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Too many unknowns

April 6, 2013

Cape Coral City Council on Monday will consider a proposal to require the installation of fire suppression systems — sprinklers — in new single family homes and duplexes built in the cit....

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Apr-06-13 9:50 AM

What happened to freedom of choice?Is this the same rational that say's you must use seat belts in you car for safety?But if you ride a motorcycle you don't need to wear a Helmet?Some kind of sick logic.

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Apr-06-13 11:45 AM

I found it very interesting at last weeks council meeting April 3, 2013 that two people spoke in favor of the ordinance going forward. They seemed to have had a system put in their homes whether new construction or retrofitted we did not hear. I doubt they owned a business or would be seeking employment as an inspector or worker. I just can't understand why they would be pushing for the rest of the city to have to meet this ordinance? Were they shills for the company(s) installing, certifying, inspecting or just friends of the (C)ape (C)oral (C)onstruction (I)ndustry (A)ssociation? Now let's look at a new residents financial obligation a mortgage for the land, the home, plus the suppression system. Now this will in fact get the average cost of a home closer to the national average even if the majority of the homes nationally do not have this system. Now lets add in water and sewer assessment, and hookup throwing in the the irrigation for good measu

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Apr-06-13 11:57 AM

These charges in their own right will boost even more tax back to the city. Ah but we are not finished we must now add in a 10% charge, onto electric, gas and probably water and sewer. But even if water & sewer is not taxed one more time I think even a fool gets to see what is happening to your expendable income. Just to get ready for the crooks do you think the businesses will be paying on electric and gas? Will the residential homes be subsidizing those businesses as we do for sewer and trash removal? Great value in Cape Coral, Florida to invest in real estate? Unless of course you work for the number #1 business here city government.

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Apr-07-13 3:32 PM

Kudos to Nesta for changing his mind, as Nesta is a real firefighter with a lifetime of experience. In my humble opinion this whole ordinance was created by Leetz to showcase his 2 yrs as a volunteer wannabe firefighter for his re-election. My advice Chris, save the money for when you need a newer car to deliver pizza's again.

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Apr-08-13 9:42 AM

So we are gonna trust the same bozos that bought a 14 million dollar piece of land then turned around and cried we are 20 million in debt?? The same clowns that created the new public safety tax to cover their spending spree? The same lame-o's that hired a city manager with a tract record of delegating HIS resp

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Apr-08-13 9:46 AM

So we are gonna trust the same bozos that bought a 14 million dollar piece of land then turned around and cried we are 20 million in debt?? The same clowns that created the new public safety tax to cover their spending spree? The same lame-o's that hired a city manager with a tract record of delegating HIS responsibilities out to others? I think the Majerkajokes and the greedy cccia are back at work!! Boy they are in for some news tonight

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Apr-08-13 12:38 PM

I finally found out what the May Tag Repairman does when his telephone does not ring anymore.

He teaches government! Still sucking off of the public!

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Apr-08-13 1:03 PM

Joe say "the homestead exemption was a failure." In reality it was right on the mark! I can only imagine what the political locusts like Joe and others of his ilk would have done if their were no Homestead Exemption.

It still all comes down to our so called leaders said to*****with restraints fiscal spending with a realistic plan. Voila you have this mess.

A think tank in California wrote on the collapse of the city of Stockton. Property dropped 70% (our is probably more in 60-65% range). Raises were passed out to city employees whether revenues went up or down, (here they stopped the raises but they did pass out to the people already retired a 3% guaranteed increase). As our revenues fell and KOLA or increase to social security recipients were non existent for almost 3 years. Cape Coral implemented a claw back for myself personally the Cape Portion went up 80% in that year with the Homestead Exemption. In 2007 Stockton issued 125 million in General Obligation bonds.

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Apr-08-13 1:18 PM

contd. Those GO Bonds have to be paying interest to the bond holders for the full term of the bond issue. They are usually for 30 years. We did not necessarily do that but if you recall in that same time frame Terry Stewart was with the councils okay was issuing those same bonds as I see on Cape TV, because the city was not going to be able to make the interest payment per Mark Mason Stewart's Director Of Financial Services. In that same time frame they were borrowing money on financial paper to pay only the interest retiring no principle. So in essence it was the same thing Stockton was doing. It might be noted in California it is against the law to raise taxes because of declining revenue. They since have reduced staff headcount to the year 2000 level. The think tank also mentioned Woonsocket, Rhode Island, and I know Central Falls, RI is still in state appointed receivership. Jobs lost, pensions cut in half, the same as Stockton.

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Apr-08-13 1:30 PM

contd. Here it is a little different first the people said enough is enough and voted out the sorriest group of Council people ever. You have seen them, heard of them, read about them in the papers. Tim Day he wanted this utility tax as he was going out the door. A real fine person who got himself extracted from a job as director certifying police and fire employees at his academy tied to the Lee County Public School System. Misusing public vehicles, not keeping proper records. Yeah that "Uncle Time" as he called himself. Clean as a whistle though here in the Cape. Yup! Mrs. Bertolini she never saw a tax or a project she didn't like. Her best performance though was the Swim Center. Most everyone a first blush thought this was a good idea and opportunity from the standpoint of private sector jobs at a time when jobs were being shed big time. That so called RAG council sniffed out in less then 2 months what the county could not in over a year. It was crooked.

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Apr-08-13 1:38 PM

However Mrs. Bertolini even after hearing the potential overexposure the city might be on the hook for approached council over and over. My grandchildren need a place to swim and on and on berating that group of so called RAGs how they were keeping the city from "Moving Forward". Another gen Tate she never saw an opportunity to praise Gulf America Corporation the swindler land developers. How wonderful her uncle who was a salesman for them and dazzled the customers. If you did not know she own a real estate company. I guess we must be subsidizing their trash removal and sewer charges as well! What a deal. So there you have it. We pay more to enable this sham of a city Cape Coral, Fl. to continue on. How lucky are we?!

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Apr-24-13 11:03 PM

charlee66 don't you remember if the states put in mandatory seat belt rules we would not need the expensive air bags now we have primary (revenue trap) seat belt rules and cars with 10 airbags govt at its best=not btw i have always used seat belts if the car has them

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Apr-28-13 6:50 PM

This tax rewards large land owners, seasonal residents, real estate investor who bought up 100 foreclosed homes at a time, and the rich who have energy saving solar etc.

It penalizes the single parent, Disabled Veteran, widow(ers) on social security, under employed, familes and business in our City! Shame on Council! Join the Recall Movement of the Council that vote for this tax!

City needs a one time assessment for each item they over spent, we need to see what we are paying for!

Shame on the City Manager for hiring a snake oil salesman from out of town "Burton" to educate us! That is your job!

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