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FWC relaxes season rule on seatrout

September 24, 2011 Soon, seatrout harvest may be allowed year round under upcoming rule changes by the powers that be. more »»

Life’s fishing season short, ever-changing

September 17, 2011 After just three hours of casting the other day I started to get sore in my joints and I thought to myself, “wait a minute, it couldn’t be the casting, I’ve casted all day for the last 50 years, mus... more »»

Time for Mr. Redfish is right now

September 10, 2011 What’s more exciting to a shallow saltwater angler than a quarter-acre of happy, feeding redfish and flapping tails? Not much. The time is now. The place? Right here in our back yard. more »»

Make plan to avoid lightning

September 3, 2011 After a long drought we welcome the summer rains even though they obviously make it difficult for those with limited recreation time. more »»

Redfish cooperate despite wind

August 27, 2011 I just got off the phone with my fishing buddy from Delaware. He was heading north away from the beach area with his truck and boat, chock full of his most important possession. more »»

Night trips produce trophy fish

August 20, 2011 I was out on my favorite flat Thursday afternoon searching for redfish tails and it suddenly struck me that there was not a boat, kayak, canoe, yacht nor airboat within sight. more »»

SWF area fishing is heavenly

August 6, 2011 When my time comes and, if I am somehow lucky enough to be given a choice of the where, when and how of my passing, I could think of two ways I’d love to depart the planet at the overripe age of . more »»

Old lures still work old magic

July 30, 2011 The slow and steady plop-plop-plop sound emanating from my 50+ year-old black Arbogast Jitterbug was music to my ears as I stood in the semi-light, straining to see the lure returning to me. more »»

Save bucks with DIY maintenance

July 16, 2011 Learning to change your lower unit oil and spark plugs, as well as small under-the-cowl filters, can save big bucks on outboard maintenance. more »»

Neighbor really hooked on ladyfish

July 9, 2011 Workers came and started clearing the empty lot across the lake. I voiced my displeasure to the dog and she immediately rolled her eyes and sneezed. “I agree,” I sai. more »»

Keep an eye out for rolling tarpon

July 1, 2011 Tarpon, as they say, are where you find them and right now that could be on the beaches, the river, in or near the passes or more than likely roaming the open waters of Charlotte Harbor chasing the... more »»

Hook some tarpon by trolling

June 25, 2011 A great method for pass tarpon this time of year is to look for floating crabs being swept along by the outgoing tide. Dip them with a long handled net and put them on a circle hook. more »»

Fishing with a few Marines

June 18, 2011 This past week, two other captain and I took out seven young Marines for a day on the water. The weather was hot as blazes for me, yet they hardly broke a sweat. more »»

Tiger’s absence felt keenly at Open

June 13, 2011 Just picture the scene: Tiger Woods, age 40, steps to the No. 1 tee at storied Oakmont Country Club, outside Pittsburgh, for the 2016 U.S. Open. more »»

Redfish spots are puzzling

June 4, 2011 Not long ago I caught two solid 30-inch redfish on topwater lures and noticed that neither one had any spots at all. more »»

Time to hit the beaches for snook

May 28, 2011 Tarpon fishing is in full swing now in many locations, but it’s also the time to hit the beaches and the river for snook fishing. more »»

Braided line ‘feel’ is amazing

May 21, 2011 Like most people in my age bracket, I grew up using monofilament lines for most of my fishing. Monofilament has come a long way and keeps getting better all the time. more »»

Use common sense around other anglers

May 14, 2011 I’m writing this article in the hopes it may stop a very violent attack on another’s person or even worse. more »»

Tarpon fever diagnosed by calendar

May 7, 2011 Every year in late April into May I get a very bad case of tarpon fever. Many tarpon addicts don’t even fish for other species unless they used them for bait. more »»

Tarpon can be found everywhere

April 30, 2011 Visiting anglers often ask where to find tarpon. They are all around us. more »»



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