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Guest opinion: County seals the deal for purchase

September 28, 2017 Edison Farms : Something extraordinary happened last week! Lee County BoCC is soon to be the proud owner of Conservation 20/20 property Edison Farms. more »»

City needs to do what’s right for its residents

September 28, 2017 To the editor: Monday night’s Council Meeting was an eye opener and jaw dropper! I brought to the Council what Lee County has done to help residents that need to make repairs subsequent to Hurrican... more »»

Candidates’ positions on eagle buffer zone sought

September 28, 2017 To the editor: We would like the candidates to give us their views on the eagle buffer Zone of 1100 feet while state and federal requirements are only 660 feet. more »»

Vote Mike Hollow

September 28, 2017 To the editor: Every election cycle I think this is the most important year. This year, it is terribly important to elect the right people. My choice for Mayor is Mike Hollow. more »»

Many thanks

September 28, 2017 To the editor: I would like to thank Tom, Jim from DME, EMS and Fire Rescu. more »»

Shared community responsibility and preparedness saved lives

September 28, 2017 To the editor: Since Irma took control of our collective attention, the importance of shared community responsibility has become ever more apparent. more »»

The politicizing of everything is doing more harm than good

September 28, 2017 To the editor: The flag and the Star Spangled Banner seem to be in jeopardy after 200 plus years. There has been little if any controversy regarding the flag in that tim. more »»

Stop talking and start doing

September 28, 2017 To the editor: Congressional representatives are establishing themselves as being useless, worthless, and absolutely disingenuous idiots. more »»

Guest opinion: Taxpayers facing potential impact of land use decision

September 22, 2017 On Monday the City Council could have voted to change the action on the land use of the 175 acre former golf course. more »»

Guest opinion: Post-Irma: Conservation agenda more vital than ever

September 22, 2017 What is the best defense against a raging hurricane? In addition to a superb team of first responders, smart infrastructure and advance planning, the answer, in part, is preserving natural systems. more »»

Hurricane coverage appreciated

September 22, 2017 To the editor: I would like for the news reporters and weather professionals to know how much their broadcasts are appreciated. more »»

Thank you to The Breeze

September 22, 2017 To the editor: The Breeze Newspapers are serving Cape Coral magnificently! The combination of advertising coverage along with local news serves to provide readers with important happenings in the... more »»

‘No insurance’ law

September 22, 2017 To the editor: Is there a reason why we cannot pass an “insurance law” in Florida? I realize that we are a “no fault” state, but this seems to only encourage drivers not to carry insurance on their... more »»

Fentanyl addiction is likely lethal

September 22, 2017 To the editor: Fentanyl is the strongest opiate on the streets right now and it’s estimated to be 100 times more potent than morphine and 50 times stronger than heroi. more »»

Money shouts

September 22, 2017 To the editor: I address the following letter to U.S. more »»

Guest opinion: ‘Cape Coral Strong’

September 15, 2017 Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017 will be a date I will never forget. Checking into our Emergency Operations Center at 5 p.m., I had a knot in the pit of my stomach I just couldn’t shake. more »»

Guest opinion: FEMA assistance; how to access the help you may need

September 15, 2017 In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, it is important for our community to take action to start rebuilding. Here are some helpful tips in getting started. more »»

Sign wars

September 15, 2017 To the editor: Today, here in the Cape, we are faced with the signs of the many candidates for the city offices. Some names are more prolific with the placement of signs. more »»

Don’t be fooled again, Cape Coral

September 15, 2017 To the editor Thank heavens for public information. more »»

Integrity or hypocrisy?

September 15, 2017 To the editor: Florida is beginning to recover from Irma. While not as devastating as feared, lives were lost and property was destroyed. Millions left without power are seeing it slowly restored. more »»



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