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Council to meet on 'financial sustainability' Wednesday

Revenue options to be presented

April 2, 2013

Cape Coral City Council will meet Wednesday to discuss revenue sources to ensure the city’s financial sustainability. The special session will be held in Council Chambers at 4:30 p.m....

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Apr-03-13 6:37 PM

I sure hope they can get more revenue because when those pensions costs hit the pretty graph spread sheet the figures are going to change big time. Any sunset these sleaze bags are talking about will not happen. They are looking on tv right now for a million dollars. How much money was squandered. The 29 million on purchased equipment alone. If that had been invested, held back, put off they would not be looking. I do remember and will remember at the polls the individuals who fought tooth and nail to protect the staff over doing what would have been correct. Reduce the size and wages, overtime. I remember the P D taking over 3 years to just reduce overtime to 80% of what was being spent. 3 years! Tax the businesses and get off the residential residents back! Mc Grail fear factor. McClain fear factor.

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Apr-02-13 8:17 PM

Let the taxpayers decide what additional taxes they are willing to endure. If the results at the voting booths indicate that the majority do not wish or cannot make the financial sacrifices then the city should act accordingly. Shutter the water park or sell it. Sell off all of the lots purchased for 13 million dollars and we may recoup a million or two from all that unneeded land. Listen to the voters and they will tell you at the ballot box. Council is too afraid to hear what the people want because it is not what they want.People remember the 25 million spent on unused future plant equipment that we couldn't even sell off for pennies on the dollar. Every week council approves spending of a million or more but it is never enough.Present the options and consquences and put it out for a vote.Then accept the results. If you are worried that the city will be less desirable then convince others to vote affirmatively with facts. Let the voters decide and they will live with their choices.

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Apr-02-13 6:02 PM

The disconnect is showing too when you look at the building permits posted for several months. February 220 for all of Lee County and 27 for Cape Coral the percentage has been dropping for a long time. Why? Because of the current tax in the Cape, Because of the high cost to implement water& Sewer and the high monthly cost to use these services. It sure looks like we are over charged and over valued. Oh and if I am wrong then the city should be so bold as to put these pipe dream taxes on a ballot to be voted on by the residents. If the city was as wonderful at savings as they say. You know millions saved here and millions saved there why would it still be in dire need for MORE TAX? Because they have saved NOTHING!

Even when money has come in from residential means it is spent to subsidize the businesses for sewer and trash pick up.

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Apr-02-13 5:47 PM

The private sector shed jobs while this city carried a lot of dead wood and retained most while promoting individuals to higher positions for early retirement. Thus boosting the city's payout for inflated pensions. They even kept asst. Managers in fleet who could not even schedule work properly and thus equipment was deemed useless before its time. Even the past fire chief could not get his men to make complaints or find out why equipment being fixed was coming out of fleet in the same or worse condition. That chief opted for a clipboard to keep track of equipment. All $15 a month plus added tax is going to bring is more wages and higher benefits so the city workers become the haves and the residential tax payers continue to be the have nots. Water& Sewer why is it that the city can not get it through their head the cost of the service on top of a mortgage, on top of vehicle payment, is not sustainable. Bottom line is too much service for too much money.

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Apr-02-13 5:33 PM

Anyone who believes this tax idea is going to correct all the screw ups this city has been going through is in desprite need of therapy.

Ask yourself why is it other communities can not make their ratios deliver services at affordable prices. Why is there always internal turmoil here no matter if they are trying to convert a software system or do simple billing of a utility. It is not money because if you have 155,000 plus residents and all they small businesses the ratios of tax dollars to services should work.

But they do not here and it has been like this for decades.

The city manager that was fired for no cause showed basic accounting was not in place, personnel balked at being accountable for what they did and had been in managerial positions they certainly could not do. Instead of stepping up and supporting the man who in short order brought the city back to an A rated bonding level from where it had dropped. They fought him tooth and nail through an economic meltdow

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