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Let’s all put in some ‘litter laps’

April 10, 2015 To the editor: I have taken up the challenge of a 12 week health and fitness program called "Fit de Cape." Mayor Marni Sawicki got me motivated. more »»

Get the facts

April 10, 2015 To the editor: Those who wish to understand America must find a new source of information/news, for the American dominated, corporately owned television, newspaper, and radio sources are going to... more »»

Ethical journalism

April 10, 2015 To the editor: Perhaps this is an oxymoron. Let’s look. more »»

The ‘Fourth Branch’ of government: bureaucracy

April 10, 2015 To the editor: Due to changing times and economic conditions, a so-called fourth branch of government has arisen. This branch is the governmental bureaucracy. more »»

Guest opinion: Knee-jerk ‘no’ not the answer to Sun Splash debate

April 3, 2015 There will come a time when, as a community, we must stop being our own obstacle to the potential that exists here in Cape Cora. more »»

A destination for drinkers

April 3, 2015 To the editor: Monday night’s Council Meeting was interesting to say the leas. more »»

Some things to remember come November

April 3, 2015 To the editor: For those of you who don’t watch or attend Cape Coral City Council meetings, I recommend that you do so. more »»

Taxation without representation

April 3, 2015 To the editor: “Taxation without Representation”, a motto sparking the American Revolution, the question is, are taxpayers represented today regarding taxes? Who do representatives represent?... more »»

You’re welcome

April 3, 2015 To the editor: The Cape Coral Breeze does indeed render a wonderful and very useful public service here in Cape Coral. more »»

It’s about time

April 3, 2015 To the editor: There is some good news out of Washington. more »»

Kennedy vs Bush

April 3, 2015 To the editor: The present hue and cry is that another Bush would run for the presidency. The wording is such that it presumes a great misfortune would follow should this occur. more »»

Privatization of services would help cut bureaucracy

April 3, 2015 To the editor: My name is James Manta, and I am a home schooled teenager studying the Constitution. more »»

Guest opinion: Higher manatee count simply means we have more to protect

March 27, 2015 Florida’s manatees are at a crossroads. Well, actually, the agencies that protect manatees are at a crossroads, and manatees themselves are in the crosshairs. The U.S. more »»

Everything’s negotiable

March 27, 2015 To the editor: I have seen many articles and opinion pieces concerning Cape Coral’s options upon the expiration of our contract with Lee County Electric Co-op (LCEC) to provide electric services to... more »»

If later bar hours are good for some...

March 27, 2015 To the editor: The article about the city council thinking to allow bars and restaurants in the CRA, southeast area of Cape Coral to stay open until 4 a.m. brings some questions. more »»

Buy American 

March 27, 2015 To the editor: Buy American — that seems to be a saying that is heard lately everywhere you go. According to the political polls, jobs for Americans is the No. 1 concern for most taxpayers. more »»

Trust goes two ways

March 27, 2015 To the editor: Cape Council discusses strategic goals, March 12, Cape Coral Breeze: “Council discussed how to emphasize the city’s successes and positive attributes, to be transparent to keep the... more »»

Lee County Commissioners in denial mode on growth

March 27, 2015 To the editor: Lee County Commissioners are in denial mode on the massive growth of Lee County last year as the U. more »»

So helpful

March 27, 2015 To the editor: I am constantly amused by the rantings of the “left” criticizing what the Republicans are doing that will be the end of the Republican Party. The rant du jour now is centered on Se. more »»

Guest opinion: We need to act now to save the Caloosahatchee and Everglades

March 20, 2015 With the beginning of a new legislative session, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida and conservation partners are urging legislators to take advantage of an historic opportunity to buy land in the... more »»



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