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False statements deserve the truth

February 23, 2013

To the editor: It is sometimes necessary to answer false statements and wild accusations made by letter writers. This, certainly, happens to be such an occasion where corrections are needed....

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Feb-25-13 9:35 PM

Hey Lightswitch....King was not appointed, he was annointed. Two touches of burbon on the forehead by Pete and 3 hail yeahs from the other gumbys and he was in. When you speak of Civic, use a capitol, and it,s an Association, not a "club". They leave that moniker for the Republicans at the Pines. But you know that. Reading your incessant babble makes for a chuckle, You tell someone they are "speaking through their lips..." Well, DUH. Not all of us can use the other end like you, it is an aquired trait. Speak to me ohhhh wizened one, for I feel the need to laugh!

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Feb-25-13 9:57 AM

To lightswitch: or should it be Mrs. Lightswitch? I guess my literary license has expired if you think the term "keystone cops" referred to the Cape Police Dept. you hold in such high regard.

I apologize, let me clarify. Keystone cops was a broad, humorous description about the behavior of the Mayor and the way he led the golden egg boys, 4 council members and the city manager he installed, around on a leash with such dysfunctional and disastrous outcomes.

Mrs. lightswitch; you really lit up the airways last night with your lecture. Your regrets, however, are not the topic of Leetz's letter.

Public issue: to R.F.P. or not to R.F.P.? If not why? A sitting councilman calling someone a liar is not a response!!

Please stay on this "public topic (R.F.P.), in this public form (Breeze LTE).

Yes, Ralph was "one of a kind". I miss him. But i always got a laugh out of him when i would tell him, jokingly, "...this is another fine mess you got me into&qu

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Feb-25-13 6:49 AM

Mr. Leetz has spent his time on the Dais trying to fool people into believing he is smarter than all the others. When his arguments are overshadowed by others on the Dais his tactic is to resort to name calling and personal attacks against his fellow council people. His lack of respect for peers shows his inability to further his arguments by reason of fact. For me, I know when Leetz is lieing because his lips move.

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Feb-25-13 6:10 AM

CapeCoralCuestions---your personal comments are, and always will be, completely uncalled for and in the poorest of taste. If you want to take someone on in the political realm, that's fine, leave the personal out. You've just disgraced yourself, and anyone else who agrees with you.

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Feb-25-13 12:41 AM

HaHa Cape Cuestions I here you talking but you are talking through your lips!

Your supposition is as incorrect as most of your posts!!

First Class Moron!!!

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Feb-25-13 12:36 AM

Mr. Perry you talk about the keystone cops reporting to Sullivan? I hope you are not talking about our po0lice force. Most know the Police Department reports to the city manager who reports to the entire city council. Certainly an officer of the Cape Coral Civic Association should know that. Your mentoring by Ralph really shows.

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Feb-25-13 12:31 AM

FC Perry--I think Lightswitch is Janet Deile. She talks like Bill but is not as intelligent.

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Feb-24-13 11:22 PM

He won over the former mayor Burch who owned a company who did design work for the UEP, sold that business. Never voted on UEP issues. This on a project that needed a full compliment of council. Either way he was positioned to a more than full tummy because he did have input into the project even if not by the vote. But by the position and what he felt was good for the city. He came out so well he was even part of the sale package that went to work for the new buyer. You see in 2010 this Method Of Operation was stop gaped by a city manager who reported to a council that allowed him to put in ACCOUNTING PROCEDURES, ACCOUNTED FOR SPENDING, and ACCOUNTING for work that was not being done. The "Country Club" atmosphere was closed at least for 2 years until McGrail, McClain, Donnell, Erbrick, and Nesta fired him for NO CAUSE and kept the taxpayers from giving any input into their poor reasoning. Best of all the city manager whom they spent search money on sites many of the same

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Feb-24-13 10:59 PM

Lets get this clear now the water and sewer project was stopped in 2008.

