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New tax plan gets nod

April 4, 2013

By Chuck Ballaro Special to the Breeze Faced with the choice of cutting services or imposing new taxes, Cape Coral City Council voted 6-2 Wednesday to move ahead with a new set of fees that......

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Apr-07-13 3:22 PM

Responsible yes the pension is a problem but it really has not been addressed. So what we have been experiencing is only the beginning of what potentially will be a local meltdown. Yes they may with this utility tax be trying to soften the calamity. However it will not cover it. Why they don't even know who to market this place to. One day it is young families with the service of charter schools (I will say they are good). But those young families need jobs not just in the construction business, not just operating retail shops, NOT JUST IN GOVERMENT, not just in healthcare. It has been gone over and over what is needed but we do not have people in place that for instance could not find the front door of a higher educational facility, could not find or coax a biomedical or computer related company of size here. These jerks can't even figure out how to get solar energy in here to dovetail with Lee County Electric who BUYS (for money) ELECTRICITY.

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Apr-07-13 2:56 PM

Here is a list of those cities with 50,000 plus residents. The Cities Of: Boca Raton

Cape Coral

Boynton Beach

Coral Springs


DelRay Beach

Ft. Lauderdale







Miami Beach


North Miami


Palm Bay

Pembroke Pines (Terry Stewart former Cape City Manager was asst City Manager and Fireman too)




Port St. Lucie

St. Petersburg




West Palm Beach

Every other one has No utility tax? Let's start contacting and comparing various taxes, and rates.

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Apr-07-13 1:01 PM

Sell sun splash, sell excess lands,put them back on the tax rolls why were our fire houses 3-5 million when Charlotte county's were 1 million each why does a truck need a fancy garage when a steel building will do, the crew space need to be decent they spend 90%of there time there why was station 4 was designed that the trucks have to go around the block to go out instead of going right out on the highway and why was no one fired for not doing maintenance on the apparatus thay cost between 189k to 900k and you don't even change the oil haw many years truck life has that cost us then you buy used police cars how is that going to save buy the smallest car that will do the job we have too many SUV and large cars for managers and staff the large cars for police patrol and do total overhauls on the crown vics because the frount drive cars are not as long lasting use compacts for ranks and staff and get rid of the motorcycles they are fair weather only and deadly for the officers

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Apr-05-13 4:43 PM

The problem is the bloated pension plans which are severely underfunded. The agreement with the police union does nothing to correct the problem - in spite of the BS coming out of city hall. If fact they are going to give the guys a 5% bonus for showing up for work. We need candidates to come forward for McClain's & McGrails council spots. Then we need to get the vote out. I'm setting a personal goal of getting 25 new anti-tax voters to the poles. The union did it, so can we. Let's get to work.

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Apr-04-13 9:28 PM

City manager now states the fire dept budget is $20 mi8llion short. The budget had been $25 million in total. A shrinking population with 21,000 less people, very limited building is now $25 million short? Something is wrong. Because even if it is equipment replacement they would buy it in total with a bond issue that would not increase a need of piling on additional tax like this. This tells me even if they had stopped replacement of equipment for the duration of the housing bubble we would not experience these type increase. Yhe state is at the County Schools when it needs to be in City Hall. They floated bonds for police cars and the Slick Six floated 2 $20 million bonds when they took office. I stated Szerlag put out a phoney balanced budget and I was more than correct. State needs to come here. Joint Legislative Auditing Committee 850-488-7864 Rex Neemaan Office Of Citizen Service Nesta was asked by state "What is going on in Cape Coral."

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Apr-04-13 4:29 PM

Take a look at the make up of the council. A former cop, fireman, educator, all funded by public pensions. Ah life is good. Then a contractor, a contractor's wife. Ah let's take more land of the tax rolls. One other thing the city was so concerned about people turning in their undeveloped lots if they had to pay utility assessments. But the city bought $13.8 million to accomplish the very same thing. 16,000 lots if turned in would have cost a lot less than $13.8 million. That would have cost $863 each. So that tells you what an undeveloped piece of land 120' x 80' is actually worth! NOTHING IS IT? Next tax these jerks pull out of their...hat(?) the Air You Breathe Tax!!! I do not want your services nor anyone else investing here!!!

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Apr-04-13 4:15 PM

I found it entertaining how it was set up with cut out Parks & Recreation, cut out Special Populations.

What the scum bags were doing was figuring the residents would think OH NO not the Parks & Recreation Dept.. You see the events P&R put on are funded by our residential tax dollar for the benefit of the businesses in that area and the additional tax dollars the city picks up to refund itself, ie. over $109,000 in employee costs for safety on 4th of July. The best though was putting a guilt trip on the residential tax payer that if this did not go through it would be their selfishness that would end Special Populations. As I indicated the management of this city is truly the scum of the earth. What the city leader did not tell us is that there are in fact other people and tax free organizations such as churches who also give to things like MDA, Special Populations, Veterans, etc. I wonder how many so called city volunteers are actually on duty making their wage while vo

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Apr-04-13 3:21 PM

public service tax for what. they are already gauging people with the water. This city need to cut non-esential services and lower pay and benefits for the over paid employees of this city that are getting fat on the taxpayer dollars. Everyone else has to lower their spending and expectations in this country why do the jerks at city hall think they can continue to live high on the hog. It is time again to fire every last one of the incompetent city officials and get new people in there that do not think they can railroad the citizens of cape coral. Get rid of them. bring the cost down through smart governing no raising taxes so they can spend more, who do they think they are Obama.

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Apr-04-13 2:52 PM

Best plan for this area is receivership mandated by the State of Florida. It couldn't come soon enough!

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Apr-04-13 2:50 PM

The best one yet is the 10% tax on electricity. The undeveloped lot payers again skate free as they do on the infrastructure for water & sewer. The morons who are stuck here all year round and pay the highest monthly rates in the months of May, June, July, August & September pay the bu8lk of the tax. Talk to your neighbors who live and pay bills and taxes outside the city of Cape Coral, Fl.. They pay less and evidently do not know they do not have enough services. NOT SO. They do just fine in the unincorporated areas as well as the other cities. Not for one instance do I think the city council is the driving force in this city. Councils for the most part in the 32 years I have been here are just mouth pieces for what the city's primary business is...GOVERNMENT.

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Apr-04-13 2:36 PM

The watch word in the statement is "sustainability".

This revenue will enable a city that time and time again has squandered funds and out right lied to the residents.

If this is not the case they would be able to explain why other communities do not have the problems this city has.

As far as lies check the charges for dual water that was put in on the basis it could be used everyday for free. Then $5 when it went through, then $10 but only on certain days, then $9,50 when pressures couldn't push the water out of the sprinkler heads. Oh and don't forget the $19 rebate. Sound familiar? We now have a rebate coming after nearly 20 years for over charged infrastructure of water & sewer. Cape Coral is an unsound place to invest in a home and is borne out be subsides of costs of the hundreds of business in the city. Keep the taxes and fees coming while we provide services for the homes that are not here and the people that are not here.

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