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Thank you, President Obama

February 16, 2013

To the editor: Some Answers to the Pre State of the Union concerns of some local media: The Pre State of the Union comments featured many of the same false doctrines which Conservatives know are......

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Feb-24-13 8:16 AM

President Obama has done a great job, as evidenced by his reelection.

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Feb-18-13 7:39 AM

When someone can explain to me where all the money is going to come from to fund all the "investments" outlined in the State of the Union speech I will be more than willing to listen to any proposals brought forward by this administration. To date we are still spending between one half "trillion" and one "trillion" dollars more than we take in as a country. Anyone with even a nominal understanding of spending knows this will eventually lead to the road to ruin, like it or not. Both sides are to blame. The question we must ask ourselves is this; Do we continue to send the same politicians to Washington to represent us, (on both sides), or do we finally wise up to the fact that they are not performing the job they were sent there to do and replace them ALL? Its called public service for a reason, but the past decades have proven politicians view winning election as carte blanche for "self service".

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Feb-17-13 8:29 AM

Didn't the Democrats hold control of both houses in Congress, as well as the White House, for two years (rhetorical question)? It is interesting how the distracting comments continue regarding the blame of anybody else for the failures of this administration and the agendas that have not had an impact on the debt nor joblessness situations. Truthfully, both parties are to blame, and the childish fingerpointing is the result of their, and our, inability to accept responsibility and show leadership.

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Feb-16-13 2:28 PM

Janet 99 evidently feels the congress as stated in the letter is the "greatest thing since sliced bread"' and they are doing a wonderful job as was the last congress and the one before that. The Dr.'s letter tells it like it is.

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Feb-16-13 2:22 PM

Rocco you evidently have a concentration problem.

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Feb-16-13 1:29 PM

Louie what a bunch of nonsense!! See a shrink for a reality check. Bama is the worst thing that's ever happened to the USA. At least we know what Dr(?) to steer clear of! Thanks Louie!!

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Feb-16-13 9:27 AM

The Conservatives in this area are the most Bigoted in the state.Having elected some one like Trey Radel says it all about the electorate in this ares How sad

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Feb-16-13 8:23 AM

I've never read so much garabge in one letter. Couldn't make it to the end either.

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Feb-16-13 7:54 AM

I couldn’t even make it to the end of this letter. More liberal blah blah blah!

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Feb-16-13 7:17 AM

Doc... They can't get anything done in Washington because of one simple concept. Absolute power is absolutely corrupt. Absolute power has been given to each Side of what used to be an aisle and is now a wall. The puppet strings have now out numbered the arms, legs, and others body parts. Combined with the oil that drips off of them, what we have in Washington is two absolute power groups bouncing against a wall. I often wonder if they will do away with themselves and self implode, it almost seems inevitable. You may thank Obama, I choose not to. You addressed his great rescue of the poor. In your next LTE could you please address his civil rights work. When it comes to our civil liberties the same evil seems to exist as with our last president. I say time to add new parties the two party system isn't working.

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