This city had LOST its A bond rating it did not have the outlook to float anything but what one might call junk status bond for between 7% to 8% or more to reopen the utility project. There were politicians not on council that were scurrying to bury information on flawed design, questionable contract agreements ( city pays for all materials no matter what condition they are delivered in. Such as damaged brass gang valves, etc.). The Government has not a clue as to who or how many would be foreclosed on, reserves had been spent even before they came into the city treasury. The city had to pass about two 20 million dollar bonds to make good on its prior bond payments. Much of that money used in the bonds was used to keep the city government a float. All these screw ups were put into play before Sullivan, Chulatkas-Leetz, Khuen were ever considered to run. Proof of this is Mayor Sullivan won by a 63% margin.

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Feb-24-13 10:36 PM

Contd. Even they knew you had to remember where you were coming from, what your did incorrectly and not repeat the same errors over and over again as we have seen before the RAG and the present group.

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Feb-24-13 10:25 PM

Cape Cuestions I also notice you are good and angry. But to help you understand I do not care or need to be in their inner circle. So I do not need or look for that. What I do look for is to show you and your evidently wretched group you will be challenged when it comes to so many of the issues you have helped to enable to push it through. Hey, while you are at it bring us up to date on the $25 million dollars that was purchased not by this council or the last council. The council that ran against the as you call them the RAGS. Tell us the $25 million which you can not even sell on the government auction for 25 cents on the dollar or less, never installed, how did they push the buy through? Could the city have used that money to keep taxes down lower? Helped keep some from losing there home? McClain's claim being proactive does not pass the sniff test! Yeah, "don't look back only look ahead. Why is not that the mantra of the so called RAG (Road Ahead Gang).

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Feb-24-13 10:01 PM

CCC I would say my logic or analysis of so many of critics of instances of poor at best actions within this city is real and accurate. Look at it this way for about 27 years I watched and figured there were those that knew more could do it better because I had more important work. So I sucked it up and went about my tasks. Then came the ebb tide that showed what I thought could be was fact. So now you have had to see my commentary on facts that is going on the last four years. Best put fourth here in this string is the fact that it has been other councils that had done this or that. They pretty much stem from the same root and that makes it no more right than the current council. I guess if you do not like my comments that is your choice. However now I need not*****it up and be concerned about how it might effect myself and many others whom are taken advantage of in this city. So in the mean time have a wonderful evening. Freedom of thought,speech & print...Wonderful!

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Feb-24-13 10:23 AM

Please , lets all look down the street instead of over our shoulders.

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Feb-24-13 10:12 AM

Goodness, personal attacks and meanness, is this what we are going to see going forward? I hope not! Lets keep to the facts of the issue, and leave people's relatives out of the mix. Bringing up relatives who passed away tragically is not fodder for politics.

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Feb-24-13 10:04 AM

Lightswitch: you are an illogical and angry guy. There is fault found with prior councils that built "city" things and didn't charge everyone in the "city"! Shame on them! Land owners not paying for infrastructure betterment is due to the council, and voters need to recognize that! "if you can't dazzle them with brilliance-----beffle them with b*))sht!

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Feb-24-13 9:56 AM

Chrissy, Sullivan is not only a member of he is the leader of the Road Ahead Gang. GET YOUR OWN FACTS STRAIGHT! You are only a RASG wannabe. They wouldn't have you--what does that say about YOU?

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Feb-24-13 9:53 AM

(1) what is the legal address of Chris Leetz on today's date? (2) what is his income as of this date? Does he have a job? (3) is he paying city and county taxes? (4) is he running an illegal kennel and is he reporting income from any puppies sold?

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Feb-24-13 9:43 AM

Chris Leetz needs PITY. His son crashed into a standing vehicle and killed himself. His wife gave him the boot. His ambulance job with Lee County Emergency Services ended abruptly. He had the Firefighters of the State of Florida sanction him. his mother died, and he couldn't manage to rescue her house, where he lived. He has 5 or 6 Cavlere Spaniels he has to support and they cost $2000 each to purchase. The dogs have HUGE health risks and his vet bills will cripple him if he treats them properly. People know that if his lips are moving he is lying! He can correctly deny membership in the Road Ahead Gang---they wouldn't have him. They always hated and laughed at him. As do we all. "Pity Leetz" makes a good yard sign.

