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Love that portrait

July 31, 2015 To the editor: I have been in the County Commission chambers in the old Lee County Courthouse and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the distinguished portrait of Confederate General Robert E. more »»

Body part ‘donations’ abhorrent

July 31, 2015 To the editor: I have read lately of the troubles experienced by Planned Parenthood. May I suggest an appropriate spokesman that would have risen to their defense; the late SS Doctor Josef Mengele. more »»

Random Thoughts...

July 31, 2015 To the editor: *) Since by the narrowest of margin, the Supreme Court has now ruled same-sex marriage legal under the U.S. more »»

The Progressive illusion

July 31, 2015 To the editor: Michael Bartley’s letter of July 22, Progressiveness vs not, is a typical liberal revision of history before the fact. more »»

Sheriff Scott, an extraordinary public servant!

July 31, 2015 To the editor: The citizens of Lee County are too smart to be deceived by meaningless political babbling. more »»

Guest opinion: ‘Muck fires’ result of flawed water management

July 24, 2015 Recently, residents in Lee and Collier Counties were advised that the smokey smell in the air was a result of a muck fire in the Everglades, which is experiencing historically low water levels. more »»

Drones pose a serious danger

July 24, 2015 To the editor: Private drones should be declared federal contraband and their possession — let alone their use — should be made a serious felony. more »»

Oh, to be a Republican

July 24, 2015 To the editor: Not long ago my song of the day was, of all things “Life could be a dream” by the Cords, recorded in 1954. more »»

American taxpayers supporting the abhorrent

July 24, 2015 To the editor: Shame. Disgrace. Barbarism. Vulgarism. The Planned Parenthood organization has earned all of the above and is a disgusting black mark on America. more »»

LCEC: Service to customers the primary mission

July 17, 2015 You don’t always think about your electric company when you flip the switch and the lights come on. more »»

You can’t win if you’re not in it

July 17, 2015 To the editor: Where were the Cape Coral mayor, council and City Manager Szerlag with the BP oil spill?? It would have been a great opportunity for revenue diversification rather than always going t... more »»

Testing tots not the best way to assess skill levels

July 17, 2015 To the editor: Recently there has been a lot of controversy about standardize testing for children. more »»

Voters and our homeless

July 17, 2015 To the editor: The formal expression of will or opinion in regard to some question submitted for decision, as in electing politicians, officers, passing resolutions, etc. more »»

Running for public office

July 17, 2015 To the editor: Donald Trump is providing a valuable service to Americans. At a time when politicians, at all levels, have lost their credibility, Mr. more »»

Ralliers needed for water quality cause

July 10, 2015 To the editor: Join the major Clean Water Rally on July 12, at noon. Crescent Beach Family Park is the starting point. more »»

Hoping Fletchers site remains a dance club under new owners

July 10, 2015 To the editor: Last week Fletchers Grille & Spirits closed. So many of us were shocked and extremely disappointed. more »»

Bring accountability back to Florida

July 10, 2015 To the editor: Thank you for publishing the article by Craig Garrett regarding the diversion of funds earmarked for direct conservation efforts. more »»

Lee portrait does him dishonor

July 10, 2015 To the editor “I think it wiser moreover not to keep open the sores of war, but to follow the examples of those nations who endeavored to obliterate the marks of civil strife and to commit to... more »»

Progressiveness vs Not

July 10, 2015 To the editor: A progressive sea change is undeniable. more »»

And it starts

July 10, 2015 To the editor: I understand Hillary’s comment on Donald Trump’s comment regarding immigration and the slowness of the Republican and Conservative response. more »»



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