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Cart before the horse

September 19, 2014 To the editor: There are now 18 states and the District of Columbia that have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes, but under federal law marijuana remains illegal. more »»

Lee County’s unfair franchise electric fees

September 12, 2014 To the editor: Lee County Commissioners use of LCEC and FPL franchise fees to fix the shortfall in the budget creates a disproportionate tax on unincorporated citizens. more »»

Time for Obama to resign

September 12, 2014 To the editor: Enough already! Time for Obama to resign his Presidency and take his golf clubs out of the White House and Air Force One. more »»

Build the pipeline

September 12, 2014 To the editor: It has been almost six years since backers of the Keystone XL Pipeline first submitted an application to the U.S. State Department on Sept. more »»

A blindfolded media

September 12, 2014 To the editor: With President Obama constantly claiming that he is running a clean and transparent administration I am confronted with several thought. more »»

Time to take responsibility

September 12, 2014 To the editor: Five and a half years ago, President Obama told the American people that President Bush was fiscally irresponsible because America, under his watch, was $7 trillion in debt. M. more »»

God exists! And He’s a She!

September 12, 2014 To the editor: During a conversation with an individual, he asked me accusingly, if I believed in God. more »»

Vote for those who represent the people

September 12, 2014 To the editor: The people of America know government is divided. One group is totally negative and votes no for anything that people need. more »»

Guest opinion: School Board decision to ‘opt out’

September 5, 2014 On Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014 the Lee County School Board voted 3-2 to “opt out” of state mandated standardized testing. more »»

Cape Coral needs to prioritize city’s safety infrastructure

September 5, 2014 To the editor: I was able to visit your proud community during the last few weeks, but under less than ideal circumstances. more »»

Fischer made the right decision

September 5, 2014 To the editor: I am so proud of Lee County School Board Member, Mary Fischer. She showed absolute courage by her decision to rescind her vote. more »»

City needs to stop spending money it does not have

September 5, 2014 To the editor: A few weeks ago my two kids started school, one started high school (Island Coast) and one started FGCU. That same day I was looking over my fire assessment ta. more »»

Board members should not be paid for missed meetings

September 5, 2014 To the editor: Shame on the members of the Lee County School Board! Five members acting like irresponsible children and accepting taxpayer monies for performing an important function and then not... more »»

Police departments are not para-military organizations

September 5, 2014 To the editor: The events witnessed in the city of Ferguson, Missouri last month, can act as a warning to the citizens of Lee County, Collier County and other counties and cities of Southwest... more »»

Morning entertainment

September 5, 2014 To the editor: I have always enjoyed the morning paper with my several cups of coffee. Indeed today, most of the important news can be found condensed, in the mailbag section of the newspaper. more »»

Guest opinion: School Board’s decision puts students in harm’s way

August 28, 2014 Under the guise of stopping Common Core, the Lee County School Board voted last night to “opt out” of all state mandated testing. more »»

Guest opinion: Testing: To opt out or not to opt out

August 28, 2014 The debate has finally begun in earnest. It is a debate worthy to be had and long overdue. Our State and our Nation have become obsessed with standardized testing of students in public schools. more »»

Pastor Harold Popp will be missed

August 28, 2014 To the editor: On Sunday, Aug. 25, Cape Coral and all of SouthWest Florida lost a giant of a man. more »»

Reflective clothing or lighting can help save lives

August 28, 2014 To the editor: Thousands of school bound children throughout our county are at risk in darkness each class day morning. more »»

Anywhere, any time

August 28, 2014 To the editor: In his recent guest opinion, Rep. Matt Caldwell stated that I have been lying about “our water woe. more »»



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