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Feb-24-13 6:08 AM

Mr. Lightswitch: you sure sound a lot like Leetz or Sullivan(no disrespect to you) and you seem to be very angry? Can i assume you have something to hide since you do not use your honorable name?

The topic of Mr. Leetz's letter was the R.F.P. vote.

I agree with you, taxpayers should not subsidize business.

Next, on the King dyNASTY, time will tell. I was not a supporter of him, but his appointment was legal and so was his firing!! BTW, he has not been hired as a city manager, has he? Your adoration of the king is so noted. Fill me in on his current accomplishments!

The "in-fill" issue? Please stay on topic. Why did Leetz work so hard to quash the R.F.P.?

You said, "F C Perry here is your so called truth that that you have tried to ignore." WHAT?

Must apologize, but i do not understand you A.D.D. ranting. Try again.

Hope you say "hi" the next time you are at Civic.

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Feb-24-13 12:28 AM

F C Perry here is your so called truth that that you have tried to ignore.

Let's not forget about the 16,000 empty lots in the city that do not pay for even a penny of infrastructure for water & sewer rates but after it is in get to realize an added profit when they sell. Lots undeveloped that equal in some place the size of a small town. Costs put on those that live here! My final comment to you and others is "FIX IT AND THEY WILL COME" and stay! Of course unless they are already trapped.

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Feb-24-13 12:17 AM

F C Perry wouldn't it been nice if the past City Manager Gary King had not been installed. Maybe for you and the civic club you are an officer in.

Gary King should just how out of control a city with about 27% of Lee County's total population did not have some of the most common accounting practices in place.

How he stated when he took over the city management position that it could not sustain itself on the course it was on.

How the city had to collect 92% of its tax revenue from residential and 8% from the businesses. The figures may have dropped some from the residential side but not much.

Homeowners are SUBSIDIZING busines The now seated city council led by McGrail, and followed by McClain, Donnell, and the newbies at the time Carioscia, Erbrick, Nesta, who would not allow citizen's input for they cared not what the taxpayers thought or wanted.

The homeowners are SUBSIDIZING trash pick and sewer rates for the businesses. In a city of 155,000.

There is your so

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Feb-23-13 6:50 PM


i wish I had said that!

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Feb-23-13 6:34 PM

It’s easy to tell that election time is approaching. It appears from this letter Leetz is doing his best to change history and distance himself from the dysfunctional Road Ahead Gang. Sorry Leetz, it won’t work. The voters will remember you for what you really are come November. Had you spent less time standing in formation with Bill (evidence is in my trunk) Deile, Pete (let me call Babe’s for a reservation) Brandt, Erik (my brain has no idea what my mouth is saying) Kuehn, John (STOP the water and sewer) Sullivan and Gary (just show me the money) King you might earn more support. You were given a chance. In November the voters will correct this mistake.

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Feb-23-13 5:28 PM

Mr Leetz, You say the Rags were nothing but an e-mail chain, and that Sullivan wasn't a RAG, I thought the Rags were nothing but a silly Contract with Cape Coral that you and Deile, Brandt, Kuehn, King, Sullivan and a few others signed. How did you forget the so-called "contract"? I think there was also some connection between Sullivan, who was a Rag when he ran and a fundraiser at Anthony's on the Blvd. which is owned by a relative of Serrago who owns KC's. You can move your feet, but you still stepped in the poop. Also, to tell Mr. Perry to get a dog because they never forget was a faux pas's elephants that don't forget!

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Feb-23-13 12:36 PM

Mr. Dunavant: That's what I thought Sullivan. Missed the subtlety of your comment. Oh well, age makes its demands the closer i get to tripe digits.

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