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Another stellar performance

June 5, 2015 To the editor: Well, North Fort Myers High School Center for Arts and Media hit it out of the ballpark again with their recent production of “Young Frankenstein!” When you think they just can’t top... more »»

Lawmakers need to honor voter mandate

June 5, 2015 To the editor: Open letter to our Legislators: How can you show your faces in Florida? We citizens voted 75 percent for Amendment 1 and in Lee County the vote was 78 percent in favor. more »»

As Baltimore burned, the mayor fiddled

June 5, 2015 To the editor: The citizens of Baltimore are unprotected. This is not a result of the police not doing their job but rather one of the populations saying that they can do it differently. more »»

No safety in numbers

May 29, 2015 To the editor: This week a person riding his bike on a Fort Myers 25 mph street was killed. more »»

Cape royalty?

May 29, 2015 To the editor: We the people don’t come into play in this city — we have Councilmember Burch and Mayor Sawicki who know everything about this city. We can’t even have a say on speed limits. more »»

Replace GOP with GOR

May 29, 2015 To the editor: For the last three years I’ve been toying with an idea of suggesting a name change in the Republican National Party’s use of the term GOP. more »»

Power is perennial

May 29, 2015 To the editor: Indulge me if you will. I like to think that I am fairly well read. Yes, I know that there are those who are better well-read so let us not waste time going there with remark. more »»

Sun Splash a bargain for families

May 22, 2015 To the editor: Two Sundays ago I had the opportunity to spend a day at Sun Splash with my four grandchildren, ages 8,6,3, and 22 months. more »»

Picking and choosing and politics

May 22, 2015 To the editor: I find it interesting that when the Cape Coral Police Department presentation on extended bar hours stated the problems that could occur, the majority of the City Council voted... more »»

Street sign money could be better spent

May 22, 2015 To the editor: Cape Coral paid for a “Local Road Speed Study” that concluded that spending $100,000 on 25 mile per hour speed signs and trying to enforce the new 25 mile limit was a waste of money. more »»

Thoughtless drivers

May 22, 2015 To the editor: What is going on with the motorists in this town? In the space of one hour this morning, I encountered TWO unbelievably careless and ignorant motorists in a parking lot. more »»

Audit the SFWMD

May 22, 2015 To the editor: Please join me in asking Florida CFO Jeff Atwater to provide Floridians with a forensic audit of the South Florida Water Management District to uncover the fraud, waste and abuse of... more »»

Enough dodging and weaving

May 22, 2015 To the editor: Come out... come out. We are still searching for Hillary Clinton to disclose all the documents and emails requeste. more »»

Fancy-free trade

May 22, 2015 To the editor: On May 5, 1818 a middle-class Jewish boy was born who became a famous philosopher, historian, economist, social scientist and revolutionar. more »»

Demand that Congress listen

May 22, 2015 To the editor: It is troubling to me that we know so little about our governmen. more »»

Term limits for the Supreme Court

May 22, 2015 To the editor: Common sense dictates that we desperately need term limits for the Supreme Court. more »»

Guest opinion: The importance of travel: The city benefits

May 15, 2015 Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about my mayoral travels. Let’s now look at the benefits Cape Coral has received as a result. Cape Coral is no longer the small, quiet city it used to b. more »»

Stop high flow freshwater

May 15, 2015 To the editor: An open letter to the Honorable Governor Scott: Thank you for the nice congratulation letter you sent us (CGT Kayaks) for our opening in the Bonita Springs redevelopment zon. more »»

Four whores of the apocalypse

May 15, 2015 To the editor: Many voters are familiar with political payol. more »»

‘Holocaust’ under way?

May 15, 2015 To the editor: In response to the mailbag writer who was fearful of another holocaust occurrence. I am not a denier, and I condemn them where and whenever they occur. more »»



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