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Carefully release all fish species

April 2, 2011 Although snook are closed due to last year’s super freeze where an estimated 400,000 died, they can still be caught and carefully released. more »»

Snook are back in abundance

March 26, 2011 After last winter’s massive snook kill one would have thought it would be over. I saw so many dead trophy snook in one canal you could almost walk across them. more »»

Furious fight with a permit

March 19, 2011 After three back-to-back days of charter fishing I took the next day off and went fishing accompanied by Capt. Brian Davis of Matlacha. Go figure. more »»

Fishing in wind has challenges

March 12, 2011 I’m starting to wonder if I should take up kite flying, wind surfing, sailing, soaring, anything wind related as it seems it will never sto. more »»

A special place for all good anglers

March 5, 2011 As of this writing, it’s a Friday morning and a “captain’s day” — a fishing day without clients. I’m anxious to get in the boat. more »»

Can’t wait for arrival of tarpon

February 26, 2011 As we rush toward spring, the fishing keeps getting better and better. Pretty soon we will have come full circle and back into another tarpon season. more »»

Fishing was worth braving the elements

February 12, 2011 Yes, I know it was windy and chilly at times. And gray. The kind of days that make man and dog want to curl up by the fire. more »»

Nothing worse than seasickness

February 5, 2011 Every night I pray for the next day to be calmer. Not even calm, just calmer. Every morning I go out to the boat way before sun-up and it’s already started. more »»

Use wind to your advantage

January 29, 2011 Hopefully, the weather will cooperate this weekend. The ever-present devil wind will become but a gentle 5 mph breeze, and the skies will be blue with perfect cloud. more »»

Fishing in cold, ice brings chills

January 22, 2011 I had forgotten what cold really meant, but a recent trip to Maine reminded me. People are bright and cheery as they ask you how you are and comment about how lovely the day i. more »»

Fish head back to open water

January 8, 2011 The last month’s cold spell really had lots of school reds, snook and trout leaving the open water and heading to local canals, creeks, basins and inlets to stay warm in the deeper water offered in... more »»

Weather is boss over all theorists

December 31, 2010 This global warming is really making me shiver in my socks in once balmy Southwest Florida, but this weekend promises to be warm. more »»

Fish are hungry in deep water

December 24, 2010 If you know where to look, area fishing is on fire right now. Having trouble finding your fish? Think deep wate. more »»

Find those slightly chilled fish

December 18, 2010 For anglers perplexed by the icy water temperatures and don’t know where to start to find their fish, think deep basins, canals or channels. more »»

Fish react to the chill differently

December 4, 2010 Wow, did it get cold quick or what? Of course, clients are booked wanting to catch fish. It never fails. more »»

Techniques for trolling success

November 27, 2010 Trolling techniques can be as simple as tossing out a lure behind the boat while running across any body of water to high-tech downrigger setups for northern fish like salmon, musky, or walleye. more »»

Gear up for mackerel, toothy kings

November 20, 2010 If you have not experienced the fall migration and feeding frenzy of seemingly millions of ravenous Spanish mackerel with lots of bluefish, trout, sharks and kingfish mixed in, you are missing out o... more »»

Storing a boat? Let's do it right

November 13, 2010 This time of year when the first cold winds blow and the water temperature starts to fall, many fair-weather fishermen think about putting old faithful on the lift or trailer for several months. more »»

Beware in shopping used boats

November 6, 2010 I never thought I would be boat shopping again, but here I go. more »»

Would you like plastic or feathers?

October 30, 2010 The first thing people ask when getting on board is, “what kind of bait are we using.” I always reply, “plastic or feathers. more »»



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