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Viable presidential candidates

June 19, 2015 To the editor: As Presidential hopefuls begin their journey it’s important that, finally, the American people receive straight talk as far as exactly what each candidate will do if electe. more »»

Hillary’s challenge

June 19, 2015 To the editor: “Something old, something new, Something borrowed, something blue, And a silver sixpence in her sho. more »»

Guest opinion: County Commission’s River Hall decision a poor one

June 12, 2015 Something occurred on June 3, 2015 which, unless overturned in court, will have negative consequences on the quality of life in Lee County far into the future. more »»

Gas price jumps make little sense

June 12, 2015 To the editor: I have a question. Three days ago, we were going to Fort Myers, driving on College Parkway. We noticed the price of gasoline at $2.4. more »»

Land of taxes and fees

June 12, 2015 To the editor: About a year ago the city had leftover funds from storm water fees. Instead of giving the residents a refund, they took the money and we were told they were going to buy land. more »»

Another view

June 12, 2015 To the editor: RE: Replace GOP with GOR In the subject letter printed in the May 29, 2015 issue of The Breeze, Mr. more »»

Thank a cop

June 12, 2015 To the editor: As I watch the evening news and see the attacks upon the police in this country, I must comment. more »»

Educate jurors?

June 12, 2015 To the editor: The USA article written by Marisol Bello (“Boys in Blue: I walked in their shoes,” June 8, 2015) provides a loud and clear message. Many today wish for justice. more »»

Guest: Status of Women: Florida earns a D

June 5, 2015 What happened when you came home from school with a low grade on your report card? Many of us experienced a team of nurturing parents, teachers, and tutors supporting us to get our grades back on... more »»

Guest: Water storage is the heart of Everglades restoration

June 5, 2015 Last month, the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) voted to forgo purchasing U.. more »»

Oasis Charter Elementary School

June 5, 2015 To the editor: Having spent some time at Oasis Charter Elementary school, I was impressed by the students’ creativity on display in the hallways of the school. more »»

Another stellar performance

June 5, 2015 To the editor: Well, North Fort Myers High School Center for Arts and Media hit it out of the ballpark again with their recent production of “Young Frankenstein!” When you think they just can’t top... more »»

Lawmakers need to honor voter mandate

June 5, 2015 To the editor: Open letter to our Legislators: How can you show your faces in Florida? We citizens voted 75 percent for Amendment 1 and in Lee County the vote was 78 percent in favor. more »»

As Baltimore burned, the mayor fiddled

June 5, 2015 To the editor: The citizens of Baltimore are unprotected. This is not a result of the police not doing their job but rather one of the populations saying that they can do it differently. more »»

No safety in numbers

May 29, 2015 To the editor: This week a person riding his bike on a Fort Myers 25 mph street was killed. more »»

Cape royalty?

May 29, 2015 To the editor: We the people don’t come into play in this city — we have Councilmember Burch and Mayor Sawicki who know everything about this city. We can’t even have a say on speed limits. more »»

Replace GOP with GOR

May 29, 2015 To the editor: For the last three years I’ve been toying with an idea of suggesting a name change in the Republican National Party’s use of the term GOP. more »»

Power is perennial

May 29, 2015 To the editor: Indulge me if you will. I like to think that I am fairly well read. Yes, I know that there are those who are better well-read so let us not waste time going there with remark. more »»

Sun Splash a bargain for families

May 22, 2015 To the editor: Two Sundays ago I had the opportunity to spend a day at Sun Splash with my four grandchildren, ages 8,6,3, and 22 months. more »»

Picking and choosing and politics

May 22, 2015 To the editor: I find it interesting that when the Cape Coral Police Department presentation on extended bar hours stated the problems that could occur, the majority of the City Council voted... more »»



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