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LCEC update, please

September 23, 2016 LCEC update, please To the editor: In September, 2014 the City of Cape Coral asked Cape residents for their input on the renewal of LCEC’s contract (previous 30 years of service to Cape Coral). more »»

Principal’s actions were right and proper

September 23, 2016 To the editor: To all school boards and those that vote for them: Collier County should be giving Principal Ryan Nemeth an award instead of a reprimand. more »»

If it’s too good to be true...

September 23, 2016 To the editor: If it’s something you like to hear, Trump will say it. If it’s something you think needs to be fixed, Trump will tell you he’s the only one capable and he can do i. more »»

Let’s not run the government like a business!!

September 23, 2016 To the editor: When Obama took office in 2009, the economy was in a free fall. We were losing 800,000 jobs per month with crippling banking, real estate, and stock market crashes. more »»

Don’t give air time to athletes who refuse to stand

September 23, 2016 To the editor: With a few professional football players choosing to disrespect our country’s flag and anthem, why is the news media making it a big deal by focusing these over-paid fools showing... more »»

Birthers and the wall

September 23, 2016 To the editor: Just this last week we saw Trump do a 180-degree flip flop — or more accurately a belly flop — concerning the foundation of his campaig. more »»

More of the same

September 16, 2016 To the editor: Our incompetent city manager and mayor and city council want more of our tax dollars to waste, so it’s higher fees and tax again for the residents of this city. more »»

It’s trick or treat time from WCIND’s Board

September 16, 2016 To the editor: Here it is property tax time for the four counties that make up the West Coast Inland Navigation District (WCIND). WCIND has got its hand in your wallet again. more »»

House District 79 needs a ‘voice of the people’

September 16, 2016 To the editor: State Representative Matt Caldwell would have you believe that he is concerned with fiscal conservatism, voter representation and government accountability, but his voting record and... more »»

Thank you for voting

September 16, 2016 To the editor: Thank you, Lee County voters, for your support of my bid for election to Lee County School Board, District 7, At-Large, on Aug.30. more »»

Trying to combat ignorance with ignorance

September 16, 2016 To the editor: How sad these millionaires like Colin Kaepernick and his followers chose to disrespect those of all colors who fought and died for our freedoms throughout the years by acting in a... more »»

A failing system

September 16, 2016 To the editor: A new system of education is needed. We have been using a method of educating that is geared more towards mediocre results as opposed to best results. more »»

Immigration Nation

September 16, 2016 To the editor: Donald Trump bashes immigrants, completely misunderstanding our nation. But he follows a sordid history of prejudice and mistreatment which is a part of American history. more »»

In just one day

September 16, 2016 To the editor: I thought I would take a minute and summarize just one day of this 16-month roller coaster ride the Trump clown car has taken us on. The day I chose to look at is Sept. more »»

NFL needs to make a stand

September 16, 2016 To the editor: Being passionate about issues is a good thing. more »»

Priorities seem skewed

September 9, 2016 To the editor: From what I have learned, there has been no contact with anyone who is willing to invest a large amount of capital into Cape Coral location. more »»

City officials need a heaping helping of reality

September 9, 2016 To the editor The Cape Coral Breeze editorial in last week’s paper should be an eye opener for all. more »»

Politics is a blood sport

September 9, 2016 To the editor: When I decided to run for Lee County School Board, I did so because I care about the children and our future. We are paying more than ever and our kids are short changed. more »»

Birds of a feather...

September 9, 2016 To the editor: The second step in the River Hall density increase appeal process is before the governor and cabinet. more »»

VA needs to better quantify the job it’s doing

September 9, 2016 To the editor: I will not question Ms. Klinker’s argument, published last week as a guest opinion, that “one veteran suicide is too man. more »»



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