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Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away

January 12, 2013

To the editor: To answer all the mantra chanters; Yes, President Obama did win re-election....

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Jan-25-13 12:59 AM

Schizzle you are completely wrong about Iraq and Afghanistan. You are one of the sheep believing what the "media" tells you to believe. While active duty U.S. troops (20,000)have pulled out of Iraq, they were replaced with 17,000 contractors. The contractors (mostly ex U.S. military) are paid five times more than active duty troops. The same is occurring in Afghanistan. Contractor deaths are not reported by the Pentagon, per Obama orders, to keep people like you believing "The War is Over". Over 5,000 contractors have died, including over 800 in 2012 alone. Stop blindly listening to the media and you will see the amount of taxpayer dollars still being spent in these country's. I have served in both Baghdad and A'stan, obviously you have not!

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Jan-14-13 5:54 AM

Switch, don't know where you get your "facts", small business is responsible for the employmeny of over 75% of the total work force, (Bureau of Labor and Statistics). And when you are carrying 16.4 trillion in debt, any additional debt is potentially a death knell for the economy. As usual switch, your statements are merely opinions claimed to be "fact".

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Jan-13-13 9:29 PM

contd. The so called money sitting on the sidelines has been held there for over a decade by the same corporation that want lower corporate tax, do not want to rebuild the infrastructure to supply them, and do not want to train people in the United States to work within their corporations. They want the government to do this at everyone's expense but they receive the profit. Sort of sounds like Cape Coral doesn't it subsidizing businesses sewer and trash pick up. I guess we have a lot of corporate welfare everywhere.

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Jan-13-13 9:20 PM

The thought that all debt is bad is wrong. As most people look at their finances they know what a safe level of debt is or should be as based on a portion of their revenue. The United States has never established this level and neither have states, counties and cities. That is the first thing that should be done. Then make the obvious corrections to work into a plan to pay the debt down to a safe level. One thing is for sure 15 billion dollars is too much and zero is probably too unreal. President Clinton left a surplus after he left the office of president. President George W. Bush left a $7.5 billion deficit and President Obama has left an $8.5 so far. I see it pretty even except the interest off the first $7.5 billion is weighted to make Obama look to be the spend thrift. Most people in the country knew this before they reelected him. Here is a news flash all the small businesses in the country are not the job creators as propagandized for years now. The large corporation

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Jan-13-13 4:27 PM

Disgusted1, you act like we are gaining money from the war ending, it's all freaken borrowed to begin with!!! You can't realize a gain from something that was never there to begin with. It's thinking like this that is used by ALL Washington politicians to "balance" the books. Let me see, if I only spend 3 billion instead of 5 billion, I saved 2 billion. Problem is there was no money to begin with, but it's reported that 2 billion was saved. We are in trouble, and no one is doing a thing about it.

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Jan-13-13 4:21 PM

Schizzle, you really believe that what you contributed to SS will be the only money you take out? Really? How naive is that, especially when it's been acknowledged by both sides that those who receive a check collect far in excess of what they contributed. So, yes, someone else is paying for your benefits, along with you.

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Jan-13-13 8:07 AM

I see a lot of answers here, but no one adresses the question posed by the LTE. Just a lot of finger pointing regarding who is responsible for the situation we are in. You are all exhibiting the same attitude so prevelant in Washingtom that put us in this mess. YES, FROM BOTH SIDES. The answer is simple, you only spend what you take in (no borrowing allowed), period, end of story. Doesn't take an economist to figure out, just common sense.

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Jan-13-13 4:18 AM

James, Perhaps you are unaware that Congress, not the President, writes the legislation and sets spending. Too, when the conservatives caused the credit downgrade of the US, it increased our borrowing costs to the tune of $1T. For some reason, the conservatives are proud of that fact.

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Jan-12-13 9:35 PM

Here's some numbers from the Brookings Institution's Iraq Index. Now that we're gone, hopefully good things can be done at home with this money. In any event, read 'em and weep.

Spent/Approved War-Spending - About $1 trillion of US taxpayers' funds through 2011;

Lost/unaccounted for in Iraq: $9 billion;

Lost/Reported Stolen: $6.6 billion earmarked for Iraq reconstruction, reported on 6/14/11 by Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, Stuart Bowen;

Missing: $1 billion in tractor trailers, tank recovery vehicles, machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and other equipment and services provided to the Iraqi security forces;

Mismanaged/Wasted in Iraq: $10 billion, per 2/07 Congressional hearings.

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Jan-12-13 6:46 PM

I agree to a certain extent Jim. I also agree with schizzle. We can't go on forever spending like this. It is true a huge part of the mess we are in is because of the George Bush disaster we were forced to live through. Now this nightmare proves the other side is not much better. The answer is short and simple. It will go on as long as we let it go on. We do need to take control of those that work for us. Here is a statement for you to chew on. The worst thing that can happen to our government is that we all get along and agree on just a few ideas. I believe some of the tyranny from both sides of the aisle would slow quickly and drastically.

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Jan-12-13 1:58 PM

Believe me, LS, you never paid a dime for me. My Social Security income, however you want to describe it, is the money that was taken out of MY check, each and every week, for over 35 years. End of story.

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Jan-12-13 12:04 PM

Schizzle I believe I paid for you and others and never complained. The entitlements as you may call them are not. Social Security was paid for a minimum of 40 quarters. Medicare was paid into since 1965 (48 yrs.) People who collect it still pay for Medicare more than what I paid for healthcare insurance where I work. ENTITLEMENTS give me the money back along with even modest interest rate of 5% which really would have been hire to date. When I hear and see the past Congresses complaining about their ENTITLEMENTS being cut reduced increased age activated I will consider the word ENTITLEMENT. Let us get everyone on the same page and then start talks on ENTITLEMENTS. One last point anyone can dismantle a factory take tax breaks, put people out. American Motors is a good example, no one drives cars? Henry Ford paid the sweeper in his factory an extra $5 over the going rate and helped build a nation that gave the "Silver spoons" the clout they have today. GOP = WHIG;s EXTINCT!

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Jan-12-13 11:44 AM

Put pressure on the Corporations and Multinational Corporations to put that so called "cash on the sideline" to work. Specifically in research and development of products and service. Hire more workers, bring back the jobs that were outsourced overseas. Here is where government comes into the picture. Oversee the wages, bonuses, benefits in the boardrooms for imbalances in same. See what board members are being self serving at the expense of the profits which today include a larger percentage of investors in stocks, mutual funds, etc. We now know from the few fines being levied against some of the largest names in the corporate world the game has been fixed for decades. However most fines and penalties are settlements stating the offender did nothing "knowingly'. Government needs to put the so called workers who are "over qualified" with these corporations. No more government job training to flood a sector and undermine the wage value for the corporations.

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Jan-12-13 3:02 AM

Okay. Here's an answer for you. It was your hero, the vaunted Dubya, who left President Obama with two wars and a massively expensive drug program, all paid for on some non-existent credit card. President Obama today announced that American troops will be mostly, if not completely, out of Afghanistan at the end of 2014, if not earlier. In case you forgot, we no longer have troops in Iraq - or didn't they mention that on Faux News? Maybe you should give the President a little credit for cutting expenses and saving the economy.

As for Social Security, OMG, we've got Mittens in disguise, decrying the 47% that don't take personal responsibility, that want handouts, blah, blah, blah. Oh, wait. Was that the 47% that voted for him? I don't expect anyone to go into debt to cover my Social Security. I paid into the system for over 35 years and I intend to take every cent to which I'm entitled. Let everyone else do the same.

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