect anything less. Anyone now know wht the bank let a home go for $4000 instead of trying to bring it up to resaleable condition in the city of Cape Coral, Florida? BECAUSE IT WAS NOT WORTH TIME NOR THE TROUBLE AND IT HAD NO FUTURE. OUTSTANDING CITY TO INVEST IN? THEY DO NOT THINK SO!

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May-02-13 4:44 PM


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May-07-13 2:40 PM

terry..this coming from a you, a lemming that had this city on the brink of disaster. the present council is having to clean up the fine mess your king put us in****e sept the final two will be held accountable for their involvement in the "web of deceit" and that fake contract they All had to about brotherhood.these fellas had to drag that poor guy Gingrich into the fray,to help their agenda.wonder if that played into his not getting nominated for the president position? Voters still remember what was done to them in 2008-2011 and they will prove it once and for all in 2013. hang around and watch the forward motion train leave without you!

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May-07-13 2:44 PM

lightswitch.. they are taking applications for folks like you over in ft myers. you should fit right in over there. goodbye

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May-07-13 2:51 PM

bosox.****e on everyone knows a lemming when we hear/read one. if it is so bad for you then maybe its time to consider leaving the cape. the second safest city in sw florida. But wait,you will have to pay lots more in taxes where ever you go.Services are not cheap and you get what you pay for.We want the best of the best here in Cape Coral and will achieve it with or without you.your choice

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May-08-13 10:52 AM

Linda take a close look at the list of businesses in today's News-Press. Did you see the biggest one's from Cape Coral?

Lee Memorial ( less than 20% is hear in the Cape) Receive tax dollars.

Less County School Systems probably 25 to 30% in Cape Coral. Receive Tax dollars.

Publix a true privately run corporation! Pays tax dollars.

Lee county administration is way less than 25% in Cape Coral. Receives tax dollars.

Wal Mart a true privately run corporation. Less than 25% in Cape Coral. Pay taxes.

Lee County Sheriff less than 25% of its operation in Cape Coreal. Receives Tax dollars.

U.S. Postal Service less than 25% in Cape Coral Receives Tax dollars.

Chico's a true private corporation does less than 25% in the Cape pays tax dollars. But there is not even 1 retail out let in the Cape!

City of Cape Coral 100% in the came receives TAX DOLLARS

Target a true private corporation does less than 25% in Cape Coral Pays taxes.

Linda do you see anything that stan

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May-08-13 10:59 AM

seem to outnumber the tax payers. So next time you see your physician tell him to remore the Botox from between your ears and see if he can replace it with BoSox another privately owned corporation that does less than 23% in Cape Coral but PAYS TAXES as do their northern fans that buy. rent, and live here! I have a feeling within your family unit if there was no city job you would have a severe crimp in your life style. Isn't that the true reason for your spend at all cost attitude?

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