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Don't silence our rights

January 26, 2013

To the editor: I guess we should pray quietly in private so that we won’t hurt the feelings of non-believers in God. M....

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Jan-26-13 8:49 AM

You can worship any fairly tale you want. No one cares if you pray to god, the Easter Bunny, or your cat. These decisions are a personal choice and should not consume time or money in the schools or public places. Let’s face it, fewer and fewer people believe in religion as time goes on.

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Jan-26-13 11:06 AM

Jennie the problem is ignorance and assumption that just one or two Gods should be addressed. I will proudly say I believe in God. As for my children it is my job to teach prayer and values to my children in the privacy of our home. Not all TAXPAYERS agree with me so I choose to live and let live. His LTE was a response to the nonsense printed by Kalfus who thinks just his God is more important than another persons belief. It is about Tax dollars and those the few that pay them. Prayer belongs in my home and with those that believe what I believe. Not in my City Hall or schools. It isn't fair to ALL the TAXPAYERS.

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Jan-26-13 6:02 PM

"I guess we should pray quietly in private so that we won't hurt the feelings of non-believers in God."

Using this logic, it would be OK for Satanists to sacrifice a goat while chanting to a pentagon while in public because it is irrelevant if non-believers are offended, right?

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Jan-26-13 9:20 PM

Let's read the relevant part of the First Amendment again: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion . . ." I'm not sure which part of that you don't understand. You claim our country is "Christian" and "godly" and then quote the First Amendment which says the government is not allowed to establish a religion. Sorry, but you can't have it both ways. Open mouth. Insert foot.

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Jan-27-13 11:07 PM

Tell me Jennie, where was God during the Newtown shootings? Columbine? 9-11? You will sound more credible by knowing the subject material first!

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Jan-29-13 8:10 AM

"These Johnnies-come-lately want God out of America" No one has asked for God to be removed from America. It's obvious that you have removed God from your heart.

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Feb-02-13 8:18 AM

I honestly can't believe the pettiness of some adults. If you want to pray to a god, a coffee can, or your naval lint then do so, and do it with the realization that not everyone shares your beliefs. The same goes for those who don't believe in any god....keep your beliefs where they belong and don't infringe on other's rights to believe in something you don't. To make this a huge issue is beyond ridiculous.